Mod 2: Accountability

CSI Module 2: Accountability

One of the biggest secrets to my success has been the ability to hold myself accountable to specific results I wanted for myself and for my business. But this wasn’t always a natural skill for me. I had to learn how to use accountability to give me an unfair advantage over my competition and in this module You’ll learn how to do that too!

  • Walk through my personal 2 part system for guaranteed results
  • How to find, set-up, and benefit from a successful accountability partner
  • Embrace my weekly ‘take-action’ planning system that manages the biz for you
  • Understand the different layers of experts and mentors that you need
  • Never again be mislead by information or other AFW-”gurus”
  • Find out the right way to choose a local mentor
  • Get 5 specific strategies to find local resources WITHOUT having to pay upfront
  • Learn this ONE question that makes everyone want to help You
  • Discover the true ‘line-in-the-sand’ that separates AFWs from Strategic Investors

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