Creating Your Master Plan To Get What You Want Out Of Life

Module 1: Planning to Succeed
Creating Your Master Plan To Get What You Want Out

Of Life

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10 Responses to “Creating Your Master Plan To Get What You Want Out Of Life”

  1. Dolores Hagmeier Reply

    WOW! Great stuff. I like what you said about not knowing what to do next, it’s okay. I write things down, but the “what to do next” becomes a problem because I do not know what to do next and so I stop the process of obtaining my goals. This was wonderful information. It’s given me new insight. Thank you

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Dolores, glad to hear you’re loving the training. And thanks for joining in the conversation here 🙂

      – Patrick

  2. Sandra Meads Reply

    working on my goals I think it’s pretty simple with the format

  3. Jay Estrada Reply

    What is a great way to find a real estate attorney? That is not far from where you live

    • Mary Stead Reply

      The first place most investors advise is the local REIA group as maybe an attorney will be there. Ask other local investors who they use. Ask a realtor, I did and found a great one. Google real estate attorney, city, state. There are a couple of companies that have attorneys for a small monthly fee that will come up in Google. Ask a title company for one. Best to you

  4. patrick Reply

    Hey Albert, great suggestions. I appreciate you sharing those with everyone here in the comment area. If I can help you with anything, let me know.

    Hey Michael, glad to hear you’re writing your goals. First thing you want to do, is to write down all your goals for each core area. After that, start breaking down each goal into milestones and action steps.

    With your goal to have no personal debt, start by adding up all the debt. Then, you’ll be able to track your progress as you move forward (which can be very motivating!).

    Next put a time frame to the goal (just estimate… whatever you feel is potentially doable if you work your butt off and things work out well).

    So maybe you owe $35,000 in personal debt and you want to pay it off within 6 months. Let’s say you’re interested in wholesaling and want to make $5K net per wholesale deal. You would need to wholesale 7 deals within the next 6 months to pay off all the debt.

    Then you would break down the steps you think are necessary to do 7 wholesale deals within 6 months.

    In the next training video, you’ll be putting together your “kick start” business plan… which covers your marketing plan (aka the steps to finding great deals).

    Let me know if you need further clarification / help.

    – Patrick

  5. Michael Goodwin Reply

    Patrick, I am doing my goals it seemed pretty easy as i was going through the slides, but when I started to write them down and figure out where to start I got a block I know what I want and it is most likely the same goal a lot of the students have. to have no personal debt. any suggestions?

  6. Albert Gamelon Reply

    Hi Patrick,

    hope u don’t mind if I share my two bits in here for the video stoppage, unable to load slides, etc. or any types of issues regarding the training.

    I’ve worked for a webcast company so I had seen these before. I’m in San Jose, CA. and everything is working on my side. Usually if the host(Patrick) is working fine along with other attendees on their end while someone else is having some type of issues, here are things to consider:

    Q: Unable to see the host, unable to connect or dropping connections:
    1) It could be a Network issue with the attendees provider. It could be intermittent connectivity due to the provider having latency or whatever hardware/software problems resulting in attendees dropping connections here and there. I.e Comcast, AT&T, other ISPs would connect sometimes then drops connection later. The provider will tell you if they have network outages or any issues.

    Q: Unable to load pdf files or any other applications even if they have the latest pdf updates.
    2) It could be the attendees computer having hardware/software issue. The host will not be able to troubleshoot this because they are not in front of the problem computer. The person having issues will have to get their technician to fix it, unless they can fix it themselves.
    Virus, 3rd party software running in the background, firewalls could also cause an attendee to have problems such as not able to load the pdf files or connectivity issues, even choppy audio/video. Attendees would have to fix these on their side.

    Test your PC ahead of time so you’re not frantic trying to fix the issue at that moment. Plan B, make sure you have access to another good working computer so you don’t miss anything. All of the above can be applied to any webinar/webcast events.


  7. patrick Reply

    Hey Alan, all the PowerPoint slides are in PDF format. So you’ll need to have a PDF reader on your computer to view / download.

    If you don’t have one, google “download pdf reader”… and you can download one for free.

    Just tested out the video and it’s working fine on my end. It may have just been the Internet connection. Isn’t technology wonderful 😉

    If you have the issue again, try reloading the page… and if that doesn’t work, let me know and we’ll figure it out.

    – Patrick

  8. Alan VandeBerg Reply

    1 – Unable to Load any PowerPoint Slides so far
    2 – Video stops at 03:57

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