The Strategic Investor’s Manifesto

Module 1: Planning to Succeed
The Strategic Investor’s Manifesto

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8 Responses to “The Strategic Investor’s Manifesto”

  1. Aaron Isadore Reply

    I will date sign and believe and repeat daily after I say my prayers and thank you the Lord first Thank you Patrick!

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Awesome 🙂

      – Patrick

  2. Flossie Harison Reply

    Hi Patrick, I had a lot of doubt whether I could this or not, but after going through “What the heck you want out of life”? and the 11 Fundamentals Assumptions has enlighten me where I have a positive mindset, and no one can tell me I can’t do anything anymore. Thank you for all the encouraging words it means a lot.


    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      You’re welcome Flossie. That’s right, you can do this!

      – Patrick

  3. patrick Reply

    Hey John, that’s what I like to hear man… “totally committed!”

    Let’s do this! If I can help with anything, let me know.

    – Patrick

  4. John Utz Reply

    Yes, I am totally committed.

  5. patrick Reply

    Hey Aracely, you’re welcome for the words of encouragement.

    Any time you feel that fear of rejection creeping in, remember #10 and say it out loud with emotion.

    It’s great to hear that you’re going to let your goals, your positive mindset drive you forward now.

    Let’s do this!

    – Patrick

  6. Aracely Hernandez Reply

    The biggest problem I have yet to overcome is the fear of rejection, but after reading through this with an open mind and truly taking it into heart, especially # 10, I have come to remind myself that fear will get me nowhere and that contnuously being optimistic and looking at the goal to be met ahead is what I will let drive me forward now. Thank you for your continuous words of encouragement for ourselves and our mind.

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