Your “Kick Start” Business Plan

Module 1: Planning to Succeed
Your “Kick Start” Business Plan

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20 Responses to “Your “Kick Start” Business Plan”

  1. Aaron Isadore Reply

    Great information on writing down the major points of my Plan viewing it daily and take action steps Thanks


    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Aaron, thanks for joining the conversation here in the comment area. We’re glad to have you in the program.

      Let us know if we can help you with any questions.

      – Patrick

      • Aaron Isadore Reply

        Thanks Patrick I already started my goals and list and I’ve written them down and dated them this is the first time that I’am taking the time to write my goals down and just started to visualize my perfect day and the end results that I wanted. Thanks I’am grateful for you!

        • Patrick Riddle Reply

          That’s awesome man. Love hearing that you’re writing your goals and visualizing them. Keep up the good work!

          – Patrick

  2. Robert Conroy Reply

    What are some of the courses you are listening to in your car? I have been downloading some of the REI podcasts off Itunes.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Robert,

      Lately, I’ve been listing to a lot of marketing info… Made to Stick (which is a great follow up to The Tipping Point), Growth Hacker Marketing… also some good ol’ Napoleon Hill. I also listened to The One Thing after reading it.

      If you like podcasts, check out jp’s over at

      – Patrick

  3. Dannette Montague Reply

    Thanks for the information. The link to the marketing tutorial is not working.
    I also tried saving link as but it save as a html file. Please let me know when it is corrected. Thanks.

    • Charity Reply

      Hi Danette, Sorry about that. The page was down, but it is fixed now. Enjoy!

  4. Zetta Brown Reply

    I paused the presentation and joined a local REIA as suggested. 🙂 It’s funny because at their next meeting they are going over a topic that I’m interested in, so maybe that’s a sign.

  5. Greg Stoner Reply

    Thank you JP.

  6. JP Reply

    Hi, Greg. You’re totally right. The video itself was messed up. I’m sorry about that. I believe I’ve fixed it now though…and I think you can even view the video on your iPad or iPhone now if you prefer.

    Please give it another try and let me know if you have any more issues – with this, or any other video.


  7. Greg Stoner Reply

    And now I have tried on my PC at work with both Firefox and Google Chrome. Same error message. The issue is not on my end.

  8. Greg Stoner Reply

    JP, it is still not working. Originally I was using Firefox with updated Flash. I switched to Safari and again updated the Flash. Now I’ve tried Google Chrome and I am still getting the error message that I need an updated Flash. This is really beginning to get frustrating. It would be great if I could watch this on my iPad.

  9. Greg Stoner Reply

    I am not able to view this video on my Mac.
    I keep seeing the following error message:
    “Your browser does not support Flash or does not have it installed. Click here download Flash Now”
    even though I have flash installed. Even still I have downloaded it twice, logged out and back in, turned off my computer 2 times and each time I continue to get the error message. What gives?

    • JP Reply

      Hi, Greg. I’m sorry for your trouble, my man! I know how frustrating that can be when computers and/or websites aren’t doing what they seem like they should be doing!

      I know the videos work on our end…however I don’t have a mac, so I can’t easily test that side of things. Some quick ideas to try:

      * You mentioned that you followed the link provided by the video to update flash. I’m not sure what that linked to, but here’s the direct link from Adobe’s website for making sure you have updating/functioning Flash: I’d go there and see if it recognizes your Flash player as the most up to date first.

      * Next, I’d try a different browser entirely. Sometimes a browser itself can just get janky for whatever reason. If you’re using Safari, try Google Chrome. If you’re using Chrome, try Safari or Firefox. (Personally I never touch Internet Explorer)

      My guess is one of the two of these will solve this for you. But come back and let me know!

  10. patrick Reply

    Hey DeVere,

    Great to hear! Thanks for the feedback.

    … and btw, it was awesome having you in PMBP’s Platinum Coaching program. I really enjoyed working with you and getting to know ya personally.

    Keep me updated on things and let me know how I can help.

    – Patrick

  11. DeVere Bunke Reply

    Awesome information Patrick. I truly believe those that listen, write important points down and take action, can’t help but move forward as a successful investor.

  12. patrick Reply

    Hey Kenneth,

    To pause the presentation, just click on the video or click the small “pause” symbol in the bottom left.

    Sorry about the video restarting when you submitted your question. Anytime you comment, it reloads the page. But what you can do is either wait to submit your question(s) until the end… or just give the page a few minutes to load and then click back to where you were in the presentation.

    If we can help with anything else, let us know.

    – Patrick

  13. Kenneth Pinneo Reply

    Now it started the
    whole thing over again just because I submitted a question! I just wasted over half an hour because of this!

  14. Kenneth Pinneo Reply

    How do I pause the presentation? I cant even get up to take a leak or I’ll miss something!

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