Action Items For The Week

Module 1: Planning to Succeed
Action Items For The Week

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6 Responses to “Action Items For The Week”

  1. Monique Miller Reply

    Thank you! Patrick words can’t explain what your training/education have done to me personally am happy, am growing, am getting smarter everyday and everyday, hour, minute, second am just one step closer in achieving financial freedom and my overall goals in life and my business. All smiles thank you again you have open up my mind and thinking with the information provided in your training keep up the good work it’s changing life’s whether you know it or not.


    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      You’re welcome Monique. Thanks so much for the kind words.

      Happy Investing!

      – Patrick

  2. JP Reply

    Yes, we’ll have them all fixed for iPad and iPhone shortly, Greg. Thanks!

  3. Greg Stoner Reply

    This still does not work with an iPad because its indicating I don’t have flash installed.

  4. patrick Reply

    Hey Doug, when I click the link from my end, it’s working fine. It may have just been a slow internet connection. Isn’t technology wonderful 😉

    Try this… right click the link and click “Save link as…”… that should download the audio file (btw it’s just an audio, no video) to your computer and once it’s done downloading, you should be able to listen to it fine.

    If you have further problems with it, let me know, and we’ll figure it out.

    – Patrick

  5. Doug May Reply

    The video at I don’t believe is working correctly. I’ve tried downloading it with FireFox and Internet Explorer and it downloads but with no video and sound in both. All other videos are working fine. Any suggestions?


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