Lessons from the Trenches

Lessons Learned From The Real Estate Investing Trenches

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  1. Aaron Isadore Reply

    I will not blame anything outside of my self this is what “The Secret” teaches .I made the mistakes Im sure glade you shared this Patrick with us. I appreciate your transparency and realness and truthfulness a big Thank you Thank you Thank You!

  2. Ariel Hagemeister Reply


    Thanks so much for opening up and being vulnerable about your past. This video was exactly what I needed to hear today…no joke.

    I’ve been working on building a wholesale business here in Minnesota and it’s been a tough journey over the past 6 months. There’s so much to learn, understand and critique to successfully make it in investing and for the past 6 months I’ve just felt like I’ll never make it anywhere.

    Just this week I went from having 0 properties to wholesale, to having 5…than just yesterday having 5 cancelled deals. I was completely broken, frustrated and fed up with everything…until I remembered your training course on taking control of my mistakes and situation.

    So I sat down an hour after my deals were cancelled and wrote down all the mistakes I’ve been making, what has been the reason behind why my deals have failed to sell and what I need to change in order to move forward.

    After taking control of my situation, I’ve completely transformed my methods for all my future deals and I actually have confidence in my business being profitable this coming month!

    Thank you for making a way for newbies like me to grow and succeed in real estate investing. =)

    • Patrick Reply

      Hey Ariel, you’re welcome 🙂

      It’s awesome to hear that this video helped you take control of your situation and gain confidence in your profitability this coming month. Love it!

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts here.

      Also, I noticed that you’ve been diving in and consuming a lot of the training here in the member’s area. Nice work!

      If you have any questions we can help you with, let us know. Toss ’em in the comment area… or contact us through the “Member Support” tab.

      – Patrick

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