How To Build Your Buyers List To 500+ In 30 Days

How To Build Your Buyers List To 500+ In 30 Days

One of the big concerns that may be on your mind is… “I have all of these deals… but I can’t sell the properties”.

The solution is to build a buyers list (which is easy as heck as you’re about to learn)… so whenever you have a deal, you also have a list of people who are ready and willing to buy your properties.

Here is a workshop that one of our faculty members, Trevor Mauch, did for his “REI Brain Members” on the advanced techniques to building a buyers list. It’s a very detailed and in-depth workshop… and once you implement these steps and strategies, you’ll be able to build a buyers list of 500+ within 30 days.

Enjoy 🙂

NOTE: There are some resources that Trevor mentions in the video that are (unfortunately) no longer available. If you have any questions, toss ’em below.

7 Responses to “How To Build Your Buyers List To 500+ In 30 Days”

  1. Harry Waller Reply

    No video shows up, how can I get it?

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Henry, not sure what the issue was. I just tested it on my end and the video is there and plays fine.

      Try reloading the page… or a different browser (like Chrome or Firefox). One of those suggestions should fix the issue.

      – Patrick

    • Harry Waller Reply

      Thanks, used Chrome, and it works now

  2. Flossie Harison Reply

    Hi Trevor,

    You are cutting in and out.


    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Flossie, not sure if it was your internet connection or if the audio needs to be adjusted on the video. Thanks for the heads up on that.

      – Patrick

  3. James Duffin Reply

    Where is the video?

    • Charity Reply

      Hi James, I can see the video on my end. Try refreshing your browser or possibly using a different browser. I have also sent a direct link to the video to your email.

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