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Hacking Credibility: How to Look, Feel and
Be Bankable Regardless of Your Current
Finances, Credit or Experience

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Wednesday, January 8th at 8:30pm Eastern

JP & PatrickWelcome to the webcast page. Our next members-only training we’ll be digging deep into one very important thing: Your Credibility.

Realize it or not, your credibility – being seen as savvy, bankable inherently trustworthy – is one of the most critical assets of any successful real estate investor’s business, bar none.

  • It’s the difference between struggling to get others to play ball with you, and a business that almost builds itself.
  • The difference between a cautious private money loan, sheepishly made to you with fear and trepidation, and a friendly open line of credit with a handshake agreement.
  • The difference between people barely noticing your emails about your wholesale deals, and having the “big boys” calling you asking to be contacted first when next one’s coming down the line.

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Unfortunately we often make the mistake of believing that our credibility hinges exclusively on our years in business, number of deals notched on your belt, or bank account bottom line.

But here’s reality: Credibility is so much more than that… It actually has a heck of a lot more to do with how people feel about you – and this, my friend, is something you have way more control over than you probably realize. It’s something you can “hack” if you only know how. And this is precisely what we aim to help you accomplish in our next members-only training call.

On the table for discussion:

  • Can credibility be a learned skill?
  • What is credibility in reality (and what it’s not)
  • The role of credibility in getting private money
  • The Iron Law of Credibility
  • The ultimate credibility “clincher”
  • 13 credibility hacks that lead to unstoppable confidence
  • 4 time-tested, proven credibility building strategies
  • And more…

Bottom line: If you feel like lack of credibility is sabotaging your progress and putting your business-building in slow-mo, then this hour with us will be a game changer for you.

Do what you can to join us live on Wednesday, January 8th (at 8:30 pm Eastern) for the whole, in-depth shebang. I guarantee you’ll walk away with a whole pile of specific, actionable “hacks” you can use to boost your credibility and “bankability” in no time flat.