One of the Biggest Mistakes You Need to Avoid to Succeed in Good Times & Bad

mistakeHey Insiders, Patrick here…

We have a great video lesson today, thanks to a terrific question from one of our fellow Insiders.

Michael Spalding wrote in asking:

“What are the biggest mistakes I need to avoid? We learn from our mistakes as well as successes. But avoiding mistakes that can be avoided by the experience of those having gone through them is priceless.”

So, to answer that, I’ll go over a little bit about my experience when the market crashed… one of the biggest mistakes I made… and the corresponding lesson I learned in the process, which should definitely teach you a few things.

This one’s for newbie investors and seasoned ones as well. Remember, never stop learning.

Watch and learn, friends…

PatrickWhat’s Yours?

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve learned from? Talk to me in the comments section below.


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