AMP Training

As you know, there’s a HUGE opportunity with foreclosures right now. Well, what if you were able to get to these killer deals BEFORE your competition? Hold on tight… because that’s exactly what super successful investor, Wil Christenson, is going to share with ya. You’ll learn how to put his “Pre-Foreclosure Profits” Method to work for you.
Full-time investor, Tim Bratz, reveals his “Offer Blast” Approach. When you’re actively making offers like Tim is going to show you how, it’s only a matter a time before you have a great deal under contract. Then, you simply match it up with an investor buyer and collect your matchmaker fee. It’s that EASY!
You’re gonna LOVE this one! Justin Wilmot, surfer kid turned investor from Flagler Beach, peels back the curtain on his “Buyer-To-Bidder” Technique. You’ll learn why Justin goes after the buyer FIRST… and then how he uses the Internet to bid on properties. PLUS, he’s going to share an awesome online resource with you so you can get a proof of funds letter for your offers whenever you need one.