Secret Survey: $5k in 31 Days

This is your Secret Survey (SS) Training Portal. In a moment, I’ll tell you exactly what to do next.

I’m really excited for you… because you’re about to learn the fastest way to make money in real estate – by becoming a “Real Estate Matchmaker.” Why “Real Estate Matchmaking?”

When I surveyed a small list of my super successful investor friends and students and asked them, “If you lost everything and had to start from scratch, what would you do to make $5,000 bucks in the next 31 days?” … the overwhelming response was… what I refer to as “Real Estate Matchmaking.”

AND as you’ll see, it’s pretty darn simple. All you do is 1) Find a good deal 2) Find an investor buyer and 3) Introduce them. You just play matchmaker. It’s not uncommon for you to make $3k, $5k, even $10k for every matchmaking deal. On my first one when I was a real estate newbie, I got paid $10,000 bucks!

You have everything you need to become a real estate matchmaker now that you’re a Secret Survey Member. BUT it’s not going to do you any good UNLESS… you study ALL the training modules, interviews, bonuses, etc AND you take action and actually do what the training instructs you to.

When you simply do those 2 things, you’re on your way to your first (or next) matchmaking deal 🙂

Alrighty, to get started, click on the “My Dashboard” tab and choose “Extra Doses of Awesome” then “Secret Survey” and check out the Welcome (Start Here)Video. It will tell you exactly what you need to hit the ground running with real estate matchmaking!

To your success,





Full-Time Real Estate Investor out of Charleston, SC
Head of Faculty at Private Money Blueprint