REI Deal Evaluation Intensive

REI Deal Evaluation Intensive

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REI Deal Evaluation Intensive
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These sessions are all about how to confidently analyze and accurately assess REI deals in today’s real estate arena. They’re about equipping you with what you need to erase doubt, gain confidance, and make more money out there in the arena doing deals. If that’s what you want, then congratulations, because you’re in for a treat.

So let’s get cracking, shall we? Below I’ve got each section of this training laid out for you along with a brief explanation of each.

Evaluating deals is by far one of the biggest hangups invesetors often struggle with – especially in the “new” and constantly fluctuating arena we’re in today. These 3 core “deal goggles” sessions will get right to the heart of the matter and SOLVE this issue for you once and for all by drilling right down to the brass tacks of analyzing and assessing deals in today’s real estate arena.

In my dozen+ years in the REI arena, I’ve learned by far the best way to learn something for me is to actually get inside the brain of someone else who’s already proven themselves successful in whatever it is I’m trying to wrap my mind around. Find someone who’s cracked the code for themselves, then learn how to see through their eyes.

In these three powerful sessions I’ve invited SIX of my investor friends in SIX different markets to join me (two at a time) for a series of candid, eye-opening discussions about their markets, their deals, and how they assess them to win.

I hand-selected these people – they are personal friends of mine and currently active, real-world, and successful investors by anyone’s standard. I can promise you it’ll not only be incredibly informative, but a heck of a lot of fun – we’re all friends and I love cutting up and having a lot of fun in sessions like these anyways.