Reality Rehabbing

Arriving at this page right now can mean only one thing: You’ve given us the incomparable gift of your trust.

And so here you are. Awesome for you. Heck, awesome for both of us! 😎

Here’s your carrot…

The “carrot” I offered you — the “Rehab Reality” seminar with Steve Cook — can be downloaded below in it’s entirety.

Yes, that’s right. I said “…in it’s entirety”.

I know originally I said I was only offering you a couple of hours from the full seminar (which is about 4 hours long total). But as I was posting this, I guess I just got carried away. So below you’ll find the entire thing.

Let’s just chalk it up to an opportunity for me to “under-promise” and “over-deliver” — a philosophy we could all use a refresher lesson on from time to time.

And you’re welcome. 😉

Three things you should know before you listen…

  1. Dang! This was a long call! Yes, it’s chocked full of great content, but 4 hours is a long time any way you look at it. So to make it a little easier to digest, I’ve broken it up into smaller, bite-size segments, each of which is approximately 30-minutes or so in length.
  2. The audio files are in MP3 format, which is a standard format anyone should be able to listen to on your computer, using whatever your dafault audio program may be. In addition to listenig to the audio on your computer, you can also burn it to CD (each CD could hold 2 segments in .WAV format, for a total of 8 CDs for the entire call) or follow my lead and stick it on an iPod to listen while driving each day.
  3. Content-Rich! Just because you have access to this for free does NOT mean it’s of little value. Far from it. In fact, this seminar is content-rich and full of great “insider” information on how to profit BIG fixing-and-flipping houses, from one of the most trusted voices in the industry. The point of this seminar was not to sell courses. It was to educate people. And that’s exactly what Steve and I made sure to deliver to those who were eager, tuition-paying attendees with us at the live event.

Ok, so let’s get on with the playing of the audios…

Just hit the play button on the player below or if you want to download them, just do this…

  1. CLICK on each link below.
  2. You’ll see a menu like the one to the right open up.
  3. Choose “Save Target As” or “Save Link As” on the menu to save directly to your computer.
  4. A download screen will come up asking you where you want to save the file to on your computer. Choose a location on your computer you’ll easily remember afterward (like maybe your desktop).
  5. I also recommend you RENAME the MP3 files as you save them (the default names are a little crazy and may not make sense later when you’re trying to decide what order the audios should go in).
  6. Once you have downloaded the file, go to your desktop or the folder you saved it to and simply double-left-click to open it and start listening in your computer’s default audio player. (or put the files on a CD, iPod or other MP3 player).
  7. If you have problems, don’t panic! Just contact us.

MP3 files to download…

Enjoy the training! 🙂