“Profiting with Probates”

Preston ElyStop wondering. In a closed-door session, this Florida wholesaler Preston Ely demystifies one of the most lucrative, competition-less profit niches left in real estate investing. Ripe for the pickins.”

Instructor: Preston Ely (Tampa, FL)

Part One

Running Time: 65:32
Part Two

Running Time: 63:51
Part Three

Running Time: 64:27

Part Four

Running Time: 38:52

Bonus: 3 Probate Letter Templates from JP’s Personal Stash

These are MS Word files.  To download to your computer, right-click & “Save Target As…”

Disclaimer: These are my personal letters. They’ve served me well, and I’m happy to pass them along to you to do with as you will. But please use these letters at your own risk. This is not intended to provide legal advice. Results of any kind are not guaranteed.