MLS Goggles

The “MLS Goggles” Sessions

Once you understand the fundamentals of deal evaluation, and you’ve had the chance to see how it’s done in the real world through the eyes of other successful investors, another huge asset is learning how to mine the MLS for opportunity.

This is a series of five (5) videos I (jp) and my friend Bob did for our paid coaching students. Inside you’ll discover how to crack open a brand new MLS for the first time and start mining for gold – i.e. new opportunity markets to exploit.

Time and time again I’ve had investors tell me that this isn’t nearly as intuitive and easy as they expected it would be. For some it comes naturally, while for others it takes a little “look over my shoulder and see how I do it” to really get it.

Over the years we’ve heard loud and clear what a ginormous help it is to get to look at a new opportunity market through Bob’s eyes. He’s got it down to a simple science, and in these videos you get to be a fly on the wall, looking over his shoulder the whole time as he works his way through 5 different MLSs in 5 different markets, mining for gold.

It doesn’t get any realer than this, folks. You’ll learn a TON about how to size up any market, and really hone in on the hidden profit centers often lying right under your nose.

Note: During these sessions you will hear us reference “KISS Flipping” and the “Masters Program”. This is a paid coaching program that is currently unavailable.

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