Using “Good Operators” And Private Money Through Public Records

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If you haven’t already… make sure you go through our “Welcome” section FIRST. There is a LOT of training in this program… in fact, almost 20 hours of training all recorded during our 3 day live event in Denver.

So, the last thing we want you to do is get overwhelmed with so much content you don’t know what to do next. So, start at the welcome area and it’ll help you tackle the training correctly so you can apply it in real life as quickly as possible.

Now, if you’re ready to dive in… the training is divided up into 3 parts: Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3.

Check out the info below about what each section contains… then dive into the sections that will help you overcome the most pressing roadblocks you’re CURRENTLY facing.

Day 1: Private Money Foundation and Success

Day 1 of the epic Getting The Money LIVE! bootcamp was all about setting the foundations. If you’re new (or experienced) this is where you should start. In this training collection you’ll meet “underground” investors doing BIG things, learn negotiation strategies, psychology, marketing, and more.


Foundation of Easily Getting Private Money
The 3 day event kicks off by hearing about our stellar audience and Patrick dives into the foundation for "getting private money" easily. (Time: 2hrs 7mins)


Structuring Deals, Advanced Psychology & Negotiations
Pat dives into how to structure your private money transactions. He runs through debt, equity, partnerships, and more… and gives you a ninja lesson on negotiations and psychology of helping private lenders be attracted to what you have to offer. (Time: 1hr 5mins)


Using “Good Operators” And Private Money Through Public Records
"Underground" investor Paul Barrow takes you inside his success as one of Denver’s largest investors and private fund recruiters. Plus Patrick walks you step-by-step how to find local private money lenders through public records. (Time: 1hr 39mins)


Internet Lead Gen Strategies and “Are You An Entrepreneur?”
Trevor dives into internet lead generation strategies for entrepreneurs, dispells the myth that you *need* a website to be successful as a real estate investor, and asks… "are you really an investor". (Time: 68 mins)


Day 2: Syndication 101, Advanced Funding, SEC, and more

In Day 2 we dive into more advanced “money getting” strategies in detail… with an emphasis on multi-family syndication from start to finish. Susan heads up Day 2 training with in-depth multi-family syndication strategies, SEC attorney Anthony G. helps clarify your SEC compliance questions, and multi-family prodigy Carlos V. shows you how he’s acquired over 2,100 multi-family units in the last 2 years in Texas. In short, this section is epic.


Multi-Family Syndication 101
Part 1 of the multi-family syndication series. Susan introduces multi-family syndication and walks you through the foundational elements of syndication so you have a good understanding before she dives into the advanced/detailed parts later on. (Time: 1hr 7mins)


Advanced Syndication Strategies: Syndication A – Z
Susan dives into Part 2 of Syndication in this session and walks you through syndication deals A-Z. From deal structuring, funding, setup, finding partners, and more. A MUST for anyone considering multi-family syndication. (Tine: 1hr 13mins)


Underground Investor Panel Q&A and Discussion
We invited some of our personal friends who are pulling big profits in real estate in todays market. On this panel are a PMBP student who is killing it in Oregon, a multi-family investor who owns 2,100 units, a former public company CEO who raised $90million from hedge funds, and one of Denvers most successful investors and transactional lenders. (Time: 66mins)


“How I Acquired 2100 Multi-Family Units In 2 years Starting from Scratch”
“Underground” investor Carlos V. is a true real estate prodigy. In this session he takes you into his mind and methodolgy that has allowed him to acquire 2,100+ multi-family units in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, Houston, San Antonio Tx areas in the last 2 years. This is a special session. Take notes. (Time: 1hr 30mins)


Syndication Part 3: Marketing, Operations, and Winding Up
Part 3 of the multi-family syndication series. Susan walks you through marketing your syndication, operations, and winding up a syndication when you decide to exit your syndication partnership. After this session you’ll have a full understanding of multi-family syndication and be able to start taking action. (Time: 52mins)


SEC Attorney: How to Stay SEC Compliant In Today’s Environment
SEC attorney Anthony Geraci, one of the top SEC attorneys for private mortgage funds, helps clarify what investors of every level can and can NOT do when looking for private funding. You’ll be surprised at things you’re likely doing that are probably against SEC guidelines. This is an enlightening video that will help you be more protected. (Time: 50mins)


Day 3: Advanced Money Getting, IRA’s, and more

On Day 3 of this epic “money getting” training, you’ll learn about several other “alternative” ways to get funding for your real estate deals. From hedge funds, to IRA’s, to lines of credit. We invited “underground investor” Dale H., a former CEO of a public real estate company, to teach how he raised $90million in funds from hedge funds when he had little to no credibility to start… you’ll learn his techniques. Great stuff.


Self Directed IRA’s As An Investment Tool
Susan walks you through using IRA’s to fund your real estate deals… and how IRA’s were perhaps her largest source of private funding for her multi-family syndication deals. There are literally trillions of IRA funds waiting to be tapped by savvy, honest, ethical investors (like you) who can return people great returns with integrity. See how Susan does it. (Time: 42mins)


How I Raised $90million From Hedge Funds For Real Estate Deals In My Sandals
“Underground” investor Dale H. from New Mexico tells his story of how he started out as a repo man with little credibility, to starting and growing a high volume real estate company that bought bulk property packages by the hundreds each month. Dale funded his business by raising $90million from hedge funds… all the while wearing a suit, white socks, and Teva sandals. If he can do it, you can do it. Great insights in this session. (Time: 41mins)


Using Lines of Credit and Hedge Funds
Lines of credit have dried up for many investors, but they are still out there. In this session , Susan walks you through the world of credit lines, what banks are looking for, how to get them, and takes a look into the use of hedge funds. (Time: 52mins)