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During the 3 day live event in Denver we decided to run this bootcamp unlike any we’d ever been to or seen. “Pitch Free” speakers there to share their real world experience (not gurus), detailed insights into multi-million dollar real estate and “money getting” businesses, high level connections/networking which we’re looking to build into this membership site within the next 6 months, mind mastery sessions, and most of all… FUN!

Hola, welcome on in to the GTM (Getting The Money) training collection portal. As you know, a little over a year ago we held the most epic 3 day training event on “money getting” that we have ever seen (the attendees agreed). It was the first (and only) event the entire PMBP team has ever held together… and is likely the last (we realized we’re just not the big “conference” type of people… we’d rather keep it small… but had a blast putting on the event you now have access to in this training).

The training that you’ll find in this GTM 2010 Training Collection is unmatched…. and will walk you through the foundational elements of “money getting” all the way through advanced multi-family syndication strategies if you choose to go that route.

As with all of our programs and trainings… you’re now a part of the PMBP family. Whenever you have questions or comments… leave them for us here on this site or through the support box. If we have updates to the program… you’ll be the first to know about them… our #1 goal is to help give you the resources and support to help you live the life and run the business that you want to live.

Alrighty, to get started, click on the “WELCOME!” tab and check out the “Welcome” video.

Again, congrats on choosing to gain access to the most epic “money getting” training collection on the market today. But, don’t stop with that… take action this week on at least 1 idea you get from the valuable as heck training and resources you now have at your disposal.

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