How Part-Time Investor, Tim Ryan, Closed A 42-Unit Deal Using Other People’s Money

How Part-Time Investor, Tim Ryan, Closed A 42-Unit Deal Using Other People’s Money

Hey, I was on the phone with Private Money Blueprint Member, Tim Ryan, and he was telling me about a 42-unit deal worth $3mm bucks he closed.

It’s amazing how far Tim has come since joining forces with us.

A few short months after implementing the PMBP system and processes, he sent me this message…


Several months ago I was spinning my wheels trying to close a single family with a bank… earlier this month, I closed on a 16 unit deal, a 2 duplex deal, and another duplex deal REO – with private money. My net monthly cash flow is $2000!

Thanks guys because I know this is just the beginning.


Yep, it was just the beginning Tim 🙂

From spinning his wheels trying to close a single family deal through a bank… to closing multi-million dollar deals.

And get this… Tim hasn’t used one dime of his own money to acquire any of his properties. To finance the 42-unit, he put a simple ad online and got $560k in private money!

I asked Tim if he would be willing to hop on the line for this month’s Private Money Monthly Mastermind Call… and he said “YES!”


And not only did Tim share his ad with you that you can swipe and deploy into your business, you’re going to learn:

  • How to get Realtors feeding you “pocket listings” (great deals that other people aren’t finding)
  • Tim’s secret ingredient (it starts with a “P”) to getting private money
  • How he used a pre-payment penalty to his advantage when negotiating the 42-unit deal
  • The unconventional method Tim used to find the PERFECT resident property manager
  • and much more!

He’s even going to share how he found and funded his 2 flips that will conservatively net him $65k.

Take out a pen and pad… and get ready to take some notes.


– Patrick

P.S. – Here’s a pic of Tim with his wife and son outside the new 42-unit deal

Congrats! We’re proud of ya 🙂

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