Apartment Investing Training Pack

Here’s Your Apartment Investing Training Pack…

Hey, congrats on making a great decision to upgrade your order and grab the Apartment Investing Training Pack! Here you go… enjoy 🙂


Video Training: How Part-Time Investor Tim Ryan Closed A 42-Unit Deal Using Other People’s Money

  • Tim RyanHow to get Realtors feeding you “pocket listings” (great deals that other people aren’t finding)
  • Tim’s secret ingredient (it starts with a “P”) to getting private money
  • How he used a pre-payment penalty to his advantage when negotiating the 42-unit deal
  • The unconventional method Tim used to find the PERFECT resident property manager
  • and much more!

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Bonus #1: 49-Unit Apt Deal Case Study With Gene And Ron

  • 49 unitsStep-by-step how they found the deal (they actually found it online and share the website with you)
  • Deconstructed: The negotiation and how the deal was structured
  • Where and how they got private money to fund it
  • How a HUGE obstacle right before closing turned into an opportunity
  • and much more!

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Bonus #2: How To Close Self Storage Building Deals With None Of Your Own Money, With Casey Cavell

  • Self StorageHow he closed his first (over 200 unit!) self storage deal
  • Casey’s list broker contact that you can use too to find great deals
  • How he structures his deals with both sellers and private lenders
  • Exactly what he looks for in a good deal (his buying criteria)
  • and much more!

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