A Simple Agreement for Sub-Contractors

Hello, Insiders, JP Moses here…

It’s time for another awesome Swipe and Deploy – where we give you a free, handy-dandy real estate investing tool to better your business (Yeah!).

So what goodie are we going to give are beloved Insiders today?

Well, you might remember in a previous lesson, we talked about sub-contract agreements. But if you missed that, we’re going to cover the basics in today’s video lesson.

On Tap

So, back to what’s in store for today… in this video lesson, yours truly is going to give you my awesome sub-contractor agreement and I’ll cover exactly how to use it…

Plus, I’ll explain in layman’s terms what exactly sub-contracting is; I’ll define and differentiate general contracting vs. sub-contracting; why it’s so important to use a contract; laws you should know; how to ask sub-contractors to sign a contract without it being awkward; how you can download and fill in the blanks of today’s contract template; and fuzzy areas that a sub-contract agreement will clarify and which areas of the contract need to be specific.

By now, I’ll bet you’re ready to get the low down on today’s swipe and deploy. Press play, friends…

Well, here ya go… download the sub-contract agreement here. I hope it helps some of you improve the way you do business and puts more money in your pocket. Now, swipe it and go out and crush the REI world!

So, What’cha Think?

Who out there has some experience with sub-contractors the rest of us can learn from? Do tell below!

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  1. Albert Gibbons Reply

    Clean clear and needed agree to advise using lien waiver relase also.

    • Charity Akers-Greathouse Reply

      Great to hear this is a tool you can use!

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