Abandoned Properties: How Empty Houses = Full Pockets

abandonedSound the alarm for another awesome live training call!

We had a terrific duo in the hot seat – husband and wife team, Sean and Tracey Flanagan.

This happy couple has been investing in real estate since 2000 – and they started with no money and no credit. See, friends, it really can be done.

These guys used to focus more on creative real estate deals like subject-tos and owner financing, but nowadays they’re mostly generating steady chunks of cash with… abandoned houses.

Yep, after the crash their REI plans changed and they’re now bringing in big profits from houses that have been abandoned. In fact, they explained that they have a very particular way of doing business that enables them to not only get access to the people who own the abandoned houses (which is super hard), but they also have mad skills for quickly building rapport (even harder!).

And they were kind enough to share some of their closely guarded secrets with us!

On the Table for Discussion

  • Sean and Tracey’s nearly devastating, yearlong problem that lead them to abandoned houses
  • Why abandoned houses are such unique and potent opportunities
  • Abandoned house deal stories from their real life
  • Why sellers abandon houses
  • The unique, powerful way Sean and Tracey get the phone ringing with abandoned house sellers
  • Their impressive phone negotiation tactics with abandoned house sellers
  • And much more!


Oh, and BTW, these guys are also the creators of Lucky Buys Yucky Houses. Get ready to vacuum up all the valuable info Sean and Tracey gave us. Enjoy!

Listen In Here:

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