9 Ways to Save Time, Make More Money, and Have More Fun

One of our subscribers sent an interesting question our way recently, and a huge shout out for asking it:

“How do I organize my computer, and how do I know which emails are important (and which ones can wait)?”

While this question gives lots of people fits, it actually hides a much fiercer dragon that real estate investors have to slay each and every day: How can I be more productive, get more done and blast through the little things standing in the way of making more money? And that’s where I want to dial in and share 9 key pieces to the hyper-productivity puzzle I’ve uncovered over the years. Implement these and you’ll absolutely supercharge your productivity and effectiveness on a daily basis.

#1 Practice Absolute Punctuality – Respect people’s time or people will place very little value on your time. Treat your time like non-renewable creative energy. When it’s gone, you’re done. If something unforeseen puts you behind schedule, don’t make excuses. Apologize, take ownership for poor planning and make a vow to yourself that it will never happen again. Then follow through.

#2 Be a List-Maker – The most productive deal makers are also serial list-makers. You should focus your list-making efforts in three key areas: 1) Things to do; 2) People to call; and, 3) Your schedule. These lists don’t have to be complicated. Write down your action items on three hand-written (or use your computer, it doesn’t matter) sheets of paper, then cross items off as they’ve been accomplished. The act of scratching out completed tasks is intensely satisfying.

#3 Focus on the Real Revenue Drivers In Your Business – Whether you call it the 80/20 Rule, the Pareto Principle, The Rule of the Vital Few (or something else), it means the same thing: In every business, 20% of the causes result in 80% of the effects. What this means is that 20% of what you do provides 80% of your income. Identify those things – and always do them first.

#4 Ask the Golden QuestionIs what I’m doing right now moving me measurably closer to my goals? If the answer is an emphatic, “NO!” then you need to quit – now. Keep yourself on task by plastering this message all over – in your car, on the wall in the bathroom (right across from where you sit to “think”) or even on your computer. Listen to your inner voice. It’ll whip you into compliance.

#5 Meet Regularly With the Person Most Responsible for Your Success – Self-employed people sometimes have a tough time keeping themselves on task. A good work-around is to make appointments with yourself to focus on the things you need to do yourself to reach your goals. Literally, on your calendar. And never break these appointments. You’ll get more done, have more fun and make more money!

#6 Schedule All Business Calls – As lease as often as possible. When you schedule your business calls, you send a not-too-subtle message to others that you value your time, which will cause them to place a higher value on what you have to say. The phone can be a productivity destroyer or a productivity enhancer. Which do you prefer?

#7 Practice, Then Perfect, “CANI” Constant And Never-ending Improvement is something you can practice – and perfect – almost immediately. Here’s how: Register for classes today at Automobile University by using your drive time to listen to a CD, audiobook or a podcast. Anything that will help you grow your business is worthy of your time. Instead of reading magazines in waiting rooms, read a Kindle (or a physical) book.

#8 Live Off-Peak Hours – Who says you have to waste your life sitting in traffic jams? Leave early, go to a coffee shop near your day job, then do something to build your real estate business. Or negotiate with an understanding boss to shift your work start/end times to correspond with lighter traffic flow. Do your banking, shopping and other must-do action items when others are doing something else.

#9 Eat That Frog – The great Brian Tracy says if you had to eat a frog today, it would probably be the worst thing you’d have to do all day, right? So do it first thing in the morning, and it only gets better from there. So always tackle the hardest to swallow tasks first thing in the morning. The rest of your day is bound to get better!

Honestly I could teach you a full, stand-alone lesson on each one of these nine awesome principles. In fact I might just do that soon. In the meantime, apply what you can from this list now, and watch your productivity and effectiveness take a leap forward – far more than any advice I could give you on how to sort your emails.

Seems like a lot? Well if you try to implement all 9 of these ninja tactics at the same time, you’ll drive yourself insane. Start by choosing one tactic per week, master it and make it as natural as breathing. Within 2 months, you’ll discover that you’ve become a productivity master, and you’ll do it almost effortlessly. So get started now!

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