7 Deals, $300K in Private Money in Only 5 Weeks…in a Brand New Market!


For this month’s training call, we invited PMBP Member Tim Bratz to join us to share how he’s recently been able to score 7 deals and $300K in private money in only 5 weeks…in a brand new market!

Ha, pretty impressive, yeah? 🙂

You may recall Tim from the not-too-distant past (We’ve connected with him before) and one thing we learned for sure is he’s an exceptional implementer, and he’s done quite well since he first started flipping houses back in ’09…

But recently Tim relocated into an entirely new and very different market — and boy did he hit the ground running! Check out this Facebook message he recently sent me…


On the Table for Discussion

  • How-to: Hear exactly how Tim cracked into a new market & locked up 7 deals in only 5 weeks
  • Due Diligence: The biggest, most important things he did to learn this new market quickly
  • Funding: How he scored $500K in new private money to “go play monopoly” with
  • Market Segments: The 2 specific market slices Tim’s focusing on right now (and why)
  • Revealed: The only 4 types of deals he’s investing his time and effort in today (and why)
  • Formulas: See his exact criteria for all 4 models
  • Sneaky! Learn his secret “phantom” tactic for sourcing 10-15 fresh cash buyers at any time
  • Revealed: The unconventional way Tim sells his houses lightning fast (often less than a week!)
  • Steal This: See EXACTLY what his signs look like, and why they work so well (swipe and deploy this into your biz)

Listen In Here:


During the live call, Tim graciously offered a special goody for his “phantom tactic”. So here it is – swipe and deploy!

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