SEC Attorney Spills The Beans Interview

SEC Attorney Spills The Beans Interview

In this members-only webinar workshop Patrick is joined by one of the West coasts top SEC attorneys Jillian Sidoti, to discuss how to safely and legally raise capital for your real estate investing projects.

Jillian specializes in transactional legal matters such as private placement memorandum, regulation D filing, trademark and copyright issues, and other contractual matters.

Beginning with an overview of securities laws, Jillian also discusses how to properly structure your real estate company, an overview of Regulation D, and documents you’ll need for your investing deals.

Stay tuned to the very end for the Q&A session 🙂


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  1. constantine james Reply

    thank you the informations the lawyer gives, Its very important have the kind of info she gives. I am looking forward to getting more from her via her website. thanks again.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Awesome. Glad you enjoyed it Constantine.

      – Patrick

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