Swipe & Deploy: Two Critical Private Lender Checklists for You

listHey guys, Patrick Riddle and…

…drum roll please… it’s Swipe and Deploy day! The day when we share with you some awesome REI freebie, which you can use to improve your own business.

And today, we’ve got a couple of tasty templates to share with you – two very simple informational checklists we use and keep internally in all our private lender files.

In brief, using these two forms:

  1. Helps us stay organized with each private lender.
  2. Helps us hugely in building rapport and credibility.

Here’s a short audio I recorded about both of them. I hope you don’t mind the background music, because I recorded it from my “second office” …yep…coffee shop ;- )

listen to this

Form #1: Our “Private Lender Loan Info & Follow-Up Checklist”

Quite simply, this one’s all about making sure you get (and keep) all the relevant info you need for each private investor you bring into the deal.

And not just their contact info (which matters, obviously) but how much they’re investing in your deal, the basic terms, rate, payments, etc. and a checklist of docs you should make sure they’re received as part of the deal.

To be clear, this is a per-deal type form. In other words, this form should be inserted into the deal folder for any/every deal you do involving a private lender.

You can “swipe and deploy” this form below…

Form #2: Our “Follow Up and Relationship Building Checklist”

This one’s all about making sure you’re properly “courting” your new private lender prospects.


Yep, you read that right…

Wooing a private money lender is the necessary process of earning (i) their attention, (ii) their favor and (iii) their trust. Just like a romantic relationship, right? Right. (Hopefully.)

And since we’re ideally looking for long-term relationships with our private lenders (not “one night stands”), it only makes sense to have some strategy for winning their heart. And I prefer a specific, step-by-step series of “romantic nudges,” if you will.

In fact, here are two previous lessons I’ve shared with you about this very thing — you should definitely read them if you haven’t already:

So in my case, once someone agrees to fund a deal with me for the first time, I always like to send a short letter warmly welcoming them and reminding them that long-term relationships are important to me, and that serving them well is my top priority

followed by a few other things over time that do essentially the same, but in different ways.

So this second checklist is meant for your master file for each private lender prospect, and it’s all about ensuring your follow-up letters have been sent… so that hopefully they’ll both (i) refer new lenders to your program and (ii) invest with you again and again.

In my opinion, this is a critical element to your success, not an optional action. Don’t over think it, just do it.

You can “swipe and deploy” both of these checklists here…



What do you Think?

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