How to Fund Your First Apartment Deal (with the Cash Flow Mercenary)

Realize it or not, today’s real estate market is offering us some really exceptional opportunities in the commercial arena – and especially in the realm of apartment buildings. It’s kind of a ‘perfect storm’ really.

But have you ever wondered what it takes to get the funding for your first apartment deal in this arena?

Do you get conventional funding or go unconventional? Where does private funding fit into the picture today? What about owner financing? Can you really get into a building with no money out of pocket? Time to find out…

On the table for discussion:

We’ve invited fellow Insider Dennis Fassett, to walk us through the whole process of getting your first apartment deal funded, A to Z. He’ll also answer a ton of the biggest questions investors tend to encounter when first delving into these waters, such as:

  • Pros/cons of conventional vs. unconventional apartment funding
  • Where does (can) owner financing realistically fit in the picture?
  • What about private funding from one (or more) individual?
  • What are the exact steps and ideal path for funding your first apartment?
  • 3 critical, self-sabotaging mistakes every new apartment investor makes
  • And a whole lot more…

Dennis’ nickname in the industry is the “Cash Flow Mercenary,” and for good reason: This guy’s a true, real-world expert on how to find, fund, land and profit from your first apartment building. He walks the talk, and I can’t think of anyone better to have this discussion with.

Bottom line: If you’ve ever wondered what the “best practices” are to securing the funding you need for your first apartment building in today’s market – if the process intimidates or mystifies you in any way –  then this training call will be an awesome help to you.

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