4 Cheap, Easy Marketing Tricks Your Competition Isn’t Using

We’ve invited an extremely creative, innovative and successful investor, Joe McCall, to join us for a frank, open discussion on some of the most powerful marketing tactics he uses in his real estate investing business.

Joe’s been a close friend of ours for years now, and he’s one of the most successful investors we’ve ever met.

  • He literally flips dozens of houses per month, in multiple markets.
  • He’s a systems-thinker and truly gets the power of leveraging technology, teams and systems to scale up his business and profits.
  • He’s got a rare gift for teaching others how to do what he does.
  • He excels at lightning-fast implementation and “failing forward”

So definitely someone you should be paying attention to.

On this call he’ll be revealing (at least) 4 cheap (or free) marketing tactics that you’ve probably never heard of or even considered before. Through rapid-fire testing and tweaking, Joe’s uncovered some curiously profitable marketing angles that pretty much no one else is exploiting. This stuff is pure genius, and you’re getting the uncensored inside scoop.

On the table for discussion:

  • The Landlord Sneak Attack (you’ll LOL in surprise, trust me)
  • The 20% Response Rate Trick (mind-blowing)
  • The Pending’s Hijacking Trick (few ever think of it)
  • Joe’s magic follow-up matrix (scores him deals weekly)
  • How Joe buys houses with text messages (not even kidding)
  • Wholesaling lease options? (what is it?)
  • How he outsources all his marketing (to a $3/hr V.A.)
  • How he magically appears “local” in any city (even when he’s in Prague)
  • His “set and forget” trick for extracting deals from dead leads
  • And a whole bunch more…

So when you tune in with us and take notes, I guarantee you’ll learn at least 4 (probably more) of Joe’s best-kept marketing secrets.

Not the same old stuff everyone else is doing… Just inexpensive, uncomplicated, proven stuff no one else is doing.

All juicy, vitamin-packed content, and fortified with 100% of your daily dose of awesome — Can ya dig it?

Listen In Here:


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