Module 2 » 10 Hour Wholesaler Way: Identify, Build & Outsource

Module 2 »
The 10 Hour Wholesaler Way: Identify, Build, & Outsource

(if you’re new here, start with your 3-Step Kickstart Guide)

Fundamentally, the secret 10-Hour Wholesaler awesome sauce boils down to a simple, 3-step process:

  1. Identify (your target opportunity market)
  2. Build (your pipeline)
  3. Outsource (the heavy lifting)

Step 1 – Identify

Choosing the right opportunity market is a pretty critical first step. Why?

Because choose the wrong market and you’ve got an uphill battle to fight at best, and possibly even a no-win scenario. Choose the right market and you’ll find it remarkably easy to do this.

Step 2 – Build

This is all about building your pipeline of co-wholesalers and cash buyers.

While this is the most time-consuming part, rest assured it still won’t take you very long – way faster and easier compared to how most wholesalers build their businesses.

This is where you build your critical network of contacts for both sides of the co-wholesale transaction: Local, active wholesalers (for inventory) and local cash buyers (to sell to).

Then, it’s on to:

Step 3 – Outsource

This is the fun part! This is where you get yourself OUT OF THE WAY… and outsource 95% (or however much you want) to your team.

And don’t worry, if you don’t have a team yet, it’s a heck of a lot easier than you think to put one together. You’ll see 😉

Alrighty, so what are you waiting for?!?

Watch the video below… and enjoy…

Go to the resources page to check out any of the sample forms and docs, templates, and websites mentioned in the video.

Leave your thoughts questions and comments below…

Happy 10 Hour Wholesaling! 🙂

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818 Responses to “Module 2 » 10 Hour Wholesaler Way: Identify, Build & Outsource”

  1. Sherrick Duncan Reply

    Justin were is the simple Co-Marketing Agreement that used to be in the resources section last time I was on here? I cannot find it and no longer have my own copies.

  2. Bill Paesano Reply

    Justin are you assigning contracts in FL or double closing because of the marketing a property laws?

  3. Angela Barnes-Roberts Reply

    I wanted to ask how this works. If the wholesaler does not want to split the profits, they say, ad your fee on top of the deal. How do I do the assignment to my buyer?

  4. Richard Price Reply

    Hi Justin,
    Just got your mobile wholesaler program, and watched it for several hours yesterday. I’m just thinking wouldn’t it be easier to do the co-wholesaler (10 hour wholesaler) method?
    BTW I had a couple of the videos in mobile wholesaler endlessly buffering, don’t know if the problem is on my end. Also,I could not login to the support area,-it doesn’t recognize my email

  5. Michele Jackson Reply

    Hi, Just finished Module 2 and have a couple of questions.

    1) I am not going to be applying this system where I live, the market is too small. Should my Operations Manager be in my target market or based where I am?

    2) You spoke of a task list for contractors. Can you please provide that list?

    3) Our local Scouts will be the one to show the properties to our buyers in the target markets. Does this happen before or after we have a contract with our buyer? If before, how do we guarantee the buyer will not circumvent us?

    Thanks so much Justin!

    • Columbus Kellam Reply

      were do I find the marketing agreement .

      • Columbus Kellam Reply

        were do I find the marketing agreement ?

        • Justin Wilmot Reply

          Hey buddy we use the Assignment Contract and it is located in the resources section.

      • Justin Wilmot Reply

        We use the Assignment contract and it is located in the resources section.

  6. Yusuf Maxwell Reply

    At what point would you consider giving up on a market and just moving on to the next one? My market is heavily saturated with wholesalers and I don’t find many sellers.

  7. Brandon Williams Reply

    so what if I see an property I wanna seell for profit and I have an buyer but I don’t have the deed or title to that property. How do I get that property under contract to sell?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Hey Brandon you use a Purchase contract on your buy side. You can then use an Assignment to sell your interest in that contract for a profit or do a double close (depending on your state) Make it happen

  8. Tiffani Sloan Reply

    Thanks so much for this great information and for sharing your wealth of knowledge. I was wondering how many letters you should send to potential cash buyers in order to build a productive list for each market?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      You got it Tiffani! General rule of thumb for all marketing is to send as many as you can physically and financially send at the moment. Truth is NOBODY can ever send enough. If you have $15 or $15,000 to put towards lead generation, go all in. Make it happen.

  9. Larry Forrester Reply

    Justin, I reviewed everything again and now I understand how it works. Do you still used a marketing agreement in order to be able to show wholesalers inventory? If so do you have it available, and if not how do you get permission to show inventory?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Awesome Larry. No, we get it under contract FIRST, then market That to our cash buyers. Make it happen !

  10. Larry Forrester Reply

    Or does my buyer pay the entire fee to me on assignment (at close) and then I pay my co-wholesaler his 50%?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      I believe I just cleared this one up for you buddy. Let me know…

  11. Larry Forrester Reply

    Justin, great course. I want to make sure I have the sequence correct. My co-wholesaler assigns the property to me. He gives me the cost & profit details. His part of the profit (50%) is written in the agreement and then I close with my buyer and pay my co-wholesaler. Is this correct? You say be sure you’re on the HUD. If I’m closing with my buyer I’ll be on the HUD anyway. Or am I backwards on this and my buyer closes with my co-wholesaler and the title company sends me my 50% fee?
    Thanks for your help.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Hey Larry. You actually want to negotiate the best price you can with the wholesaler. The difference between that contract number and the number you negotiate with you end cash buyer on a separate contract is your PROFIT.

  12. Charles Mace Reply

    I’ve been beating my head against the wall for years in the real estate business. I got in real estate in search of a lifestyle but what I got instead was a job and not a good paying one at that. Always looking for the next deal and having no control of my life. After going through your modules I feel like I have hope again. You are doing exactly what I’ve always dreamed about but could never seem to make happen. I believe 10HW is going to be a game changer for me.

  13. Andrew Kegler Reply

    Hi Justin! Thanks! WOW! Finished Modules 1 & 2. Lots and lots of good information… it will take several viewings and MUCH ACTION to get my head wrapped around it all. ; )

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Thanks buddy! You sound like you get.. watch the modules as many times as you need and start taking action. The steps are simple, I always suggest you plan your week in advance and take daily action. Make it happen

  14. Michael Chasan Reply

    Hi Justin,

    I spoke with US Leadlists from here in the Phoenix area. For getting a list for property tax delinquent/absentee owner lists there are over 5,000 names on a list. Are there any additional filters or parameters that I should use to narrow things down? Terry suggested 50-100% equity and narrowing things by zip code. What are your thoughts and advice?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Wow thats a good size list coming from them. Yes, terry is correct filter it down with high equity buddy. make it happen

  15. Elizabeth Matharu Reply

    Been through both modules and such great info. I really want to pull the trigger and start in a market in my area. I live in the SF bay area and my research into hot markets were nil for anywhere in my state. So, do I try something local while learning then expand into the hotter markets? I feel like getting the first deal done is the learning curve….

  16. Daman Burrage Reply

    I was looking around inside the course and I didn’t see the co marketing agreement that was referred to in the co-wholsaler script. Can ANYONE advise on where to find this?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Yes Daman, as i go over in Mod 2, we have substituted that for the Assignment contract. Use it in place of a marketing agreement.

  17. Brian Armstead Reply

    Since the first time the cash buyer hears about this property is from my marketing material, when does the cash buyer get to inspect the property so that they know if they really want to do the deal? And when do I get a copy of the original contract and when do I pass that along to the cash buyer? I’m assuming the cash buyer would want to know what timeframes and clauses are in the contract (as well as the actual condition of the property) prior to agreeing to anything.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Great question Brian. very simple really, put it under contract then coordinate a time with the seller when your partners can walk through to inspect.

  18. George Aguwa Reply

    how long will it take before i can master the program and working flipping or joining the market partners

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Hey George the progress you make is ultimately up to you. Start implementing the steps immediately and take action daily and you will see results

  19. James Gipson Reply

    Hey Justin,

    2 questions…

    1. In this sellers market shouldn’t we be focusing on the co-wholesalers list and direct sellers, since there’s more cash buyers than sellers? Doesn’t money follow after a good deal.

    2. If my buyer shows interest in a property when do I send over the assignment contract, prior to buyer seeing/going to the property or afterwards. When I do this to protect my interest?

    • Monard Mosley Reply

      I understand this is a “Double Assignment” method. To keep it simple 1)) Which assignment contract provided in the resources do I send to my Co Wholesaler? ?? 2)) Which contracts provided in the resources do I send to my “Cash Buyers”???? Also, I live in a different city and state than my target market! ! The Title Company /Closing Attorney I use I assume they have to be located in the City and State my target market is in or can I use the ones in my City and State I live in? ????

      • Monard Mosley Reply

        Looking 4 Clarity!!! How would our profit be factored in on the HUD -1 Statement if the Buy Side Assignment Contract (JV both wholesaler ) and the Standard Assignment Contract (Wholesaler & Cash buyer ) if both contracts has the same purchase price? If the profit split is 50/50???

        • Justin Wilmot Reply

          Hey Monard. Your goal is to put the property under contract for a price. You then market and sell that contract to your end buyer for a higher price. The ONLY thing you need to worry about is getting it under contract on your buy side and then another on your sell side (between you and your buyer). Then just turn that into your title attorney or company. Make it happen

      • Justin Wilmot Reply

        Great question. Use the “10HW Buy side” assignment contract. Its Assignable so you can Assign it to your end buyer.

        Correct, and be sure to use the att other wholesalers are already using. Make it happen!

    • Larry Niskey Reply

      Hey James how’s it going with your effort to find co-wholesalers with inventory that will co-wholesale with you?

      • James Gipson Reply

        Honestly, I’ve found plenty of buyers. However, when it comes to wholesalers, those I have spoken to, have buyers they want to co-wholesale with me.

        Not to say wholesalers with deals and no buyers aren’t out there! but it should be hard to find buyers.

        Since it’s a sellers market, there’s a small pool of motivated sellers (supply) and a large pool of buyers (demand). May need to talk to more wholesalers or get our own deals.

        I’m not a newbie, but wholesaling works best in a buyers market, but can still be done now…only with a lot of competition.

  20. Timothy Personius Reply

    When you say…make sure you’re on the “HUD”…what does that mean…I may have missed it but I can find no explanation for this. Thanks!

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      The HUD doc is also know as the Settlement Statement that cover all of the FINAL numbers of the transaction,

  21. Larry Niskey Reply

    Hi, I found a wholesaler that says he has a ‘ huge cash buyers list’ and he will split the profits if I bring a good deal to him. I found a wholesaler that has some inventory. So if the assignment fee profit with the co-wholesaler is $10k, my profit would be $5k and then with the cash buyer my final profit would be $2,500?? So if I split the profit with the co-wholesaler and then split the profit with the buyer, how would this deal be structured? Thanks.

  22. Adrian Dixon Reply

    I’m interested in doing out of state deals how do I get the signs put up on in out of state deals?

  23. Larry Niskey Reply

    Hi, I checking in to see how others are finding co-wholesalers for inventory. I’ve found a few cash buyers, although it seems that most are just tire kickers but I need co-wholesalers with inventory for the cash buyers. Some say they will put you on their buyers’ list but then you never hear from them again.The few that do respond back seem to be involved in daisy chains because I see the same property advertised on the web at a different price by another person. Or is it just better to market and find your own inventory? Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.

    • Christopher Wright Reply

      I have started asking the co-wholesalers if they own the property or have it under contract themselves. If they do not, then I ask them if I bring the buyer are they willing to split with me. I will only add my fee if they are in control of the contract. I have always heard that it is a numbers game so I will continue to market market market and see where I end up!

      • Larry Niskey Reply

        Hi Christopher, How do you handle the deal when the co-wholesaler will not split the deal you and you have to add your fee?

        How do you get the co-wholesaler agree to the 10HW Buy Side Assignment? Doesn’t the agreement take the co-wholesaler’s property off the market and tie-up his property and they usually want a $10k EMD before they will agree to this?

  24. James Gipson Reply

    Hey Justin, I’m in a high market county near a major city in Cali. I don’t know the area that well yet, there is investor activity.

    However my area is at the top price point, appreciation is high, rents are higher but yields are the lowest in the US.

    Should start with a high ROI Landlord market first or just where I am?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      You got it James. Find out what the landlords are buying. THAT becomes your market . Make it happen

  25. Melissa Kotler Reply

    Justin, when I first found out about FreedomSoft I was over the moon excited about it! My business partner and I signed up and got going with it. We played with it for about 60 days. In the first weeks of having it, we found that more than 40% of the emails we sent out from it and the forms filled out on their lead pages, etc were never received. Every time we’d contact their “Support” they always had no answers. It seems you have built your entire company on this software. Have you not had the same issues? Have you and just let it go? I’ve been looking at Podio and other options but not sure really what to do. Any advice or guidance you could offer on this? Thx Justin!

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      I have heard great things about podio we just have never used them. We use FreedomSoft and have never had too many issues with them. It is just an option, use whatever CRM works for you. Make it happen

  26. Keesha Spiva Reply

    My module 2 video is skipping from about 2:00 minutes to 56:00 minutes. I can’t hear anything in between 🙁

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      There was a small window where we had to update but all is fixed. If you are still having issues on your end please reach out to support and they will help with recommendations. In the meantime, try a different browser Keesha. Make it happen

  27. Chris Yorke Reply

    Justin, regarding the double assignment methodology, can you refer me to a specific module or resource under the 10HW menu? Or anywhere? If I am to instruct a title agent, I must know the entire process, competently, and in detail.

  28. Brenda Cash Reply

    twice now I have played Module 2, and both times it stopped at the same place, about mid-way thru it, and the little wait, buffering little thing that spins around to tell you to wait, came on and it never would go any further; is there anywhere I can still hear or see the rest of Module 2 ? –Brenda Cash,

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Issue has been fixed Brenda, sorry for the interruption in service.

  29. Stephan Pona Reply

    Just finished Mod#2. Although familiar with much of the information, going to go back over it so that I don’t miss too many steps. I like detail and this challenges one to be organized and detailed. It’s usually the little things that trip people up. Now, I just have to do it!!! Cool!!

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Your exactly right. You will have your first deal in escrow in no time. It is a personal decision. Make it happen buddy

  30. Tiffany Myers Reply

    So I invested in the freedomsoft program. I have a list of Motivated Sellers yet most are going through Real Estate Agents. Who do I contact? I also have a list of Potential Cash Buyers. I’m just so confused.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Focus on the cash buyers FIRST Tiffany. Always. Cash buyer dictate the acquisitions side. Make it happen!

  31. Adrian Dixon Reply

    how would i prevent the my cash buyers from going around me and just getting my co wholesalers to contact them with new properties?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Get the property assigned to you first Adrian, This way you have the purchasing rights. Make it happen and keep taking daily action. How is you cash buyers list right now?

      • Adrian Dixon Reply

        thanks for the info and its not what i want it to be but im working toward my goal in order to have enough credibility with my co wholesalers

  32. Bill Paesano Reply

    I cannot find the “Marketing Agreement” in the resources section. Can you please send me one or advise where it is. Thanks!

  33. Christopher Wright Reply

    Just finished Mod 2 and looking through all the resources. Again, great info. I’m ready to hit the ground running. I am about to dive right in and get started on the action list!

    • Christopher Wright Reply

      I got started on my action list! I have ID’d my first market and started building my pipelines! I am building momentum, full steam ahead!

      • Justin Wilmot Reply

        BOOM! You are on a roll. Make it happen buddy

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      I love the attitude buddy! Massive daily action is key in this business. Make it happen

  34. Five Stars Entertainment Reply

    Today I picked up my first CASH BUYER from a close friend in CA who is a contractor. Through our relationship and conversation he found out I needed buyers and he needs property for his buddies who are looking for their first property to rehab. He is responsible to find the property and rehab it for them. They just have cash with no education, so I get to protect them and make them money and then do it again and again.

    Problem – I don’t have any inventory.

    Anybody have inventory in Menifee CA or Wildomar, CA? We can do a deal and be part of my first success story!

    • Katheryn Argento Reply

      Hi Five Stars.

      I’m in So Cal. How long ago did you post this? I’m interested in partnering up. Feel free to email me at :

      • Justin Wilmot Reply

        Love the connecting!

  35. Jasmyne Haywood Reply

    Hey guys,

    Also would you suggest getting contract assigned to me once I actually have cash buyers that way I know I’m not going to be holding onto a property and having no buyers

  36. Jasmyne Haywood Reply

    Hi Guys and Justin,

    Im not clear on how many times are posting in craigslist every week. Also when you have properties assigned to you from wholesaler and then send them to the cash buyer do you block out the actual street address? if so why? I thought they have to do a walkthrough for inspection in order to know if they want to buy or not and if its a good deal

  37. Mandy Ayotte Reply

    Is there only 2 modules for this program?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      There are 3 core modules and 3 other bonus training modules Mandy. The 2 core Modules are designed to give you everything you need and nothing more to make this work.No fluff. Go out there and make it happen. You have EVERYTHING and more than you need to do so.

      • Brent Eres Reply

        Hi there

        Sorry for my slowness in picking this up.

        Two assignments contracts is all that I need if I bring the buyer to the deal for a co wholesaler who has the original contract? One with the Co wholesaler, and the other to the new buyer?

        Or does the original buyer give me a contract? My head hurts!



        • Justin Wilmot Reply

          Brent you are on the right track. Yes, two assignment contracts. One between you and the cowholesaler and the other from you to the new buyer. It is simple dont over think it. You got this buddy!

  38. Sarah Merkel Reply

    Hi Justin,
    So, I’ve been connecting with other wholesalers/investors with properties and came across 2 weird situations. #1. I’ve been running into wholesalers that work with a company or agent…they tell me that if I get an offer for more than the asking price of a property that I can keep that for myself…they wont JV. So, for that situation, what documentation would I need to put together to make sure I’m covered?
    #2. I came across a property that a wholesaler had, but he was a part of a 3 person LLC. He told me that they would not JV but would give me $1000-$1500 for bringing a buyer, because there wouldnt be enough of a spread. In that situation, what would you recommend to do???
    I’ve been wholesaling for a few years. I actually worked with a partner that entire time, and it worked out great. He decided to go on his own though, and it’s harder than I thought it would be to find good wholesalers around… not giving up though!!

  39. Larry Niskey Reply

    Hey Justin, I’m trying to get clear on the steps to get going. Am I on the right track?

    1. Build a Cash Buyer’s List of wholesalers wanting to Buy (“I’m a real estate investor. If I get a good deal can I let you know about it?”)

    2. Use JV intro to get verbal confirmation from other wholesalers to pass on their properties to your Cash Buyer’s List (“If a your property doesn’t work for me, is it okay to pass it on to some of my cash buyer contacts?”)

    3. Send property list (with property address street no. blanked out) to Cash Buyer List along with my contact info. If my cash Buyer shows interest, THEN get the property locked under the assignment contract from the selling wholesaler. Once under contract, no one can go around you.

    4. Then assign the contract that you have with the selling wholesaler to your cash buyer for a fee. (Do I get a deposit from the cash buyer? How do I determine the fee…a 50/50 split or raise the assignment fee for my profit or negotiate with selling wholesaler to reduce his contract price and sell to cash buyer for more ?? How do we get the wholesaler to lower their price when most people want their full price? I thought Justin said not to mark anything up? I’m not clear on how the best way to do this.)

    5. Turn all the paperwork into a title company for closing.

    6. Get Paid.


    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Hey Larry,very close just a few adjustments.
      1) No Wholesalers are your source of inventory , not buyers. Use the cash buyers marketing methods I show in the training.
      2) Yes and No…In most cases, we suggest actually getting the property assigned to you or getting a “Option to Purchase” contract signed first, then market the agreement to your private list (not publicly)
      3) See above and yes when you have the contract signed, you can feel confident moving forward.
      4) We get the property assigned to us for the best price the JV wholesaler we do. The difference between the buy side price and our sell side price is the profit. We do NOT mark anything up.
      5) YEP
      6) You got it!

      No problem buddy. Make it happen

  40. Yusuf Maxwell Reply


    Two quick questions for you

    1. Is your private email coaching program still available?

    2. Do you or any of your buyers still buy deals in Houston Texas?

  41. Kokou Logossou Reply

    This is Great. That’s only thing I can say for now.
    Thank you

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Ha Awesome Kokou! Thanks for being here.

  42. Aaron Jordan Reply

    I listened to module 2 and I understand the concept of targeting retail cash buyers but I have a few questions with the marketing strategies that we are to use to find these buyer. The first is how do we know that the buyers they attract are actually the retail buyers we should be targeting and not the big fix and flip guys. Second how do you get bandit signs out in markets you don’t live in. Just trying to get an idea of how to approach each marketing strategy. Thx Justin

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Hey Aaron, good question. You never know 100% nit its a retail buyer until you (or your team member) speaks with them. We target “mom & pops” that are buying multiple properties using cash in just there first in last name. Non entity buyers

      • Aaron Jordan Reply

        Thx. How do you get bandit signs out in virtual markets? How do I get the signs to them, monitor whether they put the signs out, and how do I pay them?

  43. Sarah Merkel Reply

    Hey Justin,

    If we put out bandit signs(and post craigslist ads) for already sold properties to find cash buyers, what is the best response to them when they reach us?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      His Sarah. Neither are promoting a property you have. You are accumulating leads to find out what buyers want in order to add value to their lives and get them what they need…which is another investment property. . Make it happen

      • Sarah Merkel Reply

        I did find several buyers. One was looking for a budget rental with cash flow. I came across a bandit sign for a duplex, thinking it was another wholesaler and would be a good deal for one of my buyers… That’s when I found out that they were actually with a company, and was thrown off by them not wanting to JV. Ive got some great buyers, just now trying to connect with other wholesalers.

        • Sarah Merkel Reply

          I would hate to not work with someone in a co if they have a property that would be good for one of my buyers. I’m just unclear about how that would be structured. I live in Daytona Beach, so I’m not far from ya, I’m sure you’ve seen the signs for deals from Meridian in Orlando? Or other companies like that?

  44. Wilmer Feliciano Reply

    what do you mean by get on the HUD? is that a automatic payment service and if so where do i find how to set one up?

  45. Barbara Smith Reply

    I have finished Module 2. I will continue to work on my action plans and continue reading.

  46. Sonya Robinson Reply

    Hi Justin

    Do you have any alternatives to posting on Craig list. My VA sent me an email stating The ad contents for Cash Buyers provided by 10 Hour Wholesaler program was used by quiet a number of real estate investors in the Baltimore area. As a result the contents of the ad got flagged by users of Craigslist. As a result post for Cash Buyers was ghosted as he tried on making the post. He received the error. For posts that were flagged earlier, Craigslist only allows you to post those flagged ads online once in one single category and one city within 48 hours. So they have put this BAN on me from posting to real estate services category for next 48 hours. The block is withdrawn in 48 hours in most cases, in some cases it takes more time. In my case it should be removed after 48 hours. So just to be on the safe side my VA sent a support ticket regarding this issue Other features of the account are intact and my VA states he should be able to post on other categories.

    Current we have one active post on real estate service category which is Co-Wholesaler ad format provided by 10HW. It primarily happened because of trying to post Cash Buyers Contents provided by 10HW. Any suggestion you an provide is greatly appreciated.

    • Brandon Ogilvie Reply

      Go on and create awesome images for your craigslist ads. You can ad text to your images and its all free and user friendly. CL can’t track text in images. Change the body a little too from the template he provided, so it’s not reported as spam. Also there is software that posts to craiglist for you and changes each post slightly each time. Keep it up

      • Justin Wilmot Reply

        Thanks for sharing this with the community Barndon! Way to set an example and add value.

        Make it happen.

  47. Lemuel Hill Reply

    Hey Justin,


    Were do I find the “marketing fee agreement” in the resource section?

    Making it Happen!

  48. Mike Mangham Reply

    Is there a Co Wholesaler Marketing Agreement and Operations Manager Agreement available? I did not see them in the resources section.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Hey Mike. I promote the use of the Assignment contract rather than the marketing agreement. Get the property Assigned to you for a lower price than your buyer is willing to pay using the “10 Hw Buy Side Assignment contract” . make it happen!

  49. Diego Chappell Reply

    Hi Justin,
    I’m going through the course and see there are two “agreement to assign contract for sale and purchase” forms within the resources section. One is a PDF the other is a word doc. They are both worded very similar.

    Which one do I get the other wholesaler to sign and which one does my end buyer sign?


    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Good question Diego.

      Contract titled ” 10HW Buy side Assignment Contract” is the one you sign with your JV Wholesaler.

      The standard Assignment contract is the contract to be used when Assigning THAT contract to your end buyer. In essence your selling your purchasing right in the Sales contract to your end buyer for a fee.

      Make it happen.

  50. Lemuel Hill Reply

    So Justin

    I in the Los Angeles area, trying to work this market (high prices and very competitive) and I just found out that when I did my Goggle search for the top 10 places to invest, (Big Pockets) California was on the list of the 10 ten worst markets for investors.

    So I’m going to try the metropolitan areas that are in the top 10. I’ll still do the LA market, I just figure, why beat my head against the wall.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      That is fine Lemuel. Yes CA also has some additional hoops to jump through, so going virtual is just fine my friend. Make it happen.

  51. Carlos Ramos Reply

    Justin! You are the man! I have a co-wholesaler wanting to JV 2 properties with SC

    He sent me his Assignment contract can you look at this and tell me if it’s ok?

    This option agreement is entered into between the parties, Seller(s) and Buyer(s) , below in consideration of and subject to the following terms and conditions.
    1.Parties I, . and/or assigns as Seller/Wholesaler and . Buyer/Marketer.
    2. Property Address: .
    3. Offer: Seller/Wholesaler agrees to pay Buyer/Marketer half of the profits upon the sale of properties listed in section 2 at closing if End-Buyer is provided buy Buyer/Marketer in section 1. Buyer/Marketer will submit End-Buyer’s offer in writing via email to Seller/Wholesaler. If an offer with the same End-Buyer has already been submitted to the Seller/Wholesaler then the second offer will not be valid.
    4. Period: 15 days
    5. Provisions:
    -All parties understand that the intention of this contract is to give the marketer the ability to market the property in an effort to find an End-Buyer to split the Seller/Wholesaler assignment fee.
    -Marketer will contact Seller/Wholesaler when an interested party is located who has expressed an interest in the property as outlined in block two. At which point Seller/Wholesaler will inform marketer of the current offers on the property. If marketer has found a new interested party he or she will receive written confirmation in the form of an email stating that interested party was provided by them. If Seller/Wholesaler assigns their purchase of sale agreement to the interested party provided by marketer than half of the profits from the assignment fee will be paid at closing to marketer.
    -If marketer does not purchase or acquire and End-Buyer to assign this deal within 15 days of acceptance of this Option Agreement, this agreement becomes null and void.
    -All parties agree that property is being sold in “as is” condition unless noted otherwise.
    -The 15 day contract begins on the date the seller signs the Flex-Option to Purchase Real Property Agreement.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Glad to see you are out there taking action Carlos.

      Looks like a typical Option ontact to me, but I recommend using your wholesale friendly title co or Attourney.They are just a phone call away and get paid at closing (in most cases) . Make it happen

  52. Jason Laigo Reply

    Hey Justin,

    I’m a little confused so let me try to clear this up…

    we can close 10HW deals two different ways:

    1.) the double assignment method
    2.) the marketing/consulting fee invoice method

    Is that right? And do you prefer one to the other or does it just depend on the market in which you’re working?


    • Peter Danville Reply

      Jason did Justin answer that question?
      I didn’t see his response.

      • Justin Wilmot Reply

        What question are you referring to Peter?

        • Peter Danville Reply

          The question Jason Laigo had about which of the two different ways we have to close deals, the double assignment method or the marketing/consulting fee method. Which do you prefer Justin and where is that marketing agreement? I’ve looked all over the website and the agreements that you sent me.

  53. Maggie Nickerson Reply

    So I ran a phantom listing on craigslist “Handyman Special” and WOW I received several interested parties
    who want more information or just simply want the complete address to run comps or some just say I have the cash:)
    My question is now what? what do I say to these people who want to buy this house that has already sold with still sounding professional and not shady running an ad to an already sold house. How much time should I wait until I call these people back?


  54. Jacques Du Pee Reply

    Hi Justin

    The product seems great. However I think I need a little more help going forward. Could you provide said help.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Absolutely Jacques. I offer a 1 hour private consultation via Skype to build your custom action plan which I deliver to you after the call and 4 months of email support to help you except on that plan along the way.

      Go here for more details:

      Alos, if you qualify, you can join with ZERO out of pocket. G

  55. Horatio Johnson Reply

    Hey Justin,

    Do you have a video that shows how to fill out

    the assignment agreement and explains the process

    in detail? Assignor, Assignee, I dont know and

    need help with that.

  56. Heather Adrian Reply

    Got my first legit buyer lead from a phantom post I put on CL, the guy was really cool but wanted to move fast and I didn’t have any properties in that area. I told him that I no longer had the property I posted about… and… I found a wholesaler who did, and reached out to him… still waiting to hear back because of the holidays (this buyer contacted me ON Christmas which was a bit awkward) but the potential buyer insisted on driving by something, and was hesitant to answer my questions… so I had him drive by one of the properties I knew was still available from the wholesaler I reached out to…figured I could deal with it later… and later the buyer text me back saying he went by… didn’t like the area and that the neighbor seemed to be “out in the yard doing weird things” LOL needless to say he didn’t act on anything but I just find it funny because… the area is an outlier of Daytona/Orlando which I am pretty familiar with and the house is semi run down, but there’s nothing “weird” going on in the vicinity. At least I know the phantom ads work… I just need to get some responses to my co-wholesaler emails.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Congratulations Heather! Ist interesting what happens when you just take action isn’t it:-)

      It really sounds like you are very clear on what to do in this model and I applaud you for getting to this point! Keep doing exactly what you are doing on a daily bases and you will be blown away at what you create.

      make it happen

    • Larry Niskey Reply

      Hi Heather, I was wondering what type of marketing are you doing to get the co-wholesalers to response to your emails and send you some inventory? Thanks

  57. Taiwo Aribigbola Reply

    Just finished Mod. # 2, Thank you Justin for all the content! Been focused on Real Estate and Virtual Wholesale for awhile now. Now is the time to take action!

  58. Temeka Thompson Reply

    Hey Justin Wilmot,

    Will you be my Co-Wholesaler? I already found a deal, I just need to get in contact with the owner of the property to see if he/she is interested in selling. It needs a lot of TLC and it has windows frosted over. This is a great potential deal for fix and flip Investor.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Glad to hear you re out there taking action Temeka.

      It depends on the market and you need to have the property under contract in order for us to send out to our list. Let us know and we will.

      make it happen.

  59. Elizabeth McNair Reply

    Hi Justin, Great Course!!! I’m looking for the sheet for co-wholesalers so the wholesaler don’t still my buyer.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Thanks Elizabeth! Just use the The double Assignment method outlined in Mod 2. This way, you are principle buyer in the deal and nobody can go around you 🙂 Make it happen.


    How can I print some hard copies of slides of the Mods 1 and 2?
    Thank you…

  61. Laura Beaubien Reply

    Is there a step-by-step tutorial on how to set up a Virtual Assistant (give them your Google Voice or purchase a new separate phone number, how to open and set up a shared docs software, required software to have, etc)

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      No Lauara and you can create your own using Your instructional video for VA tasks will be different than others depending on many personal factors such as resources, time, market and more, so a video from us will only frustrate since we are in a very different place. Make it happen.

      Jing is free by the way 🙂

      • James Balter Reply


        What do we do if and when a co-wholesaler wants to see a proof of funds before they send us their inventory?

  62. Yusuf Maxwell Reply

    I am trying out new software which will allow me to send multiple offers simultaneously to properties listed on the MLS.

    Does anyone here have any tips on exporting searches done on the MLS into Microsoft Excel?


  63. Brendalyn King Reply

    Hi All,

    I’m really excited starting on this new journey as a 10H wholesaler. But just to let you guys know, I’m also a commercial loan officer. If any of you are commercial brokers or have commercial deals, I would love to work with you, maybe even on two levels. We have a compensation chart, that we pay, I could email it to you. Also if anyone sends me commercial brokers referrals, that does a deal with me, you could also get paid a fee. Let me know. Can anyone tell me, does it make a difference if you don’t have your address on wholesaler business cards?

    • Justin Nash Reply

      Awesome great information know I just need to build my pipeline and find me some great deals. Have you guys ever done any deals in vernal Ut?

      • Justin Wilmot Reply

        Excellent Jason. No I haven’t but there are wholesalers who have and do…so reach out to them 🙂 Make it happen buddy

    • Lyn Dyson Reply

      send me your information on the commerical loans…

  64. Jamaal Mcdonald Reply

    do i send marketing fee agreement once or everytime

  65. Sharol Culverson Reply

    Hey Justin,
    There is a commercial property, a shopping center which needs a buyer. The wholesaler who is willing to JV or co-wholesale has provided the financials and other info on it. I have direct mailed some buyer/investors who are invest in multi-million dollar commercial properties.
    If one shows interest, I will contact the wholesaler. since this is different that SFR deal, should I get the contract assigned to me (which is scary, because of the millions involved) or can I use the same JV or marketing fee agreement to make sure I get paid. At what point do I get the wholesaler to sign the agreements?

  66. Barbara John Reply

    Hi, Justin

    Just finished module 2 for the second time. The info is so cut and dried, it will be hard to not succeed. I will be starting on the action steps included and will try to find a deal by end of week.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Ha love it and glad to hear your feedback Barbara. Make it happen!

  67. Samuel Smith Reply

    Hello Justin and fellow insiders!

    My name is Samuel Smith, and I am 13 years old. Ever since I was little, I have been a voracious reader. My parents are in the Tony Robbins world, and I have been to a UPW! It was amazing. I got to walk on fire! At the end of the seminar, I got my hands on Money: Master the Game. I went through it, and got my hands on Dean Graziosi’s stuff. That introduced me to wholesaling. Making money with none of your own? No risk? Count me in. Long story short, I went through all of Dean’s stuff, and learned about some of Preston Eli’s. This particular 10 Hour Wholesaler course has really impacted me, since it is a WHOLE lot easier than regular wholesaling. And, being 13, it gives me a lot more options.

    This has all been made possible by Restrictions may apply. They are my definition of “amazing”. They have been in real estate for over 25 years: in rental properties. When I was 10, I bought my first 1% of a rental property! I made $10 a month without having to work for it! That amazed me! In the present, they are teaching me the best ways to talk with sellers, and how to show up (there’s Tony for ya). I thank them for making this all possible.

    I am getting some major deals done RIGHT NOW in Shreveport, Louisiana. I am talking commercial property, and two different residential BLOCKS. I am going to make over 5 figures on this deal. FIRST ONE!!!

    I have a partner now who was a financial advisor for over 20 years, had 2 real estate firms, and made right at 7 figures a couple of times. He made a mistake a few years ago, and he had to pay his dues. He is now living in a Christian Discipleship. He wants to help me build up my life! And mentor me! You would not believe his reaction when he figured out that I was 13. It was hilarious. He makes me call him “Uncle Rob” now :-).

    I have somebody else who wholesales deals in 35 states, 4 countries, and 2 islands who is working with me. His reaction to my age was hilarious. I now have an “Uncle Elroy” ;-). (Hope my dad’s O.K. with new brothers???) He said that I can call him anytime, anyplace, and he will answer and of my questions. HE DOES JV DEALS! Hurray for me! (and him)

    I really love real estate. I was wondering if there was anyone who would like to partner up with me? My number is (903) 521-5234. Look forward to doing business with you all!

    P.S. If I am a minor, does that mean that I can’t sign contracts? I bet my parents would be able to help me with that. Does doing JV deals require me to sign any contracts? Also, what do you think that my income tax rate will be? Or will I have to pay it? Thanks so much.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Samuel I am BEYOND impressed in your entrepreneurial spirit at such a young age. You remind me much of myself. I would like to extend an offer for you and I to have a call so I can better help you.

      Reach out to my assistant Amelia at and copy me on your email

      Talk soon buddy!



      Hi Samuel I am just starting in this business and I would like a little help. I would like to do JV deals with you. Do you have a list of properties you’re trying to sell? I can find buyers for these properties. Please reply to this message Thanks

  68. Terrell Way Reply

    Hi Justin, I’ve listened to Mod 2 3x and I’m having a hard time finding a market to start in. The list I pulled up is a long one. How do I pick one?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Pick the closest major city to you Terrell that you are somewhat family with the neighborhood. You can wholesale in any market, some just have more activity than other, but that doesn’t mean they are better.

      • Brendalyn King Reply

        Hi Justin,

        I’ve loved every min of your course, talking me a min to finish between studying and work. I grew up in IL, which is where my instinct tells me to go. But I now live in Michigan City IN, and while there are some decent and really nice homes, there are a lot of really small old homes, which of these areas would you suggest I start working with. I’ve got to get busy as I don’t have a car but plan own having one that I can pay for cash before Xmas.


      • Stephanie Whitehead Reply

        Hey, Justin. I need to get my hands on, “Target Market Mastery.” Can you provide the link so that I and others can make the purchase, please. Thanks so much!

        • Justin Wilmot Reply

          You will have to reach out to Charity over at support for that on Stephanie. Thanks for being here and make it happen.

  69. Lerry Watson Reply

    I am having problems with the video for module 2. It will not play.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Lerry, it may have been the internet connection you were on. Try again and you should be good to go. We’ve tested the video on our end and it’s playing fine.

      – Patrick

  70. John Hernandez Reply

    it would be nice if you showed us how to do all this with apartments,

    • Samuel Smith Reply

      Individual apts? Or the entire apartment building?

      • Justin Wilmot Reply

        Entire apartment building..? not sure what you are asking

  71. Fred Richey jr Reply

    So once I have my buyer and seller in place. I just use the assignment contract and flip to buyer?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      You got it Fred!

      • Brendalyn King Reply

        Hi Justin,

        One think that I’m a little confused about is, how do we do double closing if were not there, are you saying it can close without us being there?

  72. Chanelle Brooks Reply

    Hi Justin and all…excuse me if this was asked earlier…question, is a double escrow the same as a double or simultaneous closing? Also, is money required to open escrow?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Hi Chanelle, yes it has but no problem. Yes its the same in most states where its legal(some states don’t do simultaneous closings) and yes it can be as little as $500 and can be your end buyers money in some cases 🙂 Meaning have the property sold before you even send your check in to escrow. Make it happen!

  73. Dwanell Warren Reply

    Quick question! I went back over module 2! U say its good to go after new cash buyers? What criteria do u put into the search when your using freedom soft to find the new buyers?

    I use fcbn! I find that if i do a search 3 to 6 properties it will at least give me info on ppl that owns thos amount of props, when i talked with alot of them were new buyers

  74. Darel Long Reply

    Dear Fellow 10H deal makers.


    I have four deals signed by the seller (he owns all 4) and a cash buyer.

    The net profits are huge but I need some cash
    prior to closing.

    Need: $6000.00 and willing to repay $6000.00 + $2000.00 after closing.

    We can confirm via a lawyer.

    Please reach out to me: and/or 540.206.9257

    • Glenn Kight Reply

      Have the buyer put the 6,000 in as escrow towards purchase or refundable SECURITY DEPOSIT .

    • Marilyn Pinto Reply


      Darel –

      Is this still OPEN? Do you still need the money?

      Terry Schell
      Houston, TX

    • LARRY BOYD Reply

      Can’t tell when you posted your note…..di you get the cash you needed? When is closing?

  75. John Bright Reply


    I did not see anything on this topic so please forgive me if I duplicate an issue. On the Cash Buyer Ninja Letter, should we or should we not use our letterhead? I know we are trying to make it personal but wasn’t sure. I have repeated video 2 at least 3 times. I decided it’s time to try some marketing so I placed craig’s list ads. I already had Freedomsoft so I am looking for cash buyers. I am ready to start moving forward.

    John Bright

  76. Nick Sandt Reply

    Hey Justin!

    Never mind my question: “Is there a good way to figure out if any buyers we’re targeting are already on one of our co-wholesaler’s list?”

    I figured it out. Just put the wholesalers’ info into the Clerk of the Circuit Court’s or similar website’s search bar to get all the players who bought from that wholesaler!


    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Awesome Nick!! Glad you were able to figure it out. Sounds like you have it.

      Make it Happen.

  77. Nick Sandt Reply

    In the Co-Wholesaler Excel List Template:

    “On Buyer List Auto Update? Y/N” . . . I might have an idea about what this means but I’m not sure. Could you please briefly explain?

    “Signed Agreements Y/N” . . . My only guess (and I know it’s wrong) is that I’m supposed to get them to sign an agreement allowing me to co-wholesale their properties to my buyers, is this correct?

    “Ok to Market Y/N” . . . If I this is a “no” that means I can’t co-wholesale their properties to my buyers, making my relationship with them futile, correct?

    Thanks in advance.


    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Hey Nick. Great question.

      1) Is the buyer in your Autoresponder in yes or no
      2) Has the lead signed a Assignment contract/agreement
      3) Are they ok with you buying and selling your purchasing rights to your end buyer

      Make it happen

  78. Nick Sandt Reply

    Hey Justin.

    I know you mentioned that we want to focus on retail newbie-buyers more than the fix-&-flip investors. But say you do get a few of those on your buyers list . . .

    Is there a good way to figure out if any buyers we’re targeting are already on one of our co-wholesaler’s list?

    Because that would confuse and maybe devalue our service in that buyer’s eyes who gets the same deal, emailed from two different wholesalers, right?


    P.S. Excellent course, by the way!

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Thanks Nick and yes. Its safe to assume that any of the seasoned fix and flip guys in any target marker are already on the buyers list of the top wholesalers (whatever level they may be on)

      Avoid them all together and add value to the investors who are fighting over the same old deals on the MLS 🙂

  79. Charlotte Beatty Reply

    Hi Justin. Thank you for the trial. I think it is all just too over my head. I will be requesting a refund.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      No problem Charlotte. Good luck in your endeavors .

    • Frank Baker Reply

      Hi Guys,

      i am curious about one of the Craigslist ads you suggest we run. The ad that says “Handyman Special 3/2 for X. Must sell.” My question is why do we insert the x in this ad instead of an amount?


      Frank Baker

      • John Bright Reply

        I think he is using this as an example. You would insert a dollar value. This is kind of like Algebra in high school. The X represents a number.

  80. Sharol Culverson Reply

    Hey Justin, I have an investor/RE agent who send s me properties.
    Can 10HW be done with an agent/wholesaler?
    I would like to move on a property he sent me. In some ways I thinks it would be a plus, but not certain how to proceed. I know he has to disclose.

  81. Howard Freeman Reply

    What do I need to send an offer to my REO agent and how can I get out of the contract, if I can’t find a buyer? And do I offer this REO agent 12 % or under for the price and how do I know if to discount the offer more than the 12 % you talk about? don’ want to be hooked for property when can’t pay for it/

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Thats all in mod 1 Howrdard. Exit is: “contingent upon partners approval” and your inspection period.

  82. Emmanuel Falaye Reply

    Hi Justin,
    My question is I came across some REOs and I wanted to take advantage of them but I ‘m not sure if I have to submit an offer to get assignment on the property while I market it. I think you said I cannot do this with bank owned properties. If so, what can I do in this case?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Stay away from REO’s right now Emmanuel unless you are doing 90 days or older on the market. Your best to do direct mail so you are direct to seller.

  83. Ruben Fleurantin Reply

    Ruben Fleurantin

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Hi ?

  84. Kathleen Elliott Reply

    Justin Love 10 hour wholesaling got 3 people I am teaching wholesaling already got 5 wholesalers and attending reia local tradeshow on september 26th got to make it happen. I am a computer programmer an d consultant an d had real estate license am writing some software to automate everything. would like you to look at it when it is done. It is open source and will work on any os. I would like to be an affiliate for your program it is great and I am recommending it already. Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks for the course! will send you money. Also, can you send me the info on how to get the 3 bonuses promised? Thanks.

    • Joe Carter Reply


      how can I help you? Did you ever bring your software to market?

      All the best ,

      Joe Carter

  85. Sylvia Leahy Reply

    ok. Just finished Module 2 and am confused as ever. I know Repeat, Repeat. Hoping to get this together shortly.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      You got it…repeat repeat….and repeat again until its ingrained. 🙂 Ask us for help while you implement.

    • Lynette Dunn Reply

      Sylvia, for myself I found I needed to write it all down as I went. It helps to clear the confusion.

  86. Steven Shelton Reply

    My advice is assume that you will not get your refund from Freedomsoft if you cancel in 30 days. They talk about how “just cancel in 30 days and you get all your money back”, but I canceled, asked for my money back, and they kept billing me for three months, and I still have not received a refund. Every time I ask, they send the exact same response saying they don’t have my email in the system. When I send them the copy of the email that was sent to me when I signed up, they say they found it, but have NO RECORD OF ME ASKING FOR A REFUND. After sending them the copy of the email, where I asked them for the refund within the time allowed, they go silent and won’t respond to me. When I send them a new email, it starts all over exactly the same way. I wasn’t ready for the software in my business yet. I probably would have been back by now, but I don’t think I’d ever work with such an unscrupulous company. AND NO deals won’t just show up in your office within the first 30 days.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Never heard of anyone having a similar problem with freedomsoft Steven.

    • Michele Brown Reply


      Give it time and be patient. The results you want will come!

      God Bless,


    • Glenn Gammons Reply

      i had freedomsoft and you were given access to all the materials if you had purchase a more expensive membership. this they never told you and when you bought it they asked for money to get full access. when i asked for a refund they actually gave me 2 months free. then after that they just stopped charging me.

      • Justin Wilmot Reply

        Ok Glenn not sure if you are asking about freedomsoft but hope you like it. We use the HECH out of the cash buyer data scrapping. Make it happen

  87. Danny Small Reply


    I just connected with a guy who works for a Venture Capital fund, selling volumes of distressed properties locally. But he says he can’t (won’t?) do double assignments.

    He’s suggesting I cut deals with my most trusted buyers to get paid directly by them, outside the transactions, for any properties I bring them through Mr. Venture Capital. He says he’s working with another co-wholesaler who gets paid $100/$1000 from the buyers he brings.

    He’s also requiring me to send the buyers directly to meet with him once in person before I can forward them his inventory. He assures me he won’t cut me out.

    Is this workable for me, or should I just not bother? If it IS workable, what suggestions/advice do you have for me?



  88. Channing Hobson Reply


    I have a question about the bandit signs. Is the resource responsible for purchasing the sign materials and we reimburse them? Or do we need to ship pre-made signs to them? How does that work?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Good question. Its 100% up to you but we buy the blank signs and have them delivered to the persons address where they write them up and put them up.

      • Channing Hobson Reply


        Who is you source for the blank signs? I have been to OfficeMax and Staple and these signs can run about $4-6 a piece which can get really expensive if you want to place 100 signs. Especially with a small budget. Any insight, suggestions?


        • Samuel Smith Reply

          A great place to get them is Yellow plastic corrugated signs.

          • Patrick Riddle

            Thanks for the suggestion Samuel! Appreciate you joining the conversation here and being part of our tribe.

            – Patrick

  89. Channing Hobson Reply

    Just gone through Module 2. I’m a little(a lot) overwhelmed at all the information, especially step 2, Building the pipeline. So many approaches.

    Going to have to take a few passes through this to make it all stick. But I want to get started!!

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      No problem Channing and you already know the fix for that feeling…repetition. If you are completely new to this business, thats 100% fine, The more you go over these training the more comfortable and confident you feel. In the end nothing substitute real work implantation, so take action on these steps no matter what and reach out for support along your way.

      Make it happen.

  90. Yusuf Maxwell Reply

    Not sure if this question has been answered or not:

    What do you do about cash buyers who do not want to leave an email? My primary means of communicating with cash buyers is via email. It would be impractical, to say the least, to try to call dozens of buyers every time I have a property in which they might be interested. My cash buyer list consists of hundreds of people and is growing every week.

    Why would I “waste” valuable time making individual phone calls or sending text messages to people who are unwilling or unable to provide me an email address, when I can just send an email blast and instantly reach hundreds of cash buyers who have provided me their email address?

    Just a thought…

    • Dwanell Warren Reply

      Hey there..u see that’s what you really don’t won’t to have to do is email blast..what u would want to do is when u get a property know which buyer will buy it before you get the property. A lot less headache.

      Outsource the task that when u get a property for one of your buyers have your va call them up.

  91. Darel Long Reply


    I closed on my second my third will be next Tuesday

  92. Lucy Godinez Reply

    I’ve followed the modules and I’m getting in contact with great sellers and wholesalers, but not on the buyers side. I’m in IL, but have a seller that has a property in Cincinnati, OH (3 flat currently rented for $1750/month, no repairs needed for $69,900 cash only). I would need proof of funds to get the exact address, but I am willing to work with anyone interested on this deal.

    • Darel Long Reply


      I can help.

      It will take me about 10 days to come up with the cash but I have 8 sources of cash.

      email me:

      The deal needs to make since and I need to make
      no less then $10K at closing on my side

  93. Danny Small Reply


    I just connected with a guy who works for a Venture Capital fund, selling volumes of distressed properties locally. But he says he can’t (won’t?) do double assignments, and he won’t put me on his buyer’s list.

    He’s suggesting I cut deals with my most trusted buyers to get paid directly by them, outside the transactions, for any properties I bring them through Mr. Venture Capital. He’s also requiring me to send the buyers directly to meet with him in person to look at his inventory.

    Is this workable for me, or should I just not bother? If it IS workable, what suggestions/advice do you have for me?



  94. Danny Small Reply


    Got a lead on a row house in Philly:

    3 bed/1 bath
    1500 SF
    1-car garage
    gutted, ready for rehab
    Asking price: $14K
    Est. repairs: $35K
    Taxes owed: $9.5K
    ARV (per FreedomSoft): $81,700




  95. Rehofus Norris Reply

    I have the concept. Going over this a second time.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Excellent Rehofus! Repletion is a key to success without question. Follow it up with taking action one step at a time.

  96. Yusuf Maxwell Reply

    Maybe I missed it, but is there a specific template or script used when sending emails to cash buyers advertising the properties of other co-wholesalers?

  97. Olufemi Williams Reply

    Hi Justin,
    As a co- wholesaler, when do you use the following contracts? 1. marketing agreement, 2. Assignment of contract, 3. Buyer side assignment agreement.
    Also if I have the marketing agreement do I still need 2 and 3? I am a little confused.

  98. Darel Long Reply

    Hi Justin,

    I sent a private email earlier today sharing
    my progress,

    In addition to my email I wanted to share with
    you about my local REI.

    I arrived for the first time earlier tonight.

    The group had about 60-65 attendees,

    New visitors were asked to introduce themselves
    I mentioned the name of my L.L.C, and told them I would be there local trusted wholesaler resource and the group leader mentioned who thankful many could benefit from my efforts.

    I received 21 business cards, 5 members provided there wish list of properties to purchase and 3 told me upfront the amount of cash they had to spend on properties.

    I decided to be bold and told the group I would work
    the first deal with a flat fee paid up front and two of them said “Ok! One asked for there own lawyer to draw up the agreement and they would pay $5K flat fee. I told them it as a one time deal, I need MONEY so it was a quick way to obtain.

    Lastly, I have a growing number of deals in my primary area and moving ahead.

    Short term if other members need help dealing with there area. Pay me and I’ll get it going for you!

  99. Yusuf Maxwell Reply

    What do you say to cash buyers who want respond to phantom houses advertised on bandit signs? They called specifically for a property that (in many cases) does not even exist. Often times cash buyers will feel that they have been mislead or have had their time wasted by such tactics.

    Just wondering…

  100. Yusuf Maxwell Reply

    Are there any tasks that you would never outsource to your virtual assistant?

  101. Yusuf Maxwell Reply

    Does anyone here have any experience with PatLive? Specifically with forwarding calls from a google voice number to PatLive to handle cash buyer questions?

  102. Yusuf Maxwell Reply

    I seriously need help in dealing with inquiries from cash buyers. My virtual assistant is not yet skilled enough to build appropriate rapport with them. I simply don’t have the time myself to properly handle the amount of cash buyer leads coming in.

    Any suggestions?

    • Darel Long Reply


      I have an extensive background in banking, mortgage products, etc. Wholesale is the opposite of the type of pipeline I was use to.

      I need to help you pull things together for a fee.

      I’m working my market but have some tome to help if you need my help.

      I understand this program and doing it.

      In truth all you need to do is work and study the course.

      iF you lack the time and your support staff can’t help then pay me and I’ll help you get things going.

    • Dwanell Warren Reply

      Hey there…I use to use patlive..they were a little expensive and they didn’t communicate with my buyers..the way I wanted. I will be willing to answer these calls on your company behalf..

      U send out the marketing..I will provide you with

      Buyers name email, what type of property they bought in the past, what type of property they looking to buy now, how much there willing to spend on the property.

      If they are rehabbing or renting, there phone number, when they can close, and something about there personal lives..

      Pat live will not provide that! If interested email me at I will provide this to you hoping we can do some deals in the future

  103. Yusuf Maxwell Reply

    One bandit sign campaign. 100 signs. 70+ voicemails and text messages within 36 hours…

  104. Yusuf Maxwell Reply

    So, I can connect my retail, off-line cash buyers from bandit signs and newspaper ads with the inventory and properties from my online wholesalers in my market, right?

    I upload the contact information from my off-line buyers into and then send an email blast to them advertising the inventory and properties of the online wholesalers. From there, I just mediate the minor details between the buyers and wholesalers to get paid when it goes to closing, right?

    And conversely, I can connect my on-line cash buyers from social media with any off-line properties that I come across through bandit signs and newspaper ads. I just send an email blast to my online buyers. Once again, I just mediate the minor details between the buyer and wholesaler o get paid when it goes to closing, right?

    Please let me know if I am missing anything here!!!

  105. Lynda Jackson Reply

    Just finished with Round 1 of Module 2. Trying to implement the steps and get started. I just have one looming question to start with. How do I get over this nagging fear that has be by the tail? I am super confident that I am capable, but have had a number of negative vibes in the past which has stymied my growth and success. I am a very educated woman and easily understand what has been set out.


    • Brendalyn King Reply

      Thanks Lynda, and here I just thought it was me. Even with my 4.0 GPA, that same negative vibe has stunted my growth and success, in the past, which is why I’m so determined to make this work. How bout, we make a pack to kick all those negative vibes to the curb once and for all. Send a shout out if you need to.

      P.S I’m also a commercial loan officer if you or any of you guys need my help. Raining money.

      Talk soon,
      Brendalyn King

      • George Hand Reply

        Thanks Brendalyn, I have been studying real estate for some time now and found my problem to be is Raining Money. I have found the best way to fine great properties, just need a little money to make some life changing money for me and my family. So call we talk soon. (321.947.4915) or email me

        Need help,
        George Hand

        • Patrick Riddle Reply

          Hey George, I love that you’re using the comment area here to network and meet other 10HWs. Keep up the good work. You can do this.

          – Patrick

  106. Yusuf Maxwell Reply

    wow. bandit signs really work! i had someone put out 100 signs for me in market last night. I have over 50 calls at this point and the day is not even over yet. My VA and I can barely keep up. A good problem to have, so I am not complaining.

  107. Yusuf Maxwell Reply

    how does operating in a non-disclosure state affect our business, if at all?

  108. Paul Douglas Reply

    Hello Justin,
    I have a great understanding on how everything works from both MODS 1&2, except for the double closing step. Once the wholesaler assigns the contract to me, do I actually purchase the property momentarily and then flip the contract over to one of my cash buyers?

    Question #2 Would I be able to use the proof of funds resource if I have no cash liquidity or a very limited budget?

    (P.S) The proof of funds resource link is temporally down, are there any more (POF) resources that you suggest we could use?


    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Awesome Paul and great question. the Answer is very simple

      1) Your only job/concern is to get the contract signed. Your wholesale title attorney/office will advise and take care of the rest!

      2) Absolutely!

      make it happen

  109. Paul Douglas Reply

    Hello Justin,
    I have a great understanding on how everything works from both MODS 1&2, except for the double closing step. Once the wholesaler assigns the contract over to me, do I actually purchase the property momentarily and flip the contract to one of my cash buyers?

    Question #2: Would I be able to use the proof of funds resource with no liquidty or a very limited budget?

    (P.S) The proof of funds resources link is temporally down, are there any more (POF) resources that you suggest we could use?


    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Excellent Paul and great questions!

      1) Just focus on getting the two Assignment contracts signed and send them in to your wholesale established closing attorney /company. THEY will do the closing and let you know what they need from there.

      2) Absolutely 🙂

      Yes here you go buddy:

  110. Darel Long Reply

    Hi Justin,

    A little update:

    I partnered with a few wholesalers in Roanoke, Va.
    I now have 6 wholesale deals 3 properties are direct deals with a bank in Mt. Airy, NC the two
    were direct offers to craiglist posts and the 6th was a for sale by homeowner add… All have been on and off the market several times…. All great deals.

    I’ll earn $7,500 from the first deal next week.

    Building both buyer leads and seller leads.

    I hired my first Operations Manager who will work
    my market here at home and I’m moving toward joining a bunch of meet up groups for investors, etc
    in and around my area.

    My goal:

    5 markets in the next 3 weeks
    75 deals in my pipeline closing 8-!2% each of my deals each week.

    • Micheal Hicks Reply

      Meeting alot of nay sayers on double assignments or guys just flat out refusing to work with other wholesalers suggestions?? Note newbie wholesalers are more receptive but there inventory is well usually not good the savvy wholesalers I’ve ran into very few of them want to do business this way .

  111. Marcus Wolfe Reply

    Generally the preferred method is the double close, correct. In this case can’t we make money on both sides of the transaction. We JV with the wholesaler and split HIS wholesale fee, then if their is still some margin can’t we market and sell to our buyers for another mark-up? The original wholesaler will not know, correct? I mean they can always follow-up and see what they final sales price was since our sale will be the last transaction (and I know many DO) but in reality we can make from both sides correct? Is there anything that says we need to share this second side fee with the original wholesaler? SHould we to be good players in the business. Am I getting too greedy?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Hey Marcus do the Double Assignment method and we profit from just the sale side.

      We get the property assigned to us for a lower price than asking, we then Assign that agreement to our end cash buyer for a higher price. Simplify my friend. Make it happen.

  112. Marcus Wolfe Reply

    When we find wholesalers we get put on their list. correct? But because they understand we will JV the property aren’t we sort of like their last resort since they’ll have to split the profits with us? So we’ll get the properties that they can’t offload to their buyer’s list first?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Thats correct Marcus, the goal is get on their buyers list.

      No thats not correct, your job is for what we outline in the training…your TARGET cash buyer. Who are they? Retail cash buyers. Why? Because they are paying close to retail today! Will that help you and the selling wholesaler?? You bet!!!

      Stop doubting a proven system. Its to late for that. Just take the steps and start making money. No excuses. Make it happen buddy.

  113. Joe Garcia Reply

    Justin, I had a couple of questions. First, you mentioned that we could bring a deal to you and you could submit it to your buyer’s list. I didn’t see anything about it in the training.

    Second, I have a full time day job, and I’m wondering if I can do this part time evenings and weekends, since I can’t really break away during the day. I was mainly wondering about communications with buyers and wholesalers during business hours.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Just submit your deal here Joe. What do you have and Where?

      Yes, and I would suggest outsourcing your calls to a VA or recruiting a OM from day one so the calls are being made while you are at work.


        Hi Justin I live in Akron, Ohio and I have some properties I would like for you to look at. I am trying to get them under contract now. How would I submit these to you and you submit to your buyers list?

        • Justin Wilmot Reply

          Nice work Barbara. I will have my support staff reach out to you.

  114. Susan Bridges Reply


    One of my co-wholesalers just brought a “deal” to me I’d like your input. Here are the details:

    Sale Price = $350K
    2 BR/1BA under 1000 square feet.
    Can easily add another BA, garage or build 2nd floor.
    Repairs: Mostly cosmetic…paint, cabinets, fixtures. Windows, Roof and HVAC are good.
    Has a nice corner lot. Could even demo and build.
    Really, really hot area in my market. Everyone wants to live there.
    Doesn’t have pics. Says I or my cash buyers could go there.
    Says he and his partner have it tied up.
    When I asked him about profit split he says “it depends.” He claims he has several builders already interested.
    When I look at Freedomsoft the estimate is $221,118.
    Zillow shows it sold on 7/6/2015 for $210K.

    So far the highest cash buyer I have is up to $300K. Not really sure it’s (1) a good deal and (2) I should put it out there to my cash buyers since it’s over their budget.



  115. Susan Bridges Reply

    Justin, Do you or someone in the group have a nice professional looking email template to share we can use to send out “New Deals” to our Cash Buyers via our automated emails?


  116. RICKEY E MOORE SR Reply


    Thanks for the call, I’m new at this but under stand the jogging. I just finished the to modules and am going to go over them again until I get all of it.
    Thanks again again, If I have any problem or questions I’ll surely call or email first. I’m going to try my first project soon as, well, I get it well enough.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      No problem ricky. make it happen!

  117. Pierre Hall Reply

    When employing people do I give them the signs to post? what other expenses do I pay the people?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Use a W9 Peirre and hire subcontractors.

  118. John Randall Reply

    Justin I’m calling the courthouse and property appraisal’s office to outsource to my VA to attain more Motivated Sellers (with separate mailing addresses) but they’re saying I can’t search for sellers without a name or address. How would you recommend searching without a name or address?

    Thanks in advance

  119. Rhonda Mueller Reply

    I have a cash buyer looking for property in Chicagoland western suburbs. I do not have what he is looking for anyone interested in co-wholesaling? “Looking for a single family home 3 beds minimum in Carol Stream, Winfield, Wheaton , Glen Ellyn, Lombard under $160K
    If it only needs minor repairs we are ok with that.
    We would also consider a fixer upper that needs major repairs as long as it’s reflected in the pricing and located in the same cities.

  120. Rhonda Mueller Reply

    I have a cash buyer looking for a deal in the Chicagoland western suburbs. I do not have anything that will work. This is what the customer is looking for “

  121. Rhonda Mueller Reply

    I have a solid cash buyer in the Chicagoland western suburbs, needs the following. “Looking for a single family home 3 beds minimum in Carol Stream, Winfield, Wheaton , Glen Ellyn, Lombard under $160K
    If it only needs minor repairs we are ok with that.
    We would also consider a fixer upper that needs major repairs as long as it’s reflected in the pricing and located in the same cities.

    Anybody have a deal they want to co-wholesale?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Way to star taking massive immediate action Rhonda! Any fellow Chicago members please connect with Rhonda here!

    • Lucy Godinez Reply

      Rhonda, I’m in the Aurora/Naperville area and might have a lead if you are still looking. Feel free to reach out to me at

  122. Larry Legania Reply

    Hi Justin:
    I’ve read your comment to the question about using the marketing agreement vs. the assignment contract.
    The problem that I have is that wholesalers don’t want to engage in a double assignment.
    Can I still use the marketing agreement as a means of being compensated for bringing the end buyer to the table? Can the marketing agreement be placed on the HUD?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      I appreciate your comment Larry…but are you incorrect.Very. You haven’t spoke to enough wholesalers or presented the double Assignment to them clearly enough. That may be my fault if I didn’t explain it clearly enough…but what wholesaler in there right mind wouldn’t Assign you a contract for an agreed upon price?

      Use the “10 Hw Buy side Assignment” with any deal you are negotiating with a wholesaler.

      In addition, its ALWAYS best to just ask the local title attorney that other wholesaler are working with in that market what they are custom to using.

      When we move into a market, we always find THE Title attorney that other wholesalers are using, the let them know what we are doing and ask them what they suggest use for contracts that fit the state regulations. The double Assignment works nationally, but it is not common so there is a learning curve . make it happen

  123. Rick Farmer Reply

    I’m a little confused. Step1. I sign an assignement contract with a co-wholesaler
    Step 2. then I sign another assignment agreement from me to the cash buyer.
    Step 3. Deliver both agreements to escrow company( I live in California).

    Where/When does the Marketing Agreement come into play?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      You got it right Rick. Forget the marketing Agreement. Just the Assignment contracts. Use the “10 HW Buy side Assignment” in your resources section to buy from the wholesaler and the standard Assignment contract to sell to your end buyer.

  124. June Rosenberry Reply

    Justin, please let me know if this is correct for the “Agreement to Assign Contract for Sale and Purchase”
    —– Subject property__, Legal Description __,
    This agreement is made between Ron Wholesaler (ASSIGNOR) and June Co-wholesaler (ASSIGNEE) regarding purchase of the above referenced SUBJECT PROPERTY. Whereas Ron Wholesaler (BUYER) has entered into a Purchase and Sales Agreement with June Co-wholesaler (SELLER) for the purchase of SUBJECT PROPERTY, and wherease BUYER wishes to assign its rights, interests and obligations in the Purchase and Sales Agreement, it is hereby agreed between ASSIGNOR AND ASSIGNEE as follows:
    —–Justin, if this is not correct please let me know what it should be. Thanks.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Hi June, Small correction. Here you go..

      Wholesaler (BUYER) has entered into a Purchase and Sales Agreement with “SELLER ON TITLE” (SELLER) for the purchase of SUBJECT PROPERTY, and wherease BUYER wishes to assign its rights, interests and obligations in the Purchase and Sales Agreement to “June the Co Wholesaler”.

      Here is a video explaining the contract more:

      Make it happen!

    • Ron Rath Reply


      Do you think I should have my Buyers sign a NCND? I ask because they ask for the address off of my ghost ad on CL. I told them that I already have a buyer and a back up for that property already but I will have another property in the area soon. I also let them know that they can get on my VIP Buyers list to see properties before I put them on CL but they will need to fill out my VIP form. For those that asked for the address I told them that I don’t give out addresses to any of my properties until they sign my NCND. I don’t know if you do this but I wanted to get your input.
      Thanks in advance!

      • Ron Rath Reply


        You already answered my question with John Randall.


  125. John Randall Reply

    Justin, When sending my cash buyer a list of properties do I send the list with the address/city/state or just with the city/state? My reason for asking is so I’m not cut from the deal by the cash buyer going directly to the seller before I place it under contract.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Good question John and we send everything in most cases. Don’t worry about getting cut out. You are direct with your buyer so they can only contact you when they want details on the property.

      Make it happen!

      • Ron Rath Reply

        Hey Justin, I’m curious should I do some checking myself on the deals brought to me by co-wholesalers before I send it to my buyers. I here that there are a lot of wholesalers out there that use comps off of zillow. From what I understand is Zillow is inaccurate.

        • Justin Wilmot Reply

          Great question Ron and the answer is it truly depends on your volume. In the begging, I due recommend that you send only properties that your cash buyers said they want. If one group of buyers want flips, don’t send rentals. Eventually it just won’t make a difference due to the volume and list size.

          We actually do very little checking. We send out what we have to our entire cash buyers list a few times a week and simply wait for a response. When we get interest, then we start the negotiations with the selling wholesaler.

          Actually thats a common myth about Zillow. What you heard, and is unreliable, is the “Zestimate” which is there average of the nearby comps. The actual comps that it provides are scrapped from public records and will be the exact same numbers you see anywhere, including the MLS. With that said, Zillow is

          Great questions buddy.

          Make it happen

      • Ron Rath Reply

        Where do you suggest I get a NCND?

        • Justin Wilmot Reply

 or a virtual attorney on Each source will allow you to create a custom form for your County, State and unique agreement with your JV partners

          Make it happen

  126. Fiore Belmonte Reply

    Finished Mod 1 & 2 a couple times. How do I get to
    the other Mods. 3-4-5 ? Called and emailed a couple of times but no response.
    Thanks the info is great so far.

  127. Natosha McKinnon Reply

    Hi Justin,

    I tried to read through a good portion of the comments so I apologize if this was already addressed.

    I realize that the goal is to create a relationship with your co-wholesaler, but as we forge on our first transaction I do have one area of concern.

    I currently am a wholesaler and I have quite a few buyers. I would say about 50% of my buyers want to go and view the property prior to taking the deal. When this is requested, how do you get around not introducing the main wholesaler to your buyer as you won’t have it assigned to yourself yet?

    Also, how would you work around this issue if you are out of state?

    Thank you in advance!


    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Great question Natosha and yeas I have answered it a few times but I understand there is a lot to go through 🙂

      Its been pretty simple really,in many cases we don’t have them meet, we just get the lockbox code if it’s vacant and pass that along to our buyer. If its occupied, than we coordinate a time the current owner of title will allow our “funding partner” to do an inspection.

      Great question.

      Make it happen!

  128. Rene Martinez Reply

    Awesome stuff!

    Just one question before going ALL-IN, I live in Dallas, TX and I heard you on Joe Mccall’s podcast saying you wouldn’t want to deploy this strategy in a super competitive market like Dallas, so would you recommend a smaller market that is less competitive but still “hot” to apply this technique?

    I lied. I more question, have you used to pull a list of cash buyers and if so what is the criteria you used to pull that list?

    Thanks for the support!

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Thanks Rene! Great question.

      Glad you listened that podcast interview. Yes most markets that have a local REIA in them are all valid markets. Its just that the very hot markets that have little inventory for investor, where supply is much lower than the intense demand, your fellow wholesalers will be a hard sell on working with you in some cases since they won’t have a problem selling direct to their own buyers list or posting on Craigslist.

      With that said I have students who are doing VERY well (one is doing 6 deals a WEEK in Tampa) in very saturated markets like Dallas, Houston, Phoenix and Tampa…so its really relative to your ability to build relationships with wholesalers in those markets to show you value in why they should work with you. The answer is that you have buyers who can pay close to retail, aiming to get full price or better for their properties.

      Make it happen

      • Larry Niskey Reply

        Hi Justin, You stated “The answer is that you have buyers who can pay close to retail, aiming to get full price or better for their properties”.

        Most all the properties offered by wholesalers in this area are “ugly houses and junkers”. The most that cash buyers will offer in this area is 65% of ARV. So are you suggesting that we fix up the house a little so that we can get closer to retail value from the buyer?

  129. Joyce Torres Reply

    Hi Justin,

    I was wondering, if when I get a buyer who is interested in one of the properties that my wholesaler has, do I have to get an assignment contract with my wholesaler before marketing that property to my buyer?

    Also what does the marketing agreement do?

    Thanks so much, I’m so excited!

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Good question Joyce and that really depends on your state, but in most cases no. To do the deal, you need the signed Assignment contract, but not to market the sales contract…which is what you are really doing as you wholesalers just has a purchasing rights.

      Just use the Assignment contracts.

      So glad you are pumped to make this happen!

  130. Juanita Green Reply

    Hi Justin, when sending out the letter to the owner of an absentee home is it a must to include a return address on the envelope? We are currently working from home since we are starting from the bottom up, and don’t feel comfortable putting our home address when sending out letters to people we don’t know. Before we became involved with your 10 Hour Wholesaling we previously sent out letters to absentee home owners, 6 to be exact , and have yet to hear back from any of them. The letters included a business phone number that we bought from Walmart, my partner (my daughter) and I names, as well as the name of our business “C&J Home Investors”.
    Here is a sample of our letter:

    June 05, 2015
    Regarding the property at the address below:
    1234 XXXXXXXX Dr..
    Dallas, TX, XXXXX

    “Dear Homeowner,
    We noticed your property has been vacant for some time now, and based on the condition of the house, it will take extensive costly repairs to get the home back on the market. We are interested in helping you get the home off your hand as well as put money back in your pocket.
    We promise complete honesty and integrity in everything we do, while providing you with the highest level of service possible. We are a company that is committed to always placing the homeowner first.

    Please contact us at 214.971.3428 and we will be happy to assist you.”

    We typed one letter and just changed the name and address to customize to whom we were trying to get in contact with. Do you think its because there was no return address as to why we have not heard from anyone?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Your body content is fine Juanita. You just have to keep sending to test the best results. In our market, we get better results with a return address. Always.

    • Steven Shelton Reply

      I am a full time investor doing flips mostly. You can get a mailbox at a UPS store for $15/month for a return address. I’d also say you need to send A LOT more than six letters to get one deal.

      Good luck!

  131. Zuleika Pernia Reply

    Hi Justin,

    I just made contact via phone with my first co-wholesaler/wholesaler connection!! They are nationwide and direct sellers of their deals.

    They’ve added me to their buyers list. Yippee!

    What gave me the confidence to finally start connecting with wholesalers- is I have a CASH BUYER who can close in 7 days!! He’s the real deal! Now I just need to find him a property that fits his criteria!

    Btw, can you please explain what a “JV OPTION” is?? Thanks.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Awesome Zuleika!!! Love you are taking immediate action. Tap in to those results and keep that ball rolling 🙂

      That is a AWESOME lead/connect. treat it like gold. Just keep in touch weekly with them by doing whatever you can do to add major value to them even if you don’t currently have buyer for one of the deals.

      “JV” stand for Joint Venture and a “Option” Is an Option Agreement, which is an Option to buy a property in the near future for a certain price. Here is a video for you for more details on these:

  132. Matthew Hiltner Reply


    One more question.

    On the assignment with the wholesaler I take it that the (Seller) is the original seller and the (Buyer) is the wholesaler.

    However on the assignment with the cash buyer is the (SELLER) still the original seller and the (BUYER) the wholesaler?

    Thanks Again.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Hi Matthew. Glad you asked. No, actually the “seller” is the wholesaler Who has the executed Purchase Contract with the seller of title and YOU are the buyer. Use the 10HW BUYER Assignment contract in the resources section for your “buy” side as it is an Assignable Assignment Agreement.

      You then Assign THAT contract to YOUR buyer for a Assignment fee. Just use the standard Wholesale Agreement for that. All 3 contracts get signed and sent in to your title attorney/company. You can also just use the title co that the selling wholesaler typically uses (if they are seasoned )

      I always recommend speaking with your local Wholesale attorney to let him know your intentions in a deal and have him provide you the contracts they use.

      Make it happen

  133. Matthew Hiltner Reply


    Thanks for this extremely valuable information. I just want to run through a scenario and see if I am correct.

    Wholesale has it under contract for: $100,000
    He assigns it to me for: $5,000
    I assign it to my buyer for: $10,000
    Final Purchase Price is: $110,000

    I pocket: $5,000 ($10,000 minus $5,000 assignment fee to wholesaler)
    Wholesaler pockets: $5,000


    1. Is this correct?
    2. If the wholesaler has already set up escrow I should only have to send in the 2 assignment contracts, correct?
    3. Would you ever recommend instead of assigning it to the Cash Buyer using a “Sell Side Purchase Agreement” and doing a double close?


    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      It can be done that way Matthew, but here is how we do and teach.

      If wholesaler is ASKING 100K he assigns the property to us for say $90,000. We now control that contract for 90K. We then Assign that property to our buyer for 100K. We make the 10K in the middle. All contracts get turned in to your closing company/attorney.

      In the end, 10HW is THE framework for doing deals with other wholesalers. You should consult with you target markets title co or attorney to see the way they typically do these types of deals so you can stay stay compliant with your state/market.

      The important thing to remember is just get the contracts signed to create a spread, then work with your attorney to get you T’s will learn you markets preferred way in doing it this way. Some use option contact, some use purchase and sales, assignments etc. Use our double Assignment method FIRST and then them in. Go from there. You title co will guide you through the process.

      Make it happen

  134. Dennis Sims Reply

    Hello Justin: Just finished module 2 and was wondering if i need to have an LLC before implementing the principles, per your comments in the quick start module. For i have set an immediate goal for myself in this business of earning $5,000.00 within the next 72 hours, which is a desperate financial need at this time. Is it reasonable for me to set such a goal at this point?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      great question Dennis. I would always recommend to have an LLC . With that said, you don’t need to wait. Just start putting value into the marketplace by building your pipelines and getting a deal in contract. You can still be principle in a deal in your own name. Always. Its just not the ideal way. Work on getting an LLC later. Make it happen buddy!

      Also, your goal is VERY achievable. It just depends on how much and hard you are willing to work for it. You got this!

  135. Darel Long Reply

    Success: Go, ready, set

    it’s not Ready, Set, Go.

    I was once an AL Williams Rep when I was 18 years old. Beginning this program inspired me to google
    Youtube: Art Williams, Just Do It.

    You may like Art’s message.

    I wanted to share what has happened in the last two days,

    My market doesn’t have large cities but rather spread out counties which total a large population.

    There are no major wholesalers (Good for me)
    with exception of Roanoke, Va.

    I decided to modify my first market and become the
    go-to-guy and create a hybrid 10H virtual niche and and a at home office.

    What happened thus far:

    I introduced myself to 3 local banks… Neither has more then 20 branches, But they each have no less then 17 properties in foreclosure.

    The small banks are open to creative ways to sell.

    I asked each bank to give me the opportunity to wholesale and become the primary on the contract,
    Ech bank said no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I then asked if they would give me 60 days to market and sell if it would decrease the turnaround
    adn they said yes,

    I have a paper contract on two properties in Mr, Airy, NC and I have a buyer for one property in less
    then one day.

    The buyer is from a local small landlord which has 47 properties,

    When I dropped by the bank contact and told them
    I have a contract they said if it closes they will give me 5 more deals…

    Get this: The said they would contract at 50% of value and I have already seen the properties
    online. They are all starter family homes.

    I meet 2 wholesalers from my area one in the morning at Starbucks and the other this Saturday
    at a Journey Tribute band concert.

    I decided to choose the New River Valley Area or NRV because I’m from the area and understand
    the area.

    In the last two days I now have 7 cash buyers.

    Since the deals I’m getting aren’t shared with other
    wholesalers my profits will be higher.

    The buyer can close in less then two weeks and I have already found a great lawyer for the closing.

    I expect to net $6200.00

    I’m going to work this market but also move to a
    strict virtual market toward Virginia Beach, namely Newport News, Va.

    Justin, I see this working!


    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Holly yes Darel!!! You rock my man. Please update us with that deal buddy we would love to hear about it.

      You are a PRIME example of a MASSIVE action taker. Calling and meeting those banks…dude…YES… every “no” is a step closer to a yes. Period!

      Double your already massive action taking and watch people get out of your way and the deals start closing like crazy. You got this.

      You rock dude.

  136. Juanita Green Reply

    Could you please tell me what is the HUD?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Sure Juanita. A HUD or Hud-1 is also know as the settlement Statement. It’s the official closing Doc that has ALL of the detailed payout numbers of an entire transaction. Here is video that may help you further understand it

      Make it happen

  137. Donna Timberlake Reply

    Hello Justin,

    I have been placing craigslist ads and got my first response from a wholesaler ! Just checking if I am on the right track. He said that he had access to a lot of discounted properties here in Orlando. My email reply

    Hi John,

    Thanks for responding with your contact info, Here is mine Donna Timberlake xxxxxx . Please add me to your buyers list. If a property doesn’t work for me, is it ok to pass it on to some of my contacts? If I can find you buyers, maybe we can jv on some deals. Looking forward to speaking with you.

    Have a great evening,

    I hope I am on the right track, I so want to do it right. I have joined three wholesalers lists. I also joined Freedomsofts free trial. I am thankful for your training.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Awesome Donna! See what happen when you take action 🙂 No rinse and repeat as much as possible each day/week and you will get more leads.

      It sounds to me he may not be direct to seller. I really encourage ALL 10HW members to be direct with the wholesaler who has the properties under contract. I recommend asking him if they are his deals, or someone else’s in a very friendly way.

      Keep taking that action every day Donna. You are on the right track!

      • Donna Timberlake Reply

        Thanks Justin. I will definitely make sure that they are the one who contracted the deal. Thanks !!

        • Justin Wilmot Reply

          Awesome Donna! Make it happen. Daily action 🙂

  138. Renee Niedzwiecki Reply

    I am on the lookout for an Operations Manager.

    Will be using VA’s for Craigslist ads and the OM for direct letters and phone calls etc.

    Do you pay for all of the marketing costs?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Excellent Renee! Yes, I pay for all of the marketing costs.

  139. Emmanuel Offor Reply

    Patrick honestly this is not working for me. Unfortunately you do not answer phone. so I might need my money back or you show me what to do.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Sorry to hear that Emmanuel. Anything I can help you with? If you have decided to go another route than email Charity over at support. otherwise, reach out to me and lets crush whatever obstacle is in from of you causing your frustration. This works for anyone who pouts it to work, so lets find where you are stuck.

      Make it happen!

    • Cristian De La Rosa Reply


      I’m a student of Justin and Patrick and I can tell you if you follow exactly what’s in the video and take action you will see results guaranteed!!!

      • Justin Wilmot Reply

        Thank you Cristian! Your feedback is much appreciated. We are always here for you so anytime you need something just ask.

        One Love!

  140. Gil Sewell Reply

    Yes. Confused here. I’m a person who will buy from a Seller1. Do I need $$money to put their property under contract? What form do I use also…

    Thanks for help here…


    P.S> Can the End Buyer Do this, and wait to close later on the deal with a earnest money deposit……

  141. Kevin Baker Reply

    Justin, I went through the modules – an hour later a deal on the hook for an 8k marketing fee. WHAT?? Thanks for the inspiration. I hope do do multiple deals between this seller and buyer – do you have a template agreement that will protect me from getting cut out of the middle down the line?


    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      What!! You freaking rock Kevin!! Thats massive action my man. KEEP THAT BALL ROLLING 🙂

      A solid relationship is Truly better than any Non Compete or Non disclosure, but you can get one created on for cheap custom built for this specific deal (which is ideal)

      Also, if you just the property Assigned to you from the wholesaler and then Assign that to your end buyer for higher price, you cant get cut out as you are in control of the contract 🙂

      I would say just keep moving forward with the deal as is an implement this if you really feel you need to. Here you go:

      We are here for you so let us know if we can help any further while you knock this deal out.

      GOOD work buddy! So stoked for you 🙂

  142. Tammy Watanabe Reply

    I bought the websites but still no reply from support and no websites. I also think the contracts and who does what is not very clear.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Tammy our support team is available standard business hours 9-5 and the contracts are Legal docs created by my attorneys. Unless you went to real estate law I would expect them to be little confusing the first time you read them . LOL. Read over them 10 more times and watch this video

  143. Darel Long Reply

    Hi Justin,

    I listened to both Mod 1 & 2 several times.

    I defined my first market

    As of today I have 3 Landlords who own
    own 3 – 18 properties each who have a high interest
    and each contact was provided by local
    real estate agent whom I cold called.

    I have 1 active wholesaler who does 2 deals a month and found 6 more but I haven’t been
    able to reach the others just yet.

    I noticed you mention you are active in 15 markets.
    Given this fact I would like to know your average data.

    Can you please tell me who many deals you close on average in each market?

    Can you also share the average net you show
    on the hud as your payout?

    I wanted to have some idea what the average numbers are?

    Have you ever used Highrise or basecamp as a tool to keep notes, etc in one place?

    So far my efforts are matching what you have laid

    One key point, When you made mention in Mod 2
    the details of “Principle.” No doubt you are 100% correct. If we maintain the position of principle and only represent the contract no lines are blurred. You present a very important point and it needs to be understood in detail by everyone.

    Thanks for a great program.

    I’ll let you know after I get the first deal done.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Good Work Mark!

      No buddy, don’t need or want to disclose my companies earnings bust historically we averaged $25 Mill in transactions. My numbers are irrelevant, just know your potential for doing as many deals as you can possibly desire to manage is available to you. Once you break that 3-4 deals per month mark, a team is 100% Necessary to pass 6+.

      Yes, but we use in our business. All are great tools and glad to hear you are looking in to them.

      Yes I completely agree its a very important/critical point for everyone to understand.

      Thanks for your contribution here and kind words buddy. Make it happen!

  144. Jessica Valentini Reply

    Hi Justin-Great content. I’m working on one deal right now, but I plan to expand that focus to get those first few checks in the door. I saw a few comments reading through everything, and wanted to ask a few questions:

    1-You made a comment to someone “That wholesaler (as long as they have an assignable contract)…” Is it possible/should we be concerned in 10hw for new wholesalers to get into a purchase agreement that may not be assignable per the contract language?

    2-I have seen over and over that the fee should not come from the buyer, unless you have an agreement with them. (I just need to spell this out to make sense). What price is going on the HUD? Let’s say the wholesaler purchase agreement with seller for purchase of $50k. The wholesaler wants 60K. I sign assignment with them for $60k and sell my option to purchase for 65K. Is 65K the final sale price going on the paperwork, HUD, public record etc?

    I think this is where a lot of people are getting hung up in their thought process as well.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Thanks Jessica! Really great questions!

      1) Yes, but luckily you can always ask to see the Purchase contract and review it yourself to make sure it is indeed Assignable. Most , even newbies typically know to make sure its an Assignable contract, but we have seen our share of none so…it happens 🙂

      2) If you did the deal that way, than yes you are actually correct. Here is something VERY important to remember for everyone. YOU DONT DO OR TOUCH HUD’s (except review and sign them) Your title co/attorney creates and does them. Your ONLY job is to create the deal and create the spread. In this case thats $5k. The title co will place the details on the line items as the need to be. Make the process a lot easier so I hope this clear that up.

      Just get the contract for a lower price from your seller (Wholesaler) and Assign it you your buyer for a higher price. Send in both contract along with the original Purchase contract to the closing co. TIP: In many cases, you can just use whatever title co your selling wholesaler uses. many times they ( the wholesalers) will even send the docs in for you! 🙂

      GREAT questions. Make it happen Jessica.

  145. Susan Bridges Reply

    Okay…have posted Craigslist ads in all 3 accounts since 6/5 and have gotten responses, phone calls or signups from websites. I haven’t been very consistent with my postings and know that is why I need a VA for this tasks. It’s definitely on the “things to do” list.

    Like others in the community, I’m picking up mostly wholesalers on my Cash Buyer List. My understanding from your videos is our ideal cash buyers are professionals getting into real estate, doctors, retirees, etc…

    I just signed up to Freedomsoft (Max Plan with Seller & Buyer Leads) and am beginning the training this afternoon in hopes that I can find more cash buyers you referenced.


    1. Is it typical to get wholesalers on your cash buyer list as oppose to your wholesaler list? Or both? Do we care as long as they can buy with cash?

    2. Do I need RealQuest if I am on the Freedomsoft max plan? What is the difference?

    Thanks so much for your support!


    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Glad to hear you are taking daily massive action Susan!

      Yes, it MUST be outsourced. You are not running a RE or 10HW business if you are posting ads and taking calls all day 🙂

      Yes its typical and you need to focus more on the Freedomsoft method for real cash buyers then. Refer Back to mod 2 where I talk about targeting the smaller mom and pop investors. Have aVA do this for you : Try these guys :

      NO, you DONT need realQuest if you have full freedomsoft version. Use the comps tab in FS for determine values.

      Great work and love to hear you are taking daily action. Keep it up. You WILL get there.

  146. Gil Sewell Reply

    Hi Sir. Would like to know if I’m wslng, here. And have an End Buyer who has cash to pay for a property. Could he put his funds in Escrow and I have his Escrow be my Proof of funds, and also 2. can it be also used as transactional proof of funds. Since I don’t have cash to close with? 2 Pt. Question. THanks…

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Hi Gil. Use if you need the money to close a deal. As long as you have a end buyer, they will fund the deal 🙂

      Make it happen.

  147. Simon Reff Reply

    Hello Justin you talk alot about Florida, but how well wil this work in Minneapolis Mn just wondering. Please let me know

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      It works in EVERY state Simon. You HAVE to get with a local title attorney in any state you work so you can structure deals congruent with the state laws. Its simple, just find them and introduce yourself. Ask them what contracts you need to deals like this in your (subject) state.

      Make it happen.

  148. Darel Long Reply


    Perhaps a little off topic. The agreements should work well with a cash buyer but what about those
    buyers who can only buy with a mortgage? In other words how would the agreements work with most mortgage companies? I know the underwriting for most mortgage companies would oppose an assigned
    contract. is the the possible reason the focus is with cash buyers?

    My thinking? Being able to serve both cash buyers
    and those seeking to buy with a mortgage.

    Your thoughts?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Simple Darel. We don’t EVER work with financing buyers. CASH only 🙂 Always.

  149. June Rosenberry Reply

    In a simultaneous closing you don’t want the buyer to know the original wholesaler or the seller, so when you are presenting the property to the potential buyer, how do you arrange for the potential buyer to see the property without him meeting the seller or the co-wholesaler?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Sounds like you are mixing a traditional wholesale where YOU have the property under contract and a 10HW deal where you are buying and selling another wholesalers property to your end buyer June.

      Simultaneous closing are just when you have your own deals under contract. When your working with another wholesaler, you are disclosing to your wholesaler that you are going to sell the property to your end buyer. If you have a Assignment contract signed from your wholesaler, you don’t have to worry about it. Just send your buyer over. If its occupied with the current owner/seller on title then collaborate the showing with your wholesaler.

      Make it happen!

  150. Chuck Pagel Reply

    Hi Justin,quick question. I have my business listed as an S-corp that is currently listed in Nevada and Iowa which is my home state. I plan to do business nationally and my question is: do I need to form separate LLCs in each state I plan to do business in, or will it fit under my S-corp?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Good question and my personal answer is absolutely not. With that said, you need to ask your local wholesale friendly title attorney. Make it happen

  151. Gil Sewell Reply

    Hi . I m not sure here about Transactional funds. What is Proof Of Funds also. Can I use your Proof of funds. Is one of these used to show the Wholesaler we have the funds. Can we use one of these from your firm to show we have the funds, while we find a End buyer. Using none of our money…

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Hi Gil check your resources section for the transactional funding company we recommend for a POF and funding if you end up needing it.

  152. Gil Sewell Reply

    What contracts do you mean we send to either one’s Attn’s or, Mine or, End buyers. Can either one of us Three persons use the Title close? 2. Assignment of contract- And Sales and Purchase Agreement! Are were using Two contracts or what!

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Yes use the Assignment contract titled “10 HW Buy side Assignment” for going under contract with the Wholesaler. Use the standard assignment to sell to your buyer. Those two contract plus the Purchase and sales contract go’s to the title co.

      At the end of the day, EVERYONE should have their own vehicle/contract and delivery method for doing these types of deals. Your closing attorney in your market That already works with other wholesalers in is part of your REIA will guide you how THEY would like to see this transaction done. The double Assignment works of MOST states, but there is no way we can provide you the preferred way for each market. Just get THE attorney or closing co that all other wholesalers are already using on your team.

      Some you may need to use the transaction funder we provided for you so you close on it first, Then sell to your end buyer. Its up to YOU guys to find this out. Its just one question to the team member that you NEED anyway 🙂

  153. Gil Sewell Reply

    Hi, About the Assignment Contr. Does the Wslr. Need to know you marked up the price of the rehab unit that your selling to the End Buyer….

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Unfortunately I am not really following the question Gil. We don’t need to mark anything up. You negotiate with the seller or wholesaler to have a contract at at a lower price than your buyer is willing to pay.

      Make it happen!

      Hope this helps and Feel free to ask again

  154. Will Sorrell Reply

    Hi Justin! I’m a little confused about how to market the deals we get from co-wholesalers. Is the idea to have them send me they’re inventory as if they were sending it to an end buyer, and then forward these ads replacing they’re info with my own, or do I need to physically go and take my own pics, create my own ads, etc.? I hope my question makes sense. Please advise.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      BINGO Will. Remeber…you have disclosed to them you have a buyers list that you will sell your deals to. You go under contract with the wholesaler (Assignment contract) and you sell it to your end buyer (via a separate assignment contract)

      Make it happen!

  155. Susan Bridges Reply

    Absolutely phenomenal content Justin… So happy I stumbled onto this package. It is the best on the market IMHO. And, with Patrick as your sidekick totally impressed. Let’s see…

    Just went back through Mod 1 & Mod 2 for the 3rd time. I think I get it. Very simple…don’t over complicate it. Just take massive action:-)

    Created my little simple system in a spreadsheet with a couple of tabs to keep me organized…Personal Development, 10HW step by step process, Websites, LinkedIn, Craigslist, etc…

    Set up all my tasks to accomplish and working through them. Happy to have you share my spreadsheet with the community if you’d like.

    Personal Development = in progress
    Target Markets = complete – Identified 5
    Logos for 1st market = complete
    Websites for 1st market = complete
    Mailchimp for 1st market = complete
    Google Voice # for 1st market = complete
    VA = interviewing on Fiverr. Already have several for my other business and this is totally the way to go.
    Local REIA – Signed up. Attending next meeting.
    Craigslist ads on Co-W & Cash Buyers = Starting tomorrow
    Craigslist ad for OM = Starting tomorrow
    Linked In data mining = Interviewing VA on Fiverr to handle this.

    Incredibly pumped to finally be getting back into RE Investing…

    Thank you so much for your encouragement!


    • Justin Wilmot Reply


      10HW community members…PLEASE take note of the detailed action list Susan put together for herself here! THIS is intuitive. Action. Accountability and taking this seriously. Thank you so much for contributing here .

      Stay like this and your success is GUARANTEED. There is is NO other way.

      MASSIVE action creates results. Results will guide you. Always. (wow that should be a FB quote)

      Yes you are correct…just DO because in the DOING you will lear your OWN route. This is your recipe…just put it to work with faith and the rest will fall in to place as it fits. 🙂

      Cheers to making it happen!

    • Al Robinson Reply

      Thank you for the Action List. You helped me to focus.

      • Patrick Riddle Reply

        As you take action Al, let us know if you need help with anything.

        – Patrick


    Do I need a LONG FORM or just a LETTER size assignment cntract?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      The one page is used in many states, but you should be getting your assignment contracts from your local title co and or attorney. Use what others on your target market are already using and used to.


    Hey Justin,

    Do you have a SAMPLE of an ASSIGNMENT contract that is COMPLETELY FILLED IN? Thanks

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Here is a video for Assignment contracts Jon

      Take massive action and get as many of these signed as you can !


      How about for the Co-Wholesaling, do you have a sample filled out? Is the one from the resources do I have to use?

      • Justin Wilmot Reply

        Yes use the Assignment contract titled “10 HW Buy side Assignment” for going under contract with the Wholesaler. Use the standard assignment to sell to your buyer.

        At the end of the day, EVERYONE should have their own vehicle/contract and delivery method for doing these types of deals. Your closing attorney in your market That already works with other wholesalers in is part of your REIA will guide you how THEY would like to see this transaction done. The double Assignment works of MOST states, but there is no way we can provide you the preferred way for each market. Just get THE attorney or closing co that all other wholesalers are already using on your team.

        Some you may need to use the transaction funder we provided for you so you close on it first, Then sell to your end buyer. Its up to YOU guys to find this out. Its just one question to the team member that you NEED anyway 🙂

        Make it happen

  158. Miles Miles Reply

    Justin, there is one thing I am not clear on in co-wholesaling when do I use the marketing agreement and when should I use an assignment?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Always use the Assignment contract Miles when using the 10HW method.

  159. Frank Baker Reply

    Hi Justin,

    One quick question. We don’t need to have a real estate license in the state of Florida to do this strategy do we?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Hi Frank. Absolutely not as long as you are contractually buying and selling the deal for yourself. Not for another.

      We use a Assignment and the Option contract here in FL. Talk to your title co or attorney and use what they use on a daily bases.

      Make it happen.

  160. Jason Laigo Reply

    Hi Justin.

    I heard you say on Joe McCall’s podcast that you had some non-circumvent paperwork in place when you do these deals. I didn’t see any non-circumvent paperwork in the resources though. Do you currently use non-circumvent paperwork when you’re doing these deals? If so, will you make that available in the resources tab?


    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Jason, yes I will consider getting a Non Circumvent up there, but you really should get your own created by an attorney for your specific Agreement with your OM or AM or JV Wholesaler. You can even get a virtual attorney on to create a draft very inexpensively.

      BTW> You rarely ever use non-circumvent with a JV partner or cash buyer as our Assignment contract keeps us exclusive to each deal.

      Make it happen.

      • Sharol Culverson Reply

        Hi Justin, I have a few wholesalers submitting properties to me. They want me to sign a NCND before they release specific property information. This does me no good, does it? If they already have the property under contract, why do they still want a NCND signed? Is this to prevent me from passing it onto my end buyer?
        Am I understanding this right?

  161. Odikro Emmanuel Reply

    Hello Justin,
    going thru Mod 2. What do you mean when you say “get on HUD”?



    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Odikro, when the “HUD” is referenced, it’s referring to the settlement statement at closing (that your title company or closing attorney prepares).

      – Patrick

  162. Keith Macewicz Reply

    Are you running comps on the properties that your wholesaler(s) supplies to you; or do you just take their word on the ARV and repairs? Are the wholesalers supposed to show us/our buyers comps they’ve run, or repair estimates (whether done by an actual contractor, or just their own suppositions)?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Good question Keith and 90% of the time definitely not. Leave it up to our buyers to decide what to deal and was not. When we hear from them we no it is because they feel it is a deal. Also in most cases JV wholesalers should be providing a link to their comps package for each subject property.

  163. Keith Macewicz Reply

    Justin talked about Hedge Funds as a buyer. I went through the modules, but he didn’t tell us how to acquire/find them, or their reps, to do business with them. How do we find them?

    Have an unbelievable day!

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Hey Keith you can find hedge funds on the top of the list I’m nearly every cash buyer search you do within freedom soft. Once you have found the name of the company you can plug them in to in order to find the managing members. Then perform a skip trace in intelius or or scrape social media to get their phone number and cold them.

  164. Keith Macewicz Reply

    “Identify Your Target Market”
    A large number of all cash transactions is something we’re to look for.
    How do we get the data on the number of cash transcactions in an area?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      2)Your team member Realtor
      3) Freedomsoft
      4) The Google search method I refer to in the training.

  165. Andy Boden Reply

    I was reading your Assignment Contract. It appears that the document requires the Assignor to assign with a non-refundable deposit and balance at closing with no rights of inspection. How do you handle inspection by the buyers to avoid a lot of traffic?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Good question Andy. Our buyers NEVER have an inspection period. They have to check out the property (if they choose to) BEFORE going to contract with you. Make it happen.

  166. Paul Brauning Reply

    Hey Justin,
    I understand that you can check with wholesalers to get a copy of the purchase contract to verify no daisy chain. How do you verify that your cash buyer is legit and has the cash to buy now? I know you can get some or all of the deposit up front but what if on a double assignment they don’t actually buy it and leave your wholesaler hanging?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Hi Paul good questions and thanks for asking but I need to Point out hey truth that matters much more than the answers to those questions.

      Ask any successful real estate investor that has done over a few hundred deals and they will tell you that no deal is ever the same. This means that there is no true answer that will make you feel comfortable. Truth is you have to go out and just do. What does this mean? Well how many cash buyers have you spoken to? Did you use the cash buyer questionnaire? If you did you would quickly know if somebody is real or if they’re just another wholesaler. And if they are another wholesaler then great just turn the tables of the conversation and ask to get on their buyers list so that you can potentially partner with them in the future.

      The same goes for your concern with a buyer not following through. Their are plenty of steps to take before you even get to the point where this is a valid concern. So the point I want to make here is do not let these types of things prevent you or become a crutch for taking the immediate steps that need to be done in order to have inventory and a cash buyer pipeline to sell that inventory to.

      With that said
      1) ask for proof of funds letter
      2) no worries you (or your JV Wholesaler) just got to keep your cash buyers nonrefundable $2K deposit. This WILL happen at some point in your real estate investing career.

      . Make it happen buddy and let us know how we can help while you are taking action and implementing each step in your target market

  167. Erik Gardea Reply

    Hey quick question is the
    a CD/DVD that is shipped out to me?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      I believe it is all digital Erik.

    • Frank Baker Reply

      Hi Justin,

      The craigslist ad “Handyman special 3/2 for x. Must sell.” Why don’t we put a value in this ad? Just curious.


      • Justin Wilmot Reply

        The “X” Stands for input your own value.

        Markets vary across the country so you need to know what a “good deal is” for a 3/2 in your target market. Just pull comps on to determine this value. make sense?

  168. Yusuf Maxwell Reply

    I have yet another situation: I encountered someone on facebook who said that they were both an investor and a wholesaler in my local market. They asked if I had any inventory for a fix and flip, to which I replied “yes”. However, they did not want to sign a NCND joint venture agreement prior to me sending them specifics about the property (address, price, etc). They replied:

    “First of all If you have the house under contract then there is no need to worry about sensitive information. Secondly I’m looking to buy and fix and flip not co wholesale so no need for a joint venture agreement”.

    We ended up not working together. Any thoughts ?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Hi Yusuf. My last response pretty much covers this and yes they were correct. Do not go around trying to have people sign a noncompete agreement when you have not added any value we’ll create a relationship with them or have anything to show them. That’s just not how you build a buyer relationship or a coal wholesaler relationship.

      Make sure you’re using the joint venture wholesaler introduction template I provided in the resources section. You’re getting a verbal confirmation from other wholesalers to pass on those properties to your private list of buyers. When one of your buyers shows interest in a property that is when you get that subject property under contract via an assignment contract. Once you have that your buyer or anybody can’t go around you. You then assign that contract to your buyer for a fee. You don’t need any other types of contracts and surely do not ask people to sign non-competes when there is nothing tangible. Hope this helps. Make it happen

  169. Yusuf Maxwell Reply

    Am I wasting my time by marketing to co-wholesalers on Facebook who are already in facebook wholesaler clubs? Everyone seems to know and network with each other. As soon as they have a deal they just post it on facebook .The market I’m in is saturated with wholesalers so maybe I should focus more on newbie wholesalers via Craigslist ads instead. Just a thought…

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      How Yusuf. I recommend working with both types of wholesalers. Just because they’re posting their deals on Facebook doesn’t mean that you can’t add value by bringing one of your unique buyers to the table. In many cases properties don’t sell on Facebook. Personal relationships with buyers presented by an investor that they trust (you) is the true way to create a negotiation that will eventually lead to closing.

  170. Yusuf Maxwell Reply

    So, with the NCND, we only send it once to our co-wholesalers, not every single time that we do a deal with them, right ?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Hi Yusuf yes that is correct if you even choose to use NCND. Like I mentioned the training it’s much better to just build good rapport and trust with your fellow wholesaler rather than starting off on the wrong foot. Reason being is NCND. Will never stop a dishonest person from being dishonest.

  171. Elijah Smith Reply

    Hi! Justin I have another question I have a guy that wants to do co wholesaling with me on properties he supposedly have under contract but he want me to use my own closing attorney but its hard to find a closing attorney in Illinois that’s familiar with assignment contracts or the wholesaling process period where can I find a closing attorney in Illinois if you may know which Illinois is a attorney state

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Hey Elijah. Always verify if a wholesaler has a subject property under contract before spending time promoting that deal to your list. You can ask to see the Purchase Agreement.

      CRITICAL: Never ask a tile company or Attourney outside of the local REIA to facilitate your closing and contracts!!!! Ever. I say this throughout the training multiple times. You don’t have time to waste with the 95% that have no idea what wholesaling is. Stick with the pros that the local wholesalers and Investor pros are ALREADY using. Just ask them 🙂

      Make it happen.

  172. Yusuf Maxwell Reply

    Ok. I am actively reaching out and building my cash buyers list and my co-wholesalers list, too. Ironically, more hassle from co-wholesalers than from cash buyers. Several questions, though:

    1. Is there a specific template, script or protocol for getting the vendors list from the REIA? Every REIA that I contact wants me to become a paid member first. Prices range from $20 per month to $50 per REIA. Not sure if a phone call, email or personal appearance would work best when trying to get the vendors list.

    2. Generally speaking, we don’t raise the sell price to our end cash buyer above the contract price for which our co-wholesaler already has for the property, but we can negotiate with our co-wholesaler to get them to lower their contract price, thus increasing our profit spread in the deal?

    3. How do I get more information about the “leads in minutes” webpages?

    On another note, FreedomSoft limits your access to cash buyer information during your initial 30 day trial.

    Thanks for all of your help.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Glad to hear it Yusuf.

      1) No. Just call, email go in person, ask anther member to get it for you etc. Do whatever it takes until u get it.

      2)BINGO buddy! You got it 🙂

      3) Email Charity over at support

      Yeah I have heard that from a few people now. Sound like they changed a few things. All I can say is it worth the cost.

      make it happen

      • Yusuf Maxwell Reply

        Cool, Justin. I’m about to run an ad in a local newspaper to get more cash buyers. I’ll be sure to keep you posted. I gotta close a deal soon!!! lol I sincerely appreciate your help. Thanx

        • Justin Wilmot Reply

          Awesome Yusuf. Keep taking that daily action and post that add at least three times a week. Make it happen buddy

  173. John Hernandez Reply far so good! I’ve been contacted by Wholesalers and Cash buyers using the craigslist ads I coped from you. I was so surprised by how many contacted me! It was like hungry sharks! Kind of Scary..but Cool!

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      AWESOME John!! Gotta love the results of taking action! Interesting concept 😉

      Keep posting. Keep marketing. It never stops buddy. Consider getting a VA to do it for you on a regular bases (

      Make sure to always follow up with those leads on a weekly bases. Send the buyers deals and always stay on top of wholesalers asking “What they have coming up ”

      Thank you for your contribution here buddy. Make it happen!


    You demo putting the Craigslist Ad in the “Jobs” section, in lieu of putting it in the “Services” section under Real Estate Services.

    Craigslist requires a payment of $25 for each posting for a job offered to another. Do you pay $25 for each posting several times a week, to get the best response? Some people put “opportunity ads” in the “Services” category to avoid paying the $25 fee, but that is not what you demo’d. Do you recommend paying the fee to get the right exposure even if it will cost about $300/month (3x/week ad placement)?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Craigslsit has started charging for ad’s in just a few major metropolitans. Yes, I would still pay that if I had too. If you cant or don’t want to than hire someone on

  175. Yusuf Maxwell Reply

    When building a co-wholesaler list,what about wholesalers with a website but no email address, just a phone number? Do we follow up with them or give priority to the wholesalers who at least have an email address?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Good question Yusuf but you know the answer to that buddy. KEEP SEARCHING. Google them. Social media accounts. Anything you can find on that business. You WILL find their number.

      treat them all the same but stay in contact on a weekly bases with they wholesalers who are the m most active and get regular inventory (properties)

      Make it happen!

      • Yusuf Maxwell Reply

        Thanks for the response, Justin!

        • Justin Wilmot Reply

          No problem buddy. Keep going and let us know how you are doing along the way.

        • Andrew Bishop Reply

          hey Yusuf, feel free to add me to co wholesaler list, i’m currently working in lansing Michigan area

    • Sharol Culverson Reply

      I text the phone number.

  176. Brian Anderson Reply

    Thanks for the training program, seems simple… Just have your co-wholesaler sign the Assignment Contract, assign my interest in that property to my cash buyer, and then my co-wholesaler and I split the profits 50/50… Got it, just two questions…

    1. If my co-wholesaler has a purchase agreement for 50k, and I have a buyer that will take it for 60k, then we both get 5k each. But if I negotiate with my co-wholesaler to assign the contract to me for 45k, does that mean that I get the extra 5k? Or does it just mean that my co-wholesaler and I will split that as well, so in total we are both making $7,500 from this deal?

    2. Also, from what Im getting, when we send an assignment contract to a co-wholesaler, then they send to us, and receive, an assignment fee for assigning the property to us. So at this point are we still splitting the profits 50/50? Or do they just receive their assignment fee, and I have to include my assignment fee in the Assignment Contract that I send over to the buyer?

    Sorry if my questions seem confusing, I tried my best to explain them clearly.


    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Hey Brian, good question and I answer this a handful of times in the comments here. To Keep it simple. Get the property/purchase contract assigned to you at the BEST price you can. Negotiate with your co wholesaler to do so.

      Then assign that Agreement to your cash buyer as HIGH as you can. No splits, no mixers, just contract low and assign high (to create profit) to your buyer.

      Make it happen.

  177. Yusuf Maxwell Reply

    I’m not sure if this has been answered yet but I’d like to know if other co-wholesalers get unlimited access to our cash buyers after the deal closes, or must they pay us a fee for every single time in the future that these other co-wholesalers want to use one of our cash buyers for a deal?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Good question Yusuf and the answer is absolutely NO! Your fellow wholesalers NEVER get your buyers list contacts. Your list is YOUR value. Glad you asked…

      Make it happen.

      • Yusuf Maxwell Reply

        So, even if my fellow co-wholesalers see the cash buyers information on the HUD-1, the marketing agreement prevents them from circumventing us in the future?

        • Justin Wilmot Reply

          Good question Yusuf and the answer in most cases is No. The Truth is, NOTHING can ever stop a dishonest person from being dishonest. In addition, MOST of the more well know wholesalers will simply just not go around you because they can’t afford to. The wholesaler/investor community is way to small. It just RARELY ever happens.

          Don’t let a non existent fear become an excuse to not move forward. Go out there with the intent to create value and make some deals happen.

          Also; Deals are done case by case. One at a time. When a buyer bites, you get the contract assigned to you. YOU control the deal, not them.

          Make it happen!

  178. Elijah Smith Reply

    Hi Justin I have a couple questions first how can I tell home much a house worth current and the arv ? second do you have any suggestions on how to structure a deal when the seller owes back taxes or somewhat on a property? I was told that I can structure the deal to where pay the pay taxes contract the remaining balance at a discounted bargain as usual for example house arv $100,000 owes $25,000 offer pay the $25,000 back taxes and offer $45,000 for owner total $70,000 as though no repairs needed unless repair needed then subtract that amount from the $45,000

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Hi Elijah. In Mod 1 we go over “Pulling comparables” on Freedomsoft. FS also allows for you link directly to Zillow, Eppraisal and the County public card.

      Liens are paid off at closing, so dont make offer on properties that have more debt than the offer price.

      Remove yourself from this back tax’s cluster box buddy. Just start making offers on deals that fit your buyers criteria and lets us know when there is a real deal in play. We can help you from there.

      Make it happen!

  179. Brian Parks Reply

    Great teaching Justin. I will be studying both modules constantly until I get this right. However, I do not see the links for modules 3 – 5 in the drop down. Where do I find these modules?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Thanks Brian. The New Rich Mindset and the LinkedIn training for JV leads are in the resources section on your dashboard. You can also email support for additional tech assistance. Thanks for joining!

      • Muzill Muhammad Reply

        i do not have modules 3-5 in my resources area?

        • Justin Wilmot Reply

          There are no core 3-5 Modules. Email support Muzill for help to navigate to the bonus modules buddy. Watch all of them at least twice buddy.

      • Andrew (Arty) Mancini II Reply

        Hi Justin, where do I go to post questions regarding the modules and will those (your) responses be found in the comments section below the module? Thanks

        • Justin Wilmot Reply

          Hi Andrew. You have two options and you can utilize both. 1) you have support by clicking on the support tab 2) you can reach out below each module to me and for the community to help with any questions that you have. Make it happen

  180. Cameron Cox Reply

    Hi Justin,

    I contacted a friend, who happens to be a real estate agent. I talked with a wholesaler about a joint deal who has a property under contract for a deep discount. He must have a buyer the end of this week. She suggested I talk to real estate agents to get referrals for cash buyers. Any suggestions on what to say to get cash buyer contacts WITHOUT being given the run around?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Glad to hear you are out there making connections Carmen.

      All of my cash buyer getting advise is packed in both modules. Anything specific you are asking?

      Use Freedomsoft to pull list of cash buyers in your target market. Through them into to get their phone number and call them to let them know you have a deal they me interested in. Get their email address and start mailing them deals as you get them.

      Hope this helps. Make it happen!


      Hi Justin
      thank you for your great info.
      can you explain how the bulk offers to expired listing works via offer pots ?
      1) are the offers sent by fax, email, or regular mail ?
      2) since it is expired , who is receiving the low ball offers?
      thank you

      • Justin Wilmot Reply

        They are all sent via email, digitally signed by you. The previous listing agent is receiving it. The emotional charge of “finally” getting offer can be powerful at times. Be prepared for some last back and resistance, but when you land one (and you will when you make enough offers) it’s worth it.

        Use Offerbot In Freedomsoft.

        Make it happen!

  181. Hannah York Reply

    When trying to sell a property, do I put the complete address of the property on my ad? If not how will the prospect conclude that he is really interested in the property? I must have at least someone interested in the property and can purchase the property before a contract can be assigned to me. What really happens before the wholesaler assigns his contract to me?How much do I give the wholesaler in order for him to assign his contract to me? what document gives me the right to market wholesaler’s property? Marketing agreement does not work for me.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Good question Hannah.

      1)In most states, I would just recommend to NOT put the address in your GENERAL marketing. If you have an internal list of cash buyers thats one thing. When an investor responds to an ad because of the numbers and pics, you can let them know you are selling your purchase rights in the property dressed at 123 Elm st and they can go look at it and make an offer quickly.

      2) Yes, thats how this works

      3) Dont understand the question

      4)The Assignment contract. Once you have the purchase right assigned to you, you can do what you like.

      5) Then just use this “Double Assignment” method

      10 HW method is the SAME thing as traditional Wholesaling, except your inventory is coming from a Wholesaler who Just has the purchasing rights. Not the current owner. That wholesaler (as long as they have an assignable contract) has the legal right to sell/ assign that contract. YOU need to build the heck out of your buyers list for each market you are in and BE that person as much as possible.

      Make it happen.

  182. Jamaal Mcdonald Reply

    Great material but, how do you fill out the marketing agreement. Don’t know what to put===== 1. Seller agrees to pay __?________________________ a $______?_____ marketing/consulting fee at closing.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Thanks Jamaal.

      IF you use the the consulting agreement (Seasoned wholesalers will have their own preferred way to JV with you, I recommend always doing the “double Assignment”)

      1. Seller agrees to pay (Whatever % of profit share you and the wholesaler agreed upon. Typical is 50/50 profit share

  183. Jamaal Mcdonald Reply

    What is the formula for retail buyers? Can someone explain the retail buyer a bit further.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      No problem Jamaal. “retail buyers” as defined here, by me for this investing purpose, is a Passive investor who has Cash to purchase real estate for either long term cash flow gains or a short term flip. Traditionally, they don’t invest for living and are simply transferring liquid from IRA’s, CD’s and money markets in to Real Estate.

  184. Hannah York Reply

    When trying to sell a property, do I put the complete address of the property on my ad? If not how will the prospect conclude that he is interested in the property? So did you say you don’t complete a flex option agreement with the seller, that once you receive inventory from seller you start marketing his property? Is this really a slim change of me being paid? Seller has his sign at the property? Is it just do it, you might be lucky.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      I dont teach you to use Flex options Regina. Just use the Assignment contract provided. Have fellow wholesaler Assign the Purchase contract to you using the “Buy side Assignment Contract” in your resources section for a agreed upon assignment price (Lower than the marketed asking price) Then Assign that contract to YOUR cash buyer for a fee. Separate assignment contract. You control the property as principle and determine the pricing. Very similar to a traditional wholesale deal, just using a Double assignment method.

  185. Attila Vad Reply

    Hi Justin,

    I have couple of question to you.
    1, When I co-wholesael a property to my cash buyer you recommend to have the contract assigned to me. Do you think they would just assign to me the right to buy the property without getting the assignment fee? Why would they trust me? If they sign the assignment the wholesaler will not be in control any longer, and he will b ensure that I will pay his fee.

    2, Operation manager will know everything about the co-wholesaling business , my valuable cash buyer list. What would prevent him/her to start his/her business and replicate what we done together. Even if I have him/her sign a non-compete and confidentiality agreement, it may not prevent him/her starting his business. What can you do to mitigate the risk or avoid it to happen.

    I would greatly appreciate your answer

    Thanks Attila

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Great Questions Attila.

      1) You are getting it assigned to you ONLY when you have a buyer for it.

      2)YES they will and should. A scarcity mindset will KILL any chances of abundance and success. EMPOWER and encourage your OM’s and team members. Always. Who CARES if they run off on there own. The chance are EXTREMELY unlikely but if they do, than great for them. On to the next OM for you.

      Thanks for the great questions, these will help others in the community.

      Make it happen 🙂

  186. Jamel DeVoe Reply

    Yes … After watching Mod 2 I set up my 3 craigslist accounts and gmail acc’s and copied and pasted my cash buyer template taking one step at a time to test the waters… i’m going to give it a day or so being that its a holiday I don’t expect much but its set up for me to take off running.. next week..

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Way to take immediate action Jamel. Post at least three times a week AND use “Craigslist poster VA’s” on

  187. Lesly Jean Baptiste Reply

    can I get some help determine the ARV of a property if I have a list of close sale on the area

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Sure Lesley. You can simply copy and paste the subject property address into a software like Freedomsoft and select the recent sales that are plus or minus about 15% of the subject properties living square footage. Factor in estimated repairs and the AVERAGE of those 5 selected nearby comparable properties that sold in the last 90 days and you have a good starting point. From there, look at what the subject property is selling for right now today. Meanly look up nearby listings and pending that are in perfect, move in condition.

      Consider some coaching as well:

  188. Terrel Andrews Reply

    Hey Justin,

    I have a couple of questions for you.

    How many modules are there all together? I only have access to 2 modules and I see some people talking about other training such as “LinkedIn leads” and “posting appliance ads to attract landlords”. Also, someone mentioned possibly 5 total modules. If this is the case, how do I gain access to the full course.

    Secondly, do you have metrics or criteria to evaluate how well you are doing in a market. Do you have a certain number of deals you look to complete in a market per month? (could you please share those) Do you pull out of markets if you are not hitting this number?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Hi Terrel. There are 5 training modules including LinkIn, Craigslist secrets, and the New Rich Mindset all in your members panel. Feel free to email support for more help at

      Good question. No real metric besides positive Return on investment. Specifically, If I am making more in a target market than I am spending on marketing than I stay. If not, than we drop the market.

      Make it happen!

  189. Dwanell Warren Reply

    Hey just want to make sure i’m still headed on the right track! I typed in top real estate markets”

    I then got a list of the top investment markets,

    I then took a look at the top cities and mapped it out to see what was the closes metro city.

    i then start googling sell my house fast cash in x( which were those surrounding cites near the metro area.

    Right direction or not?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      You got it Dwanell! Of course this is the route of Mod 2 and the 10HW method. Flipping other wholesalers inventory, not your own (Mod 1)

      IMPORTANT: Pick just ONE target market first. Start building your 2 Pipelines in that market ASAP. Once you have some good JV wholesaler relationships whop are sending you inventory, IMMEDIATELY start building your cash buyers list. Start sending out that inventory and lock up any deal that your buyers show interest in so you can then assign it to your buyer for a fee.

      Make it happen

      • GAMAL DARWISH Reply

        If wholesaler ask me for assignment fee in order sign an assignment agreement-should I pay it out of pocket? or should I ask my end buyer for it then I handed to the wholesaler ?
        what if my buyer want keep his assignment fee with his closing attorney, should the check be written to his lawyer or wholesaler lawyer .
        this fee usually not refundable if the end buyer did not close, but buyer asking to have it with his lawyer.
        Please advise

        • Justin Wilmot Reply

          Hi Gamal. Good question and yes, your buyer is paying the fee. You are getting the property assigned to you for a agreed upon assignment price.

          Wholesaler has a property under contract for 40K. He is asking 55K. You have buyer interested and willing to pay 50K. Wholesaler assigns you the rights to his contract for a total sales price of 45k. You now control the purchase rights at 45K. You can assign this to your cash buyer for 5K (total 50K investment for your buyer which he is willing to pay) Both assignment contracts are signed and sent in to title co or attorney with the original Purchase and sales contract. YOUR cash buyer is going to be the end buyer closing and your title co will coordinate closing with him/her/them. The assignment fee’s are recorded and put on the HUD for disbursement payouts. Dubbed a “Double assignment”. All done simultaneously at closing.

          This should clear it up and thanks for asking as I am sure this will help other in the community.

          make it happen

  190. William Whiteley Reply

    I cant open module 2 on my computer it doesn’t give me a selection only to resources
    how do I get access to module 2

  191. William Wood Reply

    I do not see spreadsheets in the resource section. Do I need office 365 Microsoft.. Good stuff Justin

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Hi William. Yes, you will need Excel to open the Excel spreadsheets.

  192. Cristoval Cerritos Reply

    Dear Justin.

    Can you compose a quick tutorial on how you are using get response to follow up with buyers?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Good question buddy. Those custom tutorials are just for my Mastery students Cristoval. Here you go:

      Truthfully there are plenty of tutorials on youtube if you search ” Auto-responders for real estate investors”. Also, getresponse has some great tutorials that help new users “connect the dots”. Its just a matter of digging in and using it.

      1)Copy the inventory you receive, paste it in to a “New newsletter” (CHOOSE START FROM SCRATCH OPTION)

      2)Once you have composed your email, hit next and choose the correct cash buyers list (you should be uploading new cash buyers to your list here on a weekly bases) for the target market and send it out.

      3) We send 2-3 times in a week until it go’s under contract or the wholesaler sell’s it.

      Hope that helps.

  193. Anthony Owens Reply

    Hi Justin! Quick question… What does Put you on the HUD mean?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      The “HUD” also know as the “settlement statement” is the official closing document that outlines all final costs, fee and net sales for the transaction. You must be on this to get paid (Unless your buyer pays you an assignment fee outside of closing)

  194. Jordan Solomon Reply

    Hi Justin,

    About the direct mail campaign, so we’re supposed to actually write out the envelopes by hand? Doesn’t this kind of limit how many pieces we can realistically send? I mean, even working 10 hours per week or somewhat more, isn’t a lot of that time going to be taken up manually writing up the envelopes if you’re talking about decent sized campaign? Thanks.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Good question Jordan, but HECK NO! We are all about leverage. Check out step three of mod 2 on some ideas to get this done in house for free (intern) or by just using a service like to print up all of the envelopes for you and send to your location in bulk.

      • Jordan Solomon Reply

        Okay, good. I’m pretty sure you never mentioned click2mail in this module, but I’m certainly familiar with it from other courses. So in this scenario, you’re just foregoing the hand-written envelopes and going with normal printed envelopes?

        • Justin Wilmot Reply

          OK cool. We still get envelopes printed up in “handwritten” red ink for some cash buyer mail campaigns. Something new we have been trying lately is a “bill” format so the envelope looks like a bill/statement from a bank for cc company.

  195. Cristoval Cerritos Reply

    Oh and also……..

    Justin in the first video with Greg, what method did Greg deploy to find a buyer for the property in downtown historic st Augustine?

    and for the update video that follows, Greg placed the property under contract with this seller that Greg met thru his realtor friend, he then just placed an ad in CL for a higher price right? and that is it? after greg placed that ad in CL, was it a cash buyer or a realtor with a buyer client who called Greg?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      He sent out the Yellow letter short version to a high equity list that he bought at

      An yep! Pretty straight forward. He just takes massive action.

  196. Cristoval Cerritos Reply

    Hey Hey

    Awesome Job Greg Ulmer!

    thanks for sharing that success story. Craigslist really? nice my man. Thought I give it a try and guess what? I just got my phone ringing also thru a CL ad lol this content is solid and it works!

    So, I got a call from an CL ad but the guy who called me is a realtor in orlando, representing cash buyers. So do we work with these guys? if so as a 10 hr wholesaler how do we structure this form of deal?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Yeah he crushing it Cristoval.

      Man that is AWESOME! See what a little implementation can do!

      Yes, you definitely can as long as its either your deal under contract, or you have another wholesalers deal already assigned to you, that you can now sell to a cash buyer. The structure is simple. Just let the Realtor know he will just have to add his commissions to the deal. His buyer/client should be fine with it.

  197. Marybeth Underhill Reply

    Hi Justin, Just finished going through Mod 2 for the first time. I plan to rewatch as you suggested. I don’t want you to think I’m making excused here, I’m just concerned how this will work.
    I am currently living in seacoast Maine. I have a 6 week trip planned in Florida leaving on the 20th of Feb. My question is, should I start this program now or should I wait until I get back and settled back into life at home. I don’t even know where my first target market will be and I won’t be home to make all the contacts with buyers and wholesalers or networking with Realestate groups. What are your thoughts. This whole program looks really good, albeit a lot of work to get it up and running (as any business is). Thanks. I also would like to have the mentor call at some point and possibly the Mastery coaching program. thanks again

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Good question Marybeth. As I say many times over, you can do this 100% virtually. You can avoid the slow season in Main and just build your pipelines in FL starting now. Target those fresh new buyers and start adding value to the marketplace.

      For the personal one on one mentorship, you can go to the link below the Module videos and apply. We will then schedule call to talk further and build a unique plan together.

      Look forward to hearing from you!

  198. Olusoji Oyenuga Reply

    Hi Justin,

    Amazing Content!
    1% eff

    I have a quick question.
    How do you reach out (any list that identifies cash buyers in these categories that already interested in buying) to
    the CASH BUYERs categories
    (CEO’s, professionals, executives etc) that are


    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Thanks Olusoji !

      Great question. The cash buyer list you pull in your target market in Freedomsoft we include these types of individuals if they have already purchased an property cash in the last year. Now, to recruit others who haven’t purchased any properties, you can market for them on LinkedIN (recommend one of the paid memberships)Once they respond to your email or comment with interest in good deals in the target market, than add them to you Mastery cash buyers list for that market.

      Hope this helps buddy. Keep it up and get some deals done 🙂

      • Olusoji Oyenuga Reply

        Hi Justin,

        Thanks for your response.
        With FS will I be able to get cash buyer for commercial/industrial parcels on Land in a City that is in the top 7 best cities to invest in Real estate in USA.

        I have the 3 parcels (total about 11acres). They are zoned Industrial and commercial. I have it under option to purchase agreement. Got it less than 20% of its “as is” BPO value. have less than 2 months to close. Have 2 exit plan ( 1. Wholesale now for about 65% – 75% of its value OR 2. Get a partner to close the option with and then sell quickly at 65% – 85% of its value)

        Is there anyway you can work with us on this? It will worth your while 🙂 Please kindly contact me either way.

        • Justin Wilmot Reply

          Good work on getting that LOI . YOU can find a buyer buddy. You don’t need me. I don’t have ANY buyers for something like that anyway (unless its in FL). Its your responsibility to now get extremely focused and find a buyer that fits that unique criteria. How? Cold call EVERYONE in that county that already has something similar and ask if they would be interested in a even better deal than what they already have. Leverage to find owners of similar properties.

          Make it happen.

      • Erik Gardea Reply

        Hi Justin/Community
        Question, can i can pull list of buyers from freedomsoft as you mentioned above with the 30 day free trial or would i have to pay the membership?. I just finished module 2 going for a second time and eager to take more action

        • Justin Wilmot Reply

          I have heard from other members that you cant any longer. They changed what you can access with the free trail. You can also get can buyers from:

          Other realtors in the markets by getting a “comp package”
          Recent solds on any site like

          Make it happen!

  199. Micheal Hicks Reply

    so wheres the marketing agreement come into play?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      The marketing agreement is the initial agreement to outline your relationship and fee structure.Most recently, Some skip it all together and go straight to the assignment contract.

  200. Avery Davis Reply

    few Questions I actually had more but looked back at the vid again and got the answers.

    1) marketing agreement, On the contract talks about the mark up fee so if I want $4k when its under contract for 50k do tell him to sell it for $54k? if they decide they want to split it 50/50 do I just edit the contract and put they agree to split profit 50/50?

    2)title company, Just making sure at the end you said get a title company you mean just in general that I should have one right. Actually doing the co-wholesaler route I don’t handle going to the title company the original wholesaler does all that right?

    3) with the title company that he or the buyer chooses how do I get paid. Who am I sending my information to? you spoke on wiring money which sounds great but a little scary with information in the wrong hands

    4) none the less I’m excited ready to go!! Another question you offered like a website and it was offered after I bought the program. I had just got the money for the original program and not enough for the $197 website deal you had. I just got paid but I don’t see it anymore is that is a available?

    Thanks for the help

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Good questions Avery, Here you go:

      1)It’s not a mark up of the actaul property, just the fee you desire for bringing in the buyer. Just skip it and go straight to the Assignment contract for now. Here is more on using them:

      2) Yes, correct

      3)Send in your signed contract to their title company with an email (all parties copied) advising them to out you on HUD. Clear this with your fellow wholesaler FIRST though.

      4) It may still be available to you. We can check so please email support and we will follow up with you there.

  201. Yoel Garcia Reply


    If i have a double assignment a to b to c
    That is wholesaler (a) to me (b) to cash buyer (c)
    Do i need to do a double closing or can the two assignments be done in one closing?



    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      In most states, you can do a double assignment in ONE closing. Good question.

  202. Yoel Garcia Reply


    thank you so much for the steps it really clarifies everything now….thank you again….thank you for being such a giving person….

  203. Mikel Miller Reply

    Justin, if I already have access to the find cash buyers now list, do you recommend sending the letter to all of them? It’s massive, I realize the more the better but is there a point where it’s not necessary to have that many buyers?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Good question Mikel.Depending on your budget, I would recommend you “farm” the list down to Buyers who have bought just 1-3 properties in the last 180 days.To narrow it down even better, just mail to the individuals who have bought investment properties (absentee owner) WITHOUT a LLC or entity name. So just individuals who are on title with their first and last name. These candidates are PRIME as they are the smaller mom & pops that probably are not aware of other wholesale properties. Which means they are most likely not on your other wholesalers list’s.

      Make it happen.

  204. Yoel Garcia Reply


    need some clarification on the steps
    1-get on wholesaler cash buyer list
    2-check inventory
    3-litte confused here-should I market the property to cash buyers but excluding the address because no marketing agreement has been signed with wholesaler OR should I have wholesaler sign marketing agreement first for how many properties I want to market (whatever the number might be) and market to the cash buyers? swap their info for mine
    4-if cash buyer is interested- (if marketing agreement has been signed then introduce buyer to seller and basically I am out of the picture OR if cash buyer is interested-have wholesaler sign marketing agreement and flex option and assign that contract to buyer for a fee
    5-then close- on the second option of #4 do I have to go to the closing to get paid?

    can you go step by step of a co-wholesale deal?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Sure Yoel.

      1) Build a list of JV wholesalers in your target market.
      2) Reach out to each of them to let them know who you are and your intent to sell some of their deals to YOUR exclusive buyers list.
      3) when they agree, Get on their buyers list.
      4) Copy and paste the inventory you receive from them & edit out the house # address and add YOUR contact info.
      5) send it out to the appropriate buyers list
      6) When a buyer replies back with interest on a deal, immediately go back to wholesaler and get the Assignment contract signed (Optional: Marketing/consulting Agreement) for a LOWER price. This is the step where you create your spread. If they want 50K, get it assigned to you for 45K if you want to Make a 5K profit. Let wholesaler know you have a buyer that may be interested.
      7) Once you have signed contract, you can now sell that contract your buyer for a FEE. Send the contracts into a closing company. Preferably the same title co or attorney that the selling wholesaler uses. (Just ask them)
      8) Collaborate with closing company and selling wholesaler and get paid!

      NOTE: Once your contracts are turned in to a title company or attorney, THEY will let you know your next step. Each state and closing is different. Your ONLY job is to get inventory in front of cash buyers and GET CONTRACTS SIGNED.

      Here is exactly how to use assignment contract:

      Great question and hope this helps.

      • GAMAL DARWISH Reply

        1) wholesaler 1, will have a contract for 40 K on a house that has ARV 100 k.
        2) co-wholesaler ( me) will post the deal to my cash buyers , and I got interested buyer who would like to look at the deal. I have no idea what he/she would like to offer price wise. How would I suggest a price to wholesaler 1 on my assignment contract to him.
        3) assignment contract or agreement does state only assignment fee , meaning I am agreeing to pay wholesaler 1 a fee ( say 10 K for his original contract that has a specific purchase price) .
        4) should I ask wholesaler to first disclose his purchase price and see if his willing to assign it for 5-10 K?
        5) wholesaler request 2500 .00 non refundable fee at signing within 48 hrs.
        6) am assigning my assignment contract to end buyer with a second assignment contract and collecting up fee. ?
        I am sorry for asking some crazy questions . it all sound good but need deep thinking .
        thank you sir

        • Justin Wilmot Reply

          Hey Gamal. Its all good, they are good questions.

          Look at it like this. “10hw Wholesaling ” is the SAME thing as wholesaling houses traditional EXCEPT your inventory (Properties/deals) are coming from OTHER WHOLESALERS rather than motivated seller. They have the purchase contract with the seller. They can assign that contract to you. YOU can then assign that contract to another buyer for a fee.

          We use the Assignment contract to get their deal assigned to us at the LOWEST price we can. In doing so we create our Profit. The difference between the total assignment price to use and the assignment fee our buyer is willing to pay is the profit. Thats it,

          Now every deal will have it own unique situation or negotiation, but just get Contract A with your wholesaler as low as possible (45K) and assign it tour buyer for 5K. Total 50K investment for your buyer. Send ALL contracts into closing attorney/company and let them do the rest. They will let you know if there is anything else they need from you or your buyer.

          hope this helps. Make it happen

          • GAMAL DARWISH

            Hi Justin
            wholesaler1 agreed to assign his contract for 10 K ( his purchase contract for 40 K) so agreed
            the above is standard assignment agreement.
            now my end buyer willing to pay 60 K for this property, that is spread of 10 k for me.
            I am going to do – double assignment agreement Am assign to him my assignment agreement that I signed with wholesaler.? so it will state again I am assigning my original assignment agreement ( to the original purchase agreement) .
            assignment -1 has 10 K fee
            assignment -2 has additional 10 K fee
            purchase contract – 40 k
            all DOCS goes to same title company representing buyer or seller) everyone gets paid at closing at closing . if the end buyer willing to pay 25 % of my fee upfront , should I ask him to write the check directly to me and if for whatever reason he could not come up with fund to close he loses his upfront fee.
            I got a buyer saying that the check will be written to his lawyer and held in his escrow until closing. how would he loses his deposit if his own lawyer has it ?
            I could assign purchase contract, but can I assign ASSIGNMENT AGREEMENT ? just need to confirm
            please advise.

          • Justin Wilmot

            Yes as long as the Assignment contract “IS Assignable”. See previous comment I just responded to.

          • Erik Gardea

            So on top of my 5k assignment fee. I would still get the 50% assignment fee from the whole selller. For example lets say Wholesaler gets the contract for 30K and he agrees to go 50/50 after he assigns the contract to me for 40K and I (co-wholesaler) turns around and sells the contract to a buyer for 45. At the end of the day i walk out of the closing with 10k.

            Or is that the 50/50 is attainable by me talking down the price of the wholesaler to 35k and i (co-wholesaler) sell it to the buyer for 40k? and thats 50/50?

            The top one would obviously seem like the way to go

          • Justin Wilmot

            Hi Erik. No its just the assignment fee. Please see the comments below and in Mod 1 and here that I just answered a few times for the same question.

            Get the property assigned to you at a 35K and assign that Assignment agreement of 35K to your cash buyer for 45K. There is your 10K. Boom!

            Make it happen.

  205. Ray Flores Reply

    Great info in module2. I do need to go over it again. I need to set up my action plan. Thanks

  206. Dorothy Brown Reply

    Hello Justin… I am waiting for your reply about all my questions . I sent an email a few days ago after you ask “is there any way we can help”

    I know yo are busy, I await your reply to my email.

    Thank you

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      You should be all set as we/I answered them last week. Let us know if you need anything else Dorthy and talk soon 🙂

  207. Marc Leone Reply

    just finished mod 2.A lot of content their.I still have a box of bandit signs and stands from 2012.I still have my buyers list from then also…thinking about calling some of then…can’t hurt right? My cousin”s husband is also A RE attorney and has offered his services for advice,hopefully when I start doing deals it will be more than advice..but more hands on help.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Good stuff Marco. Please, dont “think” about calling those buyers. Just call them. No matter what. A buyers list is everything in this business. In regards to your attorney connection for possible team member, that is great and you can definitely use them in your ventures, but please remember how important it is that you speak and consult with an attorney that is already ACTIVE in the creative real estate business and currently closing deals for wholesalers in that market. Investor magazine came out with an article recently stating a nationwide survey that only about 1% of attorneys in the country are currently specializing in creative real estate and closing investor and wholesale deals regularly. Just ask other wholesalers and REIA’s in your target market who they are using.

    • Larry Sarner Reply

      Great info in mod 2. Going to hit it again. Thanks!