Module 1 » SMART Wholesaling For The New Rich

Module 1 »
SMART Wholesaling For The New Rich

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After years of successful rehabbing and wholesaling, I was still feeling frustrated and over-worked. I realized that there was a smarter way to do this. A way that allowed me to spend time with my family, travel, surf to my heart’s desire, and enjoy a nice income and financial freedom without working myself to death, or taking huge risks.

My goal was a workable system that would:

  • Give me an endless amount of inventory
  • Drastically reduce my hours spent working
  • Continue to make a ton of money
  • Enjoy multiple “Mini-retirements”
  • Experience the freedom to do what I want, when and where I want
  • Have little to no marketing costs
  • And risk NO more of my own money, credit or assets

That’s what I created with the 10 Hour Wholesaler System. A model that simplifies things by picking the Low-Hanging Fruit – it clears out any and all of the unnecessary crap, and strips wholesaling down to the very essence of what it really needs to be – a money-making machine that doesn’t own you or control your life.

Think of 10-Hour Wholesaling as smarter wholesaling for the “New Rich”.

In Module 1, I’m going to deconstruct wholesaling, co-wholesaling, and what I call “SMART wholesaling for the New Rich.” You’ll learn my top sources of sellers and buyers, what O.P.I. is and why it’s critical to your 10 Hour Wholesaling success, plus much, MUCH more!

Alrighty, ready to get cracking? Great!

Click below to watch the video now

Congrats on making through Module1, your next step is Module 2. Go to the resources page to check out any of the sample forms and docs, templates, and websites mentioned in the video.

Leave your thoughts, questions, and comments below.

Let us know how we can help you.

Happy 10 Hour Wholesaling! 🙂

PS – Interested in learning about my 1-on-1 Mastery Coaching Program? Watch this Video.

517 Responses to “Module 1 » SMART Wholesaling For The New Rich”

  1. Lipscomb Obasohan Reply

    Hey Justin, wanted to ask if you had a copy of the marketing agreement? I do not see it in the resources section. Thanks!

  2. Phillip Sizelove Reply

    Just finished with module 1 looks great. Hungry for more training on to module 2!! Excighted to change my life there is no going back!

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Love your drive and public commitment Phillip. We are here for your support.

      • Alan Arnett Reply

        Module 1 was great! Doing Module 2 is next up. I can this being apart of Real Estate for as long as I have I KNOW this will work. Being new to this side of the industry I am glad I am here to get a plan of action. It is really nice how it is laid out. Looking forward to closing my first deal using this plan by the 15th. That is a personal goal.

      • Tene Young Reply

        Hi Justin, I just finished module 1 and it was awesome.Im looking forward to module 2 tomorrow. thanks so much for sharing this knowledge with us. I have 1 question regarding the US lead list do you use their letters at the xtra cost or do you send your own letters? Do you have a sample inherited home/probate letter you could email to me? Thanks for eveything

        • Justin Wilmot Reply

          Excellent Tene! No, we use and the short script handwritten postacrd.

  3. Taylor Waters Reply

    Justin, – Did I miss it – or is there a checklist somewhere of what to do first – want to do second – what to do third…that I can review and just go down the list getting my ducks in a row. I thought you had one.


    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Yes and building your cash buyers list in your target market is priority number ONE buddy. Make it happen!

  4. Stephanie Berol Reply

    Wow! So much great information! I appreciate how you laid everything out in terms of what exactly wholesaling is and how to find the best deals.

    I am excited to move onto Module 2 and to put this knowledge into action!

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Awesome Stephanie Glad you enjoyed it:) Welcome to the community we are here for your support. Make it happen

  5. Lipscomb Obasohan Reply

    Is there a form that we need to have signed by the wholesaler before we send to our buyer? Please help, I am ready to take action now!

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Yes, the Assignment contract. Make it happen!

  6. Stephen Hoelscher Reply

    I am not quite sure how to fill out the Buyers side Agreement. Is there a place I can go to see an example?

  7. Mark Guerette Reply

    Where do we find the agreement between myself and the wholesaler that insures our commission. And is there an agreement between myself and investor to prevent him/her to jump over us and go directly to the wholesaler without us knowing?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Module 2 Should clear that up for you Mark. There are no commissions buddy. Your profit is the difference between your buy side and your sell side.

  8. Sammy Gallegos Reply

    Hello Justin, Here we go. My wife bought this course for me last year. I have been wholesaling properties the hard way. Driving to 30 to 40 properties a week,taking pictures,ect. I was going through all the courses she has bought me and I came across this 10 hour wholesaling course. So here I am and I’m ready to put your course to the test. I will keep you informed on my progress!!

    Thanks Justin

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Awesome buddy! Your life is about to get a whole lot easier. We are here for your support! Make it happen

  9. Jacques Midouin Reply

    Wow…great stuff! I cant wait to work towards my 1st deal!

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Awesome! Keep that fire burning, plan your week out in advance and take daily action! Make it happen

    • Sam Robles Reply

      Hi Justin first and for most let me say THANK YOU!, THANK YOU!, THANK YOU!. I have been working to set up my business for 1 year but had not found the right course to guide me through this process as step by step by step as you have in these pass two modules. last night when I purchased you program I couldn’t sleep I was so beside myself. I have all my duck finally in a row thank you I know that this material is going to take some time to finish but I’m should that when I’m done I will have accompliced my year long goal thank you and keep up the good work.. Sam

      • Justin Wilmot Reply

        I love to hear that Sam! AWESOME:) Keep that fire burning. Plan your weeks in advance and take daily action. Make it happen

    • Jim Schrader Reply

      Ok, a rookie here. Finished module 1 a second time. First time was as clear as mud. Went after the action list…Ordered book…did downloads…Got Linkedin (rookie mode :)) Gotta find a REIA group closer to home. Second time was a bit clearer. Going to learn and take action on “My Top Motivated Seller Sources”. Going to a couple of Real Estate brokers tomorrow before work to see if they’ll hook me up with a badass Reo/HUD/foreclosure broker. Not the first time I’ve felt like a fish outta water in my life, but you explain things really well!

      Justin, am I going to have to buy the course on http://www.Private that Patrick talks about to get a Cash Buyers list?

      Thanks, Jim

  10. Candace Edmonds Reply

    Two things come to my mind…been training in wholesaling for about a year with others. No one ever said we could wholesale to a ‘retail buyer’ before. Could you expand more on doing that. The funds I get are free IF the day I close on the loan, I have my buyer there to close the same day. If I buy from a bank, they take awhile to close…and my buyer is getting their money from a bank (retail buyer) ‘timing’ a same day closing could be close to impossible. Where/What am I missing, or misunderstanding. Thanks!

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Hey Candance!There are retail buyers out there that have CASH. Make it happen

  11. Gerard Schicker Reply

    Hello Justin,

    My name is Sean Schicker. I am Gerard Schicker’s son! I am 23 years old currently finishing out my degree at the University of North Texas. My mother wanted me to learn how to whole sale and do tax liens in real estate. I am fairly familiar with real estate as the majority of the books I read are along the lines of Robert Kiyosaki, Og Mandino, Tony Robbins and the like.

    I am currently working through module one and after the introduction have set a goal of being financially independent by 25 and owning my own gym; this is my true passion, the health and fitness industry. I feel that within 30 days from yesterday, I should be able to close on a minimum of one deal.

    I am writing here because I want to be held accountable and stay motivated so I can finish my last semester of college with some cash flow instead of cash withdrawals.

    I hope this comment finds you well and I hope to see you at the top!

    Sean Schicker

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Awesome Sean! So great to hear your public commitment and dedication. This is going to be a game changer for you! Make it happen

  12. Barbara Miller Reply

    Such good info, even more than I’ve heard of before in other courses.

  13. Maureen Jebbison Reply

    Hi Justin’ Maureen J. here.

    Since i have joined i have been off work faced with breathing difficulties. I have gone through module 1 and slowly going through it again. It has been a bit of a challenge staying focused because, i live in a small apartment which has 3 skylights no windows. As you know heat rises to the top and we have been experiencing very humid weather for the most part.

    Real Estate is expensive, so my sons and i opted to move to the next city which has better air quality, and i have been searching for a month now to find a home, this time with windows.

    I just wanted you to know that i haven’t quit. I will be in touch, once i am settled.

    Thank you and the team for the support.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Welcome Maureen! I love your commitment We are here for your support.

  14. Timothy Personius Reply

    Lots of info to digest in mod #1 & I was pleased to learn that it is foundational info…looking forward to mod #2!! Great stuff here.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply


  15. Pauline Bunyan Reply

    Justin thank you for sharing the information of the 10 Hour Week wholesaling Program. I am very interested in getting the information in detail and working it and taking action.

    I previously tried wholesaling a deal years ago and was very successful, so I am very grateful for you sharing.

    Now I am taking immediate action. Thank once again for your details.

    Pauline Bunyan

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Awesome and welcome! We are here for your support! Make it happen

  16. William Wood Reply

    i have a house I can not get rid of. bad area in INDINAPOLUS 2260 Adams St. anybody interested call ALSO I am interested in your coaching but this house has me stopped, thanks Justin

  17. Timothy Dixon Reply

    I am ready and excited to implement this system, so that I could be financially free. Thanks

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Great attitude Timothy!

  18. Ramel Edwards Reply

    My question is. Should my company have the name “real estate investment? For example”Joe Bob’s real estate investment”.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      I would recommend so Ramel! It’s clear, to the point and says what you do.

      • Ramel Edwards Reply

        Thanks bro.

  19. Christopher DeShazer Reply

    WOW, this is EXACTLY what I am looking for. I am so pumped and ready to get started! First time investor here and I am ready to get to work!
    I would love to work with any other wholesalers. You can email me at

    LETS DO THIS!!!!


    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Awesome Chris! SO happy to have you and your positive attitude in the community.

  20. Stephan Pona Reply

    Just finished Mod#1. Lot’s of great information as well as resource’s to assist in the business. Look forward to tackling Mod#2 after I complete some of the action steps. Just need to get over the hurdle of doing my first deal!

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Awesome Stephan. Make sure you watch Module 2 and write down your plan of action very clearly. Make it happen

  21. Mark Gallashaw Jr Reply

    Very complete for me. Motivated!

  22. Catherine Flynn Reply

    Hi Justin,
    These are wonderful insights and learning about Wholesaling. I’ve attended and spend so much in Real Estate seminars and education and all they wanted is more money for further education that cost an arm and leg, but here you are teaching all these detailed information in 2 modules. I have seen the 1st module and it is very informative. Thank you. I have a question though regarding creating an entity (LLC). I am wondering when doing assignment and contracts, this would be the used name on the contract? Also when sending mail to motivated sellers and cash buyers, would you suggest the LLC or use the real name?

    Thank you for your response!

    Best regards,

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Thanks I am glad to hear it , Catherine. Yes, use your LLC when putting a property under contract. When you send out mailers use a real name but you can always reference your LLC. Glad to have you in the community.

  23. Unaray Sims Reply

    Wanted to know more about retail buyers or hedge funds managers

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Retail cash buyers should be your primary focus right now Unaray. Hedge funds are done buying for the most part un till the next market correction.

  24. Olugbenga Ajayi Reply

    Great. I’m in, fired up, and ready to go!

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Excellent Olugbenga! Glad you joined us and we look forward to hearing of your progress along the way. Make it happen

  25. Chesnel Henry Reply

    Hi Justin,

    Can you please be more specific as to how to join local REO.?
    There are so many sites that come up as soon as I type the Acronym REO or local Real Estate Organization.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      You might be confusing the two. If you are looking to join a REIA (Real Estate Investors Association) google REIA in your area. If you are referring to REO (Real Estate Owned) which means a bank owns the property as part of a foreclosure. Just google REO broker in your area and they can help you get a list of REO’s in your area.

  26. Dwayne Powell Reply

    Great information and I’m eager to learn more! I’m “GREEN” to real estate investing and thirsty for knowledge. I’m hopeful to be financially independent one day and escape the rat race of corporate America.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Awesome Dwayne! I would suggest to go through the content one more time and schedule your entire nest two week in advance on your Google calendar. Stay disciplined and take those actions. No matter what. Results are right behind that

  27. Christopher Wright Reply

    Great refresher for me along with some GREAT ideas! I was engaged throughout the whole presentation. Great information served in an easy to digest format. Looking forward to starting Mod 2 and knocking off items on the action list! Thanks for putting this all together!

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      NO problem man, thanks.

  28. Joshua Smith Reply

    Here in Michigan I have yet to find a title company that will close with the buyers funds they all want b to fund a then let c fund b, they won’t let c fund a

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Hey Joshua they are there, you just need to ask the right people. Call the title company and Attourney that sponsor and Speaks at your target markets REIA. If they tell you they still cant do a Simultaneous , than just close the deals buddy. Start with transaction funding. Here you go:

  29. Stacey Coleman Reply

    ver Informative And Motivating

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Thanks Glad it resonated with Stacey!

  30. Steven Beauharnais Reply

    Wheres the paper work you need to Co- wholesale

    I dont see
    the JV agreement between you and the wholesaler
    & how do you assign it to the end buyer

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Watch mod 2 Steven and ask again if you still need the help. All of The contracts you need are in the resources section. Make it happen

  31. Verlalia Lewis Reply

    How much is the typical “earnest money” amount to put a property under contract? Should it be more than $100?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      There is no law or standard so It depends on the price range Verlalia. Anything under 50K we put $500 down and $1k for anything under $200K

  32. John Walker Reply

    That was a very good recap of wholesaling, I am looking forward to learning and implementing the SMART approach using O.P.I.

  33. Jessica L. Arnold Reply

    Great Module! Straight forward and easy to follow. I looked in the resource section and didn’t see the “marketing or JV” agreement we are supposed to use while co-wholesaling? I did see the “Buyer-side assignment” are we supposed to us this?


    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Glad you liked it Jessica! when you watch module 2, you will see how we promote the double Assignment method and you will find those resources in the resources section.

      Make it happen!

  34. Everett Bohannon Reply


    Do you or anyone have an example of a co-wholesaling
    agreement. I am working on a nice one today.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Glad to hear you are working a deal! Yes, the contracts you need are in the resources section Everett.

  35. Everett Bohannon Reply

    If I am doing my own wholesaling, should I always be selecting the title company and paying the fees or is it ok to let the seller pick the title company for closing?

    Great module by the way.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Thanks Everett and Yes, you should intro yourself to the very best wholesale friendly title co and or attorney in your market. Ask your local REIA.

  36. Dana Page Reply

    Great start on the module J.W. excited to get started on module 2 asap!!!

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Awesome Dana!! Glad to have you in the community

  37. Jewell Ferguson Reply

    Hi Justin, Do you have any tips or tricks for finding the “Mom & Pop” investors?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Hey Jewell. I refer to the methods in Mod 2. Let me know if you still have questions after watching it. Make it happen!

  38. Alice Jackson Reply

    Justin, thanks for the information in module 1, I have listened and find it very informative. Going to module 2 now

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Awesome Alice!! We are here for your support along the way. Make it happen 🙂

  39. Samuel Mensah Reply

    Hi Justin, which of the contracts will be appropriate for a co-wholesale deal. ….and if you can send me a sample.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Hey Samuel. The “10HW Buy Side Assignment contract’ in your resources section is what you use to put it under contract with the JV wholesaler. You can also use a “Flex Option Contract”

      You can sell either way with using the standard Assignment contract (in resources section)

  40. Larry Murray Reply

    Hi Justin,
    I have been through all 3 modules and am going through them again. I have an LLC set up and should have my websites set up this week. I am eager to get going and to do my first Wholesale deal. I appreciate the detailed information you give us.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Awesome Larry!! You got yourself lined up now take daily actions and you will see the momentum build. Make it happen buddy.

  41. Ray Mckinney Reply

    if banks will not allow one to assign a property how can you wholesale it?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      A simultaneous closing Ray. Depending on your state, you may need to fund the deal. Use transactional funding.

  42. Ms. Ramon Brooks Reply

    OOPS Correction: I just completed Module 1 second go around.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply


    • Carolina Henry Reply

      Hi Justin,
      I finished module 1 and 2 and I really appreciate all the information and the time and energy you put into them. I’m on your low information diet high dose of action ; ) I have my website up along with separate squeeze pages for my buyers and sellers I’m currently working on my pipeline at this time for co-wholesalers, buyers and sellers. I only have a couple of questions can a deed restriction stop me from assigning my contract?? and if i use transitional funding would I have to hold the property for 90days before I sell to my end buyer??

  43. Ms. Ramon Brooks Reply

    Okay I’m ready to get on the bandwagon; just watched Module 2 for the second time. Lots and Lots of great information for a beginner that can be executed with the right mindset. I will be completing the reading of “How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Excellent to hear that Ms Brooks! Please digest that book well, highlight the parts that resonate with you the most and read those a few times per month. You got this!

  44. Anthony Pounds Reply

    Hello Justin,

    I’ve completed Mod 1 and would like to know is it important to pay for and have a company LLC before starting the marketing and drawing up contracts?

    • Fernando Sindaco Reply

      I need some advice. I have been following the steps and I have met a wholesaler who agreed to split profits with me on 2 properties if I could bring a cash buyer. I have a buyer who wants to go see one of the properties. My question is how do I keep the buyer, the seller, and the wholesaler from meeting up and cutting me out of the transition? I’m sure this is a common question but this is my first time using this strategy so I need some advise so this goes smoothly. Thank you in advance and thank you justin for getting me this far I feel great about this strategy.

      • Justin Wilmot Reply

        Stoked to hear you are working a deal buddy!Watch Mod 2 again Fernando. Get the property under contract with a Assignment contract FIRST. This way you control the deal. Also refer to the previous question and my answer.

    • Vicki Hammond Reply

      If it’s fun, easy to understand and no more cost before I make some money. Let’s get started!!! vh

      • Justin Wilmot Reply

        You got it Viki!! make it happen

  45. Barbara Smith Reply

    I have completed Module 1. This is some good stuff. My LLC was set up a couple of months ago. I just joined a REIA Group and I started reading the “How to Win Friends and Influence People.”

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Awesome , you are on it Barbara! Keep that momentum going!

  46. Robert Vivian Reply

    Anxious and eager to see this through and to see where it leads me!

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Excellent Robert! Hit module 2 and let us know how we can help along the way.

  47. Ida Lyons Reply

    Hi Justin,
    I finally put aside time to listen to Mod 1, pausing and taking down notes and am very pumped going into Mod 2!!

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Great Ida. Make sure you follow up with module 2 and write down your plan of action very clearly. make it happen!

  48. Thiejon Ryan Reply

    I am unable to view module 1. I get 89 second into the video and it green screens and jumbles audio while speeding through the video timer. Please advise.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Try to refresh your browser Thiejon and let support know if you still have issues. All is good on our side right now.

  49. Sonya Robinson Reply

    I just completed module 1 and completed four actions off the action list. My next step is to schedule time to read How to Win Friends an Influence People. My goal is read the book while commuting to an from work every day.

  50. Joseph Hartel Reply

    Hi Justin,

    What if you are a licensed realtor? Would it be ok to sign a Buyers Agreement for say 3% with the Cash Buyers and connect them with your Wholesalers? What’s your take on this?


  51. Tatiana Walker Reply

    I cannot access 3 step kickstart . Page reloads and sent me to intoduction video. Is that right? Thank you

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Try shutting down and re fresh your browser Tatiana. All is well on our side .Thanks

  52. Ricardo Gamboa Reply

    Just got through module 1 great information I’m downloading the material and getting started rightaway

  53. Ira Pernsley Reply

    Hi Justin, I just finished purchasing the material , and IM ready to go. Also, can u make sure I didn’t purchase the material twice, I had problems making the purchase the first time so I dint want to be charged again. But I’m very excited

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Awesome Ira and welcome. Yes, in the meantime just make sure you didn’t receive two of everything (logins etc..)

  54. Chua Vang Reply

    2016 will be a big year for me, I’m aiming for 100k next year!

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Love it, keep that fire burning Chua and you WILL.

  55. Grace Hargrove Reply

    Hi Justin:
    A lot of these bank owned foreclosure properties are short sale which can take months. In this case these are not ideal for making offers or is there a way of going around this?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Yes, dont deal with Short sales. 🙂

      REO’s/foreclosures are still a valid play, but direct to seller is best (direct mail with yellow postcard to Inheritance list and others)

      Make it happen

      • Saimplice Deravine Reply

        Great Lesson Justin, I just finish Module 1, and i feel like
        I m empower by you already; thank’s a lot i m looking forward to learn more in Module 2


        saimplice Deravine

        • Justin Wilmot Reply

          Thats awesome the hear Saimplice! We are here for your support along the way too so go out there and start making this your reality. Talk soon!

  56. Steven McNeel Reply

    Dear Justin,

    You say that with wholesaling, we sell the contract to an ALL CASH buyer…is all cash necessary? What about offering a lease/option or seller financial to the seller?

    It seems to me that my exit strategy should be in accordance to what the original seller wants. I remain,

    your most Humble Servant and New Student,

    Dr. Steven McNeel,
    Boise, Idaho

    McNeel Marketing LLC

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Hey Steven.

      In this model, its all cash unless your fellow JV wholesaler has a deal available with terms, than sure. Of course .

      Make it happen buddy!

  57. Deborah Sims Reply

    OK i am an LLC now and have read how to book by Dale Carnegie. planning on adding this to business plan of our own blossoming real estate investimg. also have POF of $500,000. I AM GOOD,huh. LOL cant wait to see where I go!!!!

  58. Andy Sutton Reply

    Hi Justin,
    Hi Patrick,

    Just finished watching Module 1 and already have a question. Early on in the training module, you said that a person could wholesale property nationwide but how do you handle the closings, develop connections with R.E. attorneys and agents? Can you still claim you’re a local investor? So basically, I’m asking if I can live in St. Louis and wholesale property in Maryland.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Hi Andy. Its really simple.

      Ask other wholesalers what title att/company they use and reach out to them.

      yes, if you are doing deals in a virtual market are you not active in that market?

      Best advise Andy is to remind you in order to build a brick wall, you can only build it one brick at a time putting a brick in the right place at the right time.

      I built this training like a brick wall. All you have to do is apply it IN OPRDER 🙂

    • Luis Fuentes Reply

      How you doing Andy? I would like to invest in the St. Louis area more. I already own a cash flowing property in area code 63137. You mentioned you’re located in St. Louis? I’m currently located in Miami, Florida. Let’s connect. Me email is Looking forward to your response buddy.

      • Justin Wilmot Reply

        Keep up the networking and collaboration guys…

  59. Lesly Jean Baptiste Reply

    Hi Justin can you help me my neighbor thinking about to sell his house can you help me constructed a deal with him his is coming to talk to me in a few days

    • Justin Nash Reply

      Done with module 1 know focusing on finding my first property and making this program happen thanks for the information and help so far.

      • Justin Wilmot Reply

        You rock Justin. Keep up the momentum!

  60. Joseph Hartel Reply


    Is there anyone in the Greater Houston area that wants to network?


    • Meena Chandani Reply

      Jeseph Hartel

      I would like to network. I live in Greater Houston.
      contact me at
      Thank you


      • Patrick Riddle Reply

        Hey Meena, we LOVE seeing members networking here in the community! 🙂

        – Patrick

        • Fernando Sindaco Reply

          Hi Patrick Im a new member and Iv been following the system for a few days and things are moving faster than I thought. I have a wholesaler who I found a cash buyer for but now I need advice before moving to the contracts. I dont want to make a mistake so how can I talk to someone today about the details so this goes smoothly? Thank you all for all you do and I hope to hear from you soon.

          • Justin Wilmot

            Great work Fernando on getting a deal in negations in just a few days!!!

            Best advise, FEEL THE FEAR and do it anyway. You WILL make mistakes. No such thing as perfection. Just follow the system and the rest will work its self out. Trust me.

            make it happen.

  61. Theresa Hill Reply

    Module 1 was a recap module for me I appreciate going over what I already studied. It let me know that you know what you are talking about will schedule time tomorrow for Module 2. I am excited to get started.


  62. Andrew Bishop Reply

    Hi again Justin! just wanted to know your thoughts on a deal im looking at. The seller is motivated to sell a property he owns outright but im thinking instead of getting a cash buyer to buy and becuase he(the seller) is tied up with money so cant afford the repairs to fix and flip himself. However, we were discussing the option of me fronting the costs for the repairs, which i do have the capital for, then after selling having my repair costs paid back and splitting the remaining profits 50/50. What kind of contract would i use to establish this, is it something you have done or would or wouldn’t recommend doing? any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks again for helping me make it happen!

  63. Bea Archer Reply

    Hey Justin ,
    This is Bea Archer and I am ready to get started and you are my mentor it said so please get back to me.

  64. Brendalyn King Reply

    I’m so ecstatic about this program, however I’ve been waiting 2-3 days for a response to my question. I sent to support.

  65. RAQUEL SIMS Reply

    Done with Module 1. One module away from kicking into high gear. I am ready!

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Nice Raquel. As you take action, just follow the step-by-step process… and let us know how we can help.

      – Patrick

  66. Barbara John Reply

    So far, so good. Seems simple enough. I am hoping to make enough money to help one son go off to college, and one son get a new truck.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Those are great reasons to start closing deals and making money.

      Follow the training step-by-step and let us know how we can help along the way.

      – Patrick

  67. Andrew Bishop Reply

    Hi Justin, I’m looking now into going into other markets (states). I’m not a US resident but I’ve heard you need an LLC for each state you want to do deals in? Do you require an LLC in each state you wholesale in, fix and flip or even just Co wholesale? or will one LLC be fine for nationwide? Thanks again!

  68. Abby Zukowski Reply

    Module 1 & Module 2… this looks like a sweet and simple system, Justin. Not at all confusing, seems easy to implement by following the directions. It make a lot of sense to work with together with others, and not be the lone wolf RE investor, doing it all myself. If I can make it work, then perhaps I will have time to learn how to surf!

  69. Martin Blaqmoor Reply

    “Cashflow first” , “Deals are infinite”, “I can” because “Others are”.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      BOOM!! You got it martin!

      • Rhonda Koski Reply

        Hi Justin,

        This is great information, a lot has been cleared for me on mod 1this is getting addicting.

        • Patrick Riddle Reply

          Love hearing that the training is addicting. Now, get addicted to taking action on what you’re learning… and you’ll be well on your way.

          – Patrick

  70. Derek Arcila Reply

    Really good information can’t wait for module 2 tomorrow!

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Just make sure you watch module 2 a couple of times because that is where most of the info is. Keep up the good work!

      Make it happen!

  71. Glenn Crumley Reply

    I’m sorry that I slow but I have retained more, I will try to be fast on this module 2.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      No worries Glenn. Just make sure to watch Module 2 a few times because that is where most of the info is. Just take your time and make sure you get all the info.

      Make it happen!

  72. Duane Calles Reply

    bought in to the program about 2 months ago. starting all over again now. I’m ready!!

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Alright Duane, just let us know if you have any questions about the program or the process!

      Make it happen.

  73. Larry Lynch Reply

    just finished Mod 1 and going to do some serious studying. Now its on to Mod 2

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Awesome Larry! Just make sure to watch that one a couple of times because that is where all the info is.

      Make it happen!

  74. Chyerl Moore Reply

    this seams to be the perfect fit for me. I am disabled and take care of my 83 year old mother. I am excited about being able to have the success you are talking about and being able to have financial freedom

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Awesome Chyerl! You can do this. Just put in the work and you will see the reward.

      Make it happen!

  75. Christopher Settipani Reply

    Good primer for module 1. A question: How do you think the new closing rules going into effect this week (as of right now, though some expect a last second postponement) will affect back-to-back closings?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Thanks Chris. Its going to be a a case by case state b y state bases. If it effects your market right now, than

      1) Use
      2) Assign
      3) Private money for one day funding is EVERYWHERE. Check LikedIn

      make it happen

  76. Lori Dunham Reply

    Hi Justin –

    I am thoroughly enjoying the videos! I’m excited to take massive action, and yet, have one lingering concern that maybe you can help me understand.

    I recently heard that it is imperative to have the correct contingencies on a contract when making an offer to put a property under contract. Is there a recommended list of contingencies I should consider adding to a contract when I approach a seller to make an offer on their property? My biggest concern is not being able to sell the property to a cash buyer and then get stuck with the property that I cannot afford.

    I understand in the Module 2 training, things are different as I am matching wholesalers with cash buyers, and that I’m the middleman. However, I am also interested in Module 1 style where I’m either getting referrals directly from sellers or where I’m reaching out to “For Sale By Owner” sellers in my area and then presenting the properties to my Cash Buyers list. I’m just not sure how to fill out the paperwork (contract/addendums…) in a way that will give me protection, should I need it.

    Also, should I be submitting an offer at the asking price, or should I be trying to get a discounted price? If I use a lease option strategy, I could offer full asking price, right?

    I appreciate any help you can provide.

    Lori Dunham
    Arlington, TX

    • Gina Miley Reply

      I’m new to all of this. I live in the Dallas area. Is there any way you could email me. I’ve been to one REIA meeting, this past Thursday, also there’s a convention the end of the month out here. I feel like a fish out of water. My email is Have a blessed day

  77. Mark Stanley Reply

    Justin. Great listing for resources. My entity is already in place and working with a local Realtor on REO, Foreclosure and Short Sales. Moving on to module 2. Thank you

  78. Tomeka Lambright Reply

    Great information. I was previously introduced to wholesaling, typically same methods, but your module provides great resources. Other programs I have looked at, give you the basics but don’t tell you specifics (trying to keep it under-wraps I suppose). I appreciate you not holding anything back. That gives me greater confidence, that you are laying it out there for us to eat from, if we choose. Excited about what you’re going to divulge next. Success here we come! On to Module 2 🙂 !

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      I am an open book and here to make real difference in aspiring investor lives Tomeka so thank you for your feedback! Make it happen. you got this!

  79. Jeff Wiresinger Reply

    I really like the lesson and can see how it can take it to another level !!!! 🙂

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Awesome Jeff!

  80. Larry Johnson Reply

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    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Excellent larry. Reach out to us after mod 2.Make it happen

  81. Linda Bryan Reply

    Phew! Terrific amount of information. My head is spinning with possibilities. I have printed off Module 1 PDF and will be going over it a couple times to be certain I understand it well. 10 HW is something I can put my head and heart into. Looking forward to working with you.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      So glad to hear your heart is in it Linda. Make it happen 🙂

  82. Jeffrey McCrimon Reply

    Hi Justin,
    I just finished reading Module 1, obtained the book “How to win friends and influence people” and will start reading it today. I’m glad you discussed whether forming an entity was necessary to get started as that was somewhat holding me back. I will start reading the book, get some business cards created, find some REIA to join/network with and of course begin Module 2.

    You made mention of the form “Non Circumvent contract” but I do not see it anywhere on your sites. Please help me locate this document. Thanks for your great information!

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Glad you are reading that material Jeffrey. Its SO critical to read that book and gain the knowledge. Its built into the consulting agreement but I recommend you jut use the Assignment contract. review mod 2 asap and it will be more clear.

  83. Sylvia Leahy Reply

    Just finished Mod 1. Sooo much information. Will definitely go back after viewing Mod 2. Thank you for this training.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Awesome. Make it happen Sylvia

  84. Safiya Gonzalez Reply

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    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Awesome Safiya and thank you for the feedback. We are here for you along the way so keep us updated with your progress and success stories please.

      • Martin Gakuru Reply

        Hi Justin,I’ve just gone thru your stuff and I can only say it sounds fantastic. Actually I feel like am living that life already I mean that similar to your surfing life.
        Anyway I”ve gone thru a lot of bad stuff before and am just hoping that you guys live up to your word.I’ll subscribe to your one on one coaching as I don”t want to make mistakes as I have never done any real estate.

        • Justin Wilmot Reply

          Martin you and I spoke already and you WILL crush it when you follow what I give you on the calls. Period. Take the steps and there is only one result. Time to crush buddy!

  85. Steven Shelton Reply

    How old is this video? You can’t use the buyers cash for a simultaneous close anymore. You can do transactional funding, but you need to be aware of the cost.

    • Steven Shelton Reply

      OK, he explained transactional funding.

      • Justin Wilmot Reply

        Yes….yes he did 🙂

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Thanks for your comment Steve but are asking or telling me?

  86. Raymond Rodgers Reply

    I have done countless deals in my head. Thank you for giving me the tools to actually do one.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Ha love it Raymond…it’s time to put this stuff to work in real world and make it happen.

  87. Lori Dunham Reply

    Hi Justin –
    Great presentation on the info for Mod 1! It was somewhat of a refresher for me, but the resources you recommended are new, so thanks for those!

    I haven’t completed Mod 2 yet, so you may provide the answer, but, when using the 10HW way, how are closings done outside of my local area, especially since this program can be implemented nationwide? If I use the attorney or title company recommended by the local wholesaler, who will represent me at the closing table? Will the assignment fee be sent to me directly from the attorney/title company? Should I expect there to be costs deducted from the payment?

    Moving on to Mod 2…

    Lori D.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Thanks Lori and i do cover that in Mod 2 but the way we encourage is the Assignment method, but your local title attorney will greatly influence your contractual decision. I always say…just ask and you shall receive.

  88. Russell Harris Reply

    This is an amazing program. Great info and resources. I’m working on the take action in module one. I recommend this program to anyone that interested in Real Estate Finding homes. Good luck!

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Thanks Russell, it really is one of the best available. To your success my man!

  89. Ian Christopher Mann Reply

    Awsome! 72 Minutes – module 1. I am setting up my LLC, I have contacted my library and have Dale Carnegie’s book waiting for me tomorrow. Will do Mod 2 Friday night and then review the whole thing this weekend with notepad and pen in hand. Have WEB site in process and just loved your mind set. Questions: What is my “JV”, and I have heard of Hedge Fund but don’t quite get there explain if not already in Mod 2. Very excited!


  90. Dale Rhoades Reply

    Justin this is my second time to go through the module and understand the idea more. I can fix and flip anything but wholesaling is what I want to focus most on and now I’m understanding more. Especially the part about build a buyers list first instead of finding the inventory first. so u would have something to wholesale. But build a list and the find the inventory for the specific buyer. I know I got my plate kind of full but set aside a couple hours each day for this. Got my licensing for freedom soft last night and have the rehab evaluator premium so I’m in it to win and make the most of the opportunities.

    Thanks Dale

    • Michael Galicia Reply

      Hi Dale sounds like you got it all going for you nice !
      Can you tell me what’s the rehab evaluator premium ?

  91. John Randall Reply

    You mentioned a great method of attaining motivated sellers is contacting the court houses in reference to getting a list of properties with different mailing addresses, but when I contact the court house they’re telling me that I’d need a name to look this up. Please advise me on how to go about this as it is greatly appreciated.

    Thank You

  92. Lynda Jackson Reply

    Wow. Just finished round 1 of Module 1. It took me a week because I take intensive notes and often partially rewind and repeat sections. Need time to pause, reflect and take action steps. I must say that this new venture is a bit scary for me. Even when I was in the corporate sector one of my pet peeves was having to call strangers on the phone. This is one fear I definitely have to work on. I can say though that the positive motivation being fed through the lessons does tend to alleviate that fear and provide the impetus to move forward. Can’t wait to see what’s in store in Module 2.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Excellent Lynda! Receptions is a key to success. Love that you are taking such great notes and getting very familiar with the content. It will surely help in your confidence which helps lead into action taking (the most important)

      Keep your attention on the individuals that are doing great things. The ones who criticize you are the insecure individuals who hate to see you leave them where they are. Aspirations of greater things threatens the egos of the weak. Always. Stay away from them. Your future is at risk. trust me .

      Blaze your own path and shoot for your goals. Dreams come true. Make it happen.

      • Lynda Jackson Reply

        Update: Just finished Module 2 first go round. Comment left there, as well.

  93. John Jacoby Reply

    Hey Justin
    I am headed into mod 2 of the 10 hr wholesaler.
    I live in a resort community with 20K residents and housing for 300K. 97.5% second vacation homes. Any direction suggestions. There are no investor clubs. Most REI’s are mom and pop operations fix and flip one at a time. I know there is a outside world that I will explore but, I have lived here 40 years and know this is a gold mine. Thanks

  94. SARITH SAM Reply

    Hi Justin,
    Are you interested in receiving compensation on the back end of the transaction in your coaching program?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Sorry but not without the upfront investment. If I spend 2 months of my life teaching you this business one on one and then you disappear, what will gaurantee me ?? THAT is why I don’t do just deal splits. I learned my lesson once already and won’t make that mistake again. Nothing personal at all..I hope this makes sense.

      make it happen ..

  95. Lynda Jackson Reply

    In Module 1 at approximately 39:12 Justin talks about offering your time, when a divorce attorney might need a testimonial or case, to do that for them. What is meant by that statement. I’m not sure what you are doing for the attorney to accomplish that.



    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Sometimes attorneys need certified, incorporated, licensed real estate professionals on there defense for a case. offer that to them.

  96. Michael Perry Reply

    Justin, I have decided that the best method for me to approach my ten hour wholesaling program would be to literately take in small bites, excellent advise. just like putting one foot in front of the other and don’t think about anything else. thanks. I think we are moving in the right direction.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      You got it Michael! Make it happen. One step at a time. Just make sure your taking daily focused action .

    • Alex Al-'Adil Reply

      Hi Justin,
      It took me awhile to get on board and now that i’m here its no time for procrastination. ACTION! go to
      Module 1

      • Justin Wilmot Reply

        No better time than NOW Alex! Good work for getting back on track and re committing to your dreams buddy. Make it happen

  97. Michael Perry Reply

    Hi Justin, there is so much content that i have to rap my head around all this information. i will need to go through this video couple of times. just to target in on a particular wholesaling situation. thanks again, let’s make some money.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Awesome Michael. Remember repetition is one of the keys to success 🙂 Make it happen TODAY.

  98. Brenda L Alexis Reply

    Hi, Justin, I first want to thank you for the 2 calls from your office this morning. I was very impressed by that it means a lot to me that you reached out to me. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take the call because I was in a meeting at work since tomorrow is the 4th of July. I wish I had been able to talk to you. Anyway, I just completed listening to Module 1 and I am going to choose to learn the 10 hr Wholesaler for now. Since I will be in Mexico next week from Monday to Friday on business. I am trying to do as much as I can this weekend like getting “yellow letters” printed and sent out. I am very excited to do this. Thank you.
    ‘ to go to

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      No problem Brenda. We appreciate our members VERY much and strive to give you only the BEST 🙂

      Make it happen

  99. Vincent Jones Reply

    Regarding the 1 on 1 Mastery coaching, is the fee required up front or taken out of the first deal?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Hi Vincent yes the fee is required upfront in the Private One on One coaching and refunded on the first deal we potentially do together. Nobody offers that 🙂 make it happen buddy.

  100. Larry Duffy Reply

    FYI..proof of funds resource is not available
    Thank you, Larry

  101. John Randall Reply

    Justin will that escape clause you mention “This Sale Is Contingent Upon Partners Approval” go into the addendum?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Hi John Yes if you use an addendum. We typically have it in the Purchase Contract.

  102. John Randall Reply

    Justin correct me if I’m wrong. So myself being the wholesaler in this example. I find a home for sale at $50k and the ARV is $100k. Once I have this home under contract I can sell the assignment to my Cash Buyer for $50k? So my assignment fee would always be the margin or spread between the asking price and the ARV?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      At its core yes, you got it John, but there are many ways to structure a wholesale deal. In this course we cover the simultaneous closings and the Assignment method. In your example, if you want to make $10K on the deal, than you would Assign you purchase and Sales contract (using the Assignment contract we provided for you) to your end buyer for a 10K assignment Fee ($60K total purchase price)

  103. Najmah Hakeem Reply

    I called a cash buyer and did not get to go down the list of questions, they just said: “Show me what you got, there are no perfect properties for investors” Any body have property already under contract in Atlanta? I”m willing to work with you. I am totally new to this, on housing assistance and want to stop living like this. I will work hard.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      First I applaud you for taking action right off the bat Najmah. Spend MORE time in the content and training modules so you are confident when speaking with cash buyers.

      First. NEVER ever go down the list on that script like a robot. Ask that magic question ” so what is your perfect investment property (name) ” ? Fill out the fields as he/she starts to talk about their perfect deal. Size, price, location, build etc..

      Secondly…ONE call is a nothing burger my friend. Combat to make at least 20 Cash buyer calls per day and you current housing situation WILL change VERY quickly buddy. Guaranteed.

      Make it happen. You CAN do this.

      • Najmah Hakeem Reply

        I am a massage therapist working 10 hour days. I barely get two to three calls in a day. But, I did email the person and let her know that I am not trying to waste their time or mine. If they could be more specific.

        • Justin Wilmot Reply

          The answer is to get more calls out Najmah is to outsource all of you cash buyer calls ASAP. Bring someone on board who can be a part of you team for commission based or use one of the VA resources we gave you. Make it happen.

        • Ronald McCain Reply



          • Justin Wilmot

            Love the collaboration Ronald. Make it happen guys. A team is more powerful.

  104. Will Sorrell Reply

    I have had a Co-Wholesaler ask me exactly how the Marketing Agreement works, and I really don’t understand myself. I read over the one you provided, but am still confused. Could you PLEASE explain in detail how this is filled out and then implemented at closing so I may relay that to the Co-Wholesaler and hopefully do some business with him?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      No problem Will. Truly the best thing you can do right now if you don’t understand the contract is the following.

      1)Read it over and over until you do. For me to explain it would mean that you want me to define the terms and parties….”which is just not possible in a comment. I have yet to EVER meet a 6 or 7 figure earning real estate investor (Including myself ) that ever knew exactly how to fill out a contract when starting out. Just DO and your title co will tell you what mistakes you need to correct. May sound backwards to some people, but trust me, just try it my way and lets see what brings you top the closing table faster 🙂

      2) Rather than any fee agreement, Just buy the property via the Assignment contract and then assign that to your end buyer. Review module 2 for the double assignment method. This will make it much easier for your fellow wholesaler to understand who sounds like a newbie as well (which is fine) Reason being is many seasoned wholesalers have their own preferred way to structure a “Co wholesale” deal as they have done Many of them already.

      Make it happen

  105. Shaji Abdul-Wali Reply

    Hi there! I’m a little confused on %12 below list price when dealing with REO in your module 1.?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Hi Shaji. Ther eis no standard 12% below list formula. Can you give more details so I can help further. Thanks

  106. Rita Droz Reply

    I just finished Module 1, took notes and read all the posts. I am very much a step by step kind of person. I am planning on getting How to Win Friends and Influence People from my son who has already read it asap. I am a newbie so I feel I should do Module 1 again to make sure that I am clear about how traditional wholesaling works before I go on to Module 2. I have decided that I want to do the co-wholesaling the 10HW way, period, but I don’t feel that I am wasting my time with a second review because it is important to understand the basics of traditional wholesaling. Looking forward to Module 2 and getting into action. Thanks Justin!

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Get that book asap Rita. I swear it the wholly grail of sales. You need to understand people in order to really help people. When you help enough people (cash buyers and sellers) success happens. Period. Look forward to hearing of your updates. Make it happen

  107. June Rosenberry Reply

    I own property in Cleveland, Ohio. When I go to the Cuyahoga County Auditor’s website and look up my property, my name shows as owner of the property, but the address is the address of the property, not my contact address. Same for all properties. They show the owner’s name, but not the owner’s contact information, only the address of the property. How do we get the owner’s address or phone number?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Good question June.

      Sounds like your county may not provide the owners mailing address. Thats very rare and I have personally never seen that, but every county in the country has their own county public property appraisers site, so Im not entry surprised.

      My first recommendation is for you to get with a real estate agent and ask them to send you a comps package and see if the MLS will provide the current owner (which will be the most recent buyers) information.

      If not…

      Use Freedomsoft cash buyer search option. You will get names and mailing address for all recent buyers there. Once you pull that list extract you target subjects and send that list to for a VA to do a “skip trace” in order to get the phone numbers.

      Hope this helps. make it happen.

  108. Francis Vasalka Reply

    Justin some great info on wholesaling. Particularly the autobot thing for blasting out offers. I like it. Looking forward to tomorrow night when I can get to Module 2 for the real meat and potatoes.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Thanks Francis. Yeah the offerbot is taking massive action! 90% of all wholesaler won’t make 50 offers in a year! Never mind in a week!!! 🙂 Gotta love it.

      Make it happen.

  109. Michelle Stevenson Reply

    I’m trying to access the video but getting error “video not available access denied” can you assist, thanks

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Hey Michelle try re starting your computer and logging back in. We don’t have any playback issues on our end right now. Lets us know and you can always email support for immediate help. Thanks

      • Michelle Stevenson Reply

        turns out since I was on my work computer, looks like there was some sort of fire wall….this program is really good…I’m working now on getting my cash buyer list together so I can start making some deals. really good information.

        • Justin Wilmot Reply

          Right on Michelle 🙂 Lets take some massive action so we can get you out of that firewall trap 🙂 make it happen

    • Annette Brons Reply

      I have a question about the yellow letter campaign. I don’t live in the USA and was going to use click2mail which is quite expensive can you suggest an alternative please

  110. Monica McPherson Reply

    This truly is a lot of information. I now have to get the book, join a REIA and get started

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Awesome Monica and glad you are making the REIA your priority!. Start building your team there ASAP. Make it happen 🙂

  111. Gil Sewell Reply

    Hi. I’m confused what are Transactional Funding. 2.Proof of Funds. What types of property’s their used for.? EXPLAIN SPECIFIC.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Read the FAQ at the link we provide you Gil. This way you get it from the horses mouth:

      This is only used when you cant do a double, simultaneous or Assignment. In most cases, you need the funding for wholesaleing Bank Owned deals.

  112. Ralph Huntington Reply

    Justin, thank you for clarifying so many details of the RE wholesaling business. You really filet the material. Can’t wait for more.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Thanks Ralph. I truly appreciate your feedback. It takes MUCH more effort and time to find a way to deliver content in a simple, digestible way that anyone can follow than just recording hours and hours of me talking about my experiences and knowledge 🙂

      Thank you and I look forward to hearing of your updates buddy!

  113. Kevin Vasquez Reply

    Do I have to have a real estate license?

    I ask because I thought that here in Florida I cannot advertise a property (and maybe even a deal) until I have those things legally under contract. Otherwise, aren’t I functioning as a broker? Please explain to me! I’m new to wholesaling, but I have heard of this.

    I greatly appreciate it.



    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Great question Kevin and I have answered this many times over here in the comments, so please review.

      Simply put, you are getting properties Assigned to you. YOU are the seller of the purchasing rights at this point.

      Dont do all of the BS other people are out there doing just posting other properties all over the place with no equitable interest. Do to the 10HW way!

  114. Cristian De La Rosa Reply

    Wow Justin this right here is the total package, I’m new to this but my goal is to make 10,000 my first month and I honestly think that with the strategies and resources you have displayed here…. This is absolutely with out a single doubt in my mind very possible…. and I’m definitely taking you up o your offer of asking for help if i get stuck lol (this is starting to be a dream come true, I don’t know why I waited so long to take this step SMH but I’m here now and ready to be successful)

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Thats only 2-3 deals per month Cristian… You CAN make that happen! MAKE it happen .

  115. Joseph Hartel Reply


    Do you think making $3,000 on a Co- Wholesale deal is fair?


    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Joseph, whether it’s “fair” or not is subjective to who you ask.

      Personally, I think any amount (whether it’s $3K, $5k, $10k, or $50k) is fair as long as your buyer is happy with the price he or she is purchasing at.

      – Patrick

  116. Keith Macewicz Reply

    What’s your experience been for hiring a VA in either India or the Philippines for taking inbound calls? They’re nighttime is when the US has daytime? How has this effected that task? Or, do you use another source for taking calls?
    If we’re totally new to this, how do we train someone to take calls and teach them what to say and what questions to ask? I went through the training and it doesn’t cover that in detail.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Good question Keith and I have had great experiences using VA’s in the Philippines. large virtual assistant organizations that Service the West, especially the United States and are based in the Philippines have this figured out buddy :-). Your calls will be answered.

      try this company

  117. Keith Macewicz Reply

    You mention using F$’s auto bot to submit offers for REO’s. Then you talk about valuations. So, how to we automatically make offers in MASS and have them at 65% of ARV minus repairs minus our wholesaling fee?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Hi Keith. Two points here.

      1) refer back to the module where I talk about shopping for our cash buyers. If The cash buyer is going to pay up to 90% of the after repair value then by all means I will put that baby under contract for 80%.

      2) You’re not making offers at 65% of ARV rather 65% of the LIST price, regardless of the after repair value. We wouldn’t even determine the value of the property until we got a response from the offer. Again, when you actually go through the offerbot Set up, you will see where this comes in to play.

  118. Timothy Moore Reply

    Justin, I have a personal letter to send to you, where would I send this?

    Than k you.


    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Right on Timothy. You can send it to my office at 811 N. Ocean Shore Blvd. Flagler Beach Florida 32136.

      Make it happen.

  119. Andrew Bishop Reply

    Hey Justin, I have a situation where a co wholesaler has found a property to sell with me (50/50 split) and i have found a guy who has a buyer… so there’s 4 in the equation. There’s a spread of about 8K but there’s also back taxes on top of purchase…is this ok as long as buyer knows they paying MY asking price PLUS back taxes? I’m a little confused as to what contracts to use. So I have an assignment of contract with guy who knows seller, do I then give my co wholesaler the ‘purchase sale contract’ to sign with the actual seller and only their names are that contract? Then do i have a buyer assignment contract with the guy who knows the buyer or do i need more? Who’s names will need to be on the HUD through the title closing? Thanks heaps in advance hope i’m not too confusing!

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Hi Andrew. So what you have here is the Big DONT DO that I talk about through the training and here in the community. 10 HW deals are the SAME as typical wholesaling, but rather than being direct to seller on title, you are direct to the PURCHASER (AKA Other wholesalers) who has the right to buy. YOU buy that deal from wholesaler (purchaser) at said price and you SELL that deal to DIRECT your buyer at a higher price than you have it under contract for.

      Clear out the clutter in this deal.

      You can use the Assignment contract we provide you in the resources section titled “10HW BUY side Assignment” You can use the standard Assignment contract to Assign THAT contract to your buyer for a fee. Send both in to your title co and they will do the rest with placement of names and disbursements on the HUD.

      Good work on just going out there and putting things together buddy. This is how you learn and get deals done. Make it happen buddy

  120. Andrew Bishop Reply

    Hey Justin, I have a situation where a co wholesaler has found a property to sell with me (50/50 split) and i have found a guy who has a buyer… so there’s 4 in the equation. There’s a spread of about 8K but theres also back taxes on top of purchase…is this ok as long as buyer knows they paying MY asking price PLUS back taxes? I’m a little confused as to what contracts to use. So I have an assignment of contract with guy who knows seller, do I then give my co wholesaler the ‘purchase sale contract’ to sign with the actual seller and only their names are that contract? Then do i have a buyer assignment contract with the guy who knows the buyer or do i need more? Who’s names will need to be on the HUD through the title closing? Thanks heaps in advance hope i’m not too confusing!

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Hey Andrew. First thing congratulations on taking action. Second thing do not do it! LOL. Sorry but as I say over and over again in the training never do daisy chains. Daisy chains are exactly what this scenario is where you’re adding no value to either the seller or the buyer. In order to be a 10 hour wholesaler you must always be direct with your own cash buyers and Direct with the seller. If you are co-wholesaling can you are simply direct with the other wholesaler who has the property under contract. He is the seller. If you’re your hosting your own properties you have it under contract with the owner of title or current owner of the property. Either way you’re always direct.

      When you finally get to an agreement all you have to do is send those into your title title company or title attorney and wait for their instructions.

      So once more it looks like this. Your wholesaler sends you properties. You copy paste and email it to your cash buyers with your own contact information on the email. Your cash buyer shows interest. You get the property assigned to you from you’re JV wholesaler. once you have that agreement to you now have something to sell. You can now assign that contract your buyer for fee. You’re buy side assignment contract is provided for you and the resources section.

      • Andrew Bishop Reply

        Thanks so much Justin legend! Ok problem was originally this ”cash buyer” said he was a buyer but was really just sourcing other buyers.. gotta do more due diligence on my buyers list i guess… no problem all part of learning on-wards upwards!
        Thanks again for all your assistance 🙂

        • Justin Wilmot Reply

          Haha thanks Andrew 🙂 You got it buddy! That is very common. Eventually (if not already) you will get a “sixth sense” for that kinda thing. Keep taking massive action like you are buddy.

  121. Richard Crowell Reply

    Howzit Justin,

    Do you know whether or not the Short Funding website will be back up and running. It is temporarily unavailable.

    Thank you,

    Rich Crowell

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Hey Richard, use these guys for now

      Make it happen!

    • Wilbert Dorn Reply

      Hey Justin. Great info on Module 1. Your suggested offer on REO properties that are below listed price, plus making sure it is listed below ARV also is great insight and value to get in the door of the bank. The banks will turn down what they consider unacceptable for there present market values. Thanks Justin, you keep it real.

      • Justin Wilmot Reply

        Thanks Wilbert! I appreciate the feedback and your contribution to the community my man. Let us know how we can help along the way. Make it happen 🙂

  122. Wilfredo Sepulveda Reply

    Hey Justin, great 10-H W System! It’s completely true that your greatest successes will come from something that you feared doing, or you didn’t know what the result would be. There was no clear outcome. You have to learn to detach yourself from the results and fears you have of taking the right actions moving forward. SMART Wholesaling For The New Rich is the name of the game! Let’s do it!

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Thanks Wilfredo!

      BOOM you got it buddy! Make it happen.

  123. Iyabode Azeez Reply

    Hi Justin, I am enjoying your training, is it possible to show me how to fill the contract of assignment, and speaking of the wholesaling again, when I make the deal, am i using two contract form, one for the seller, and one for the buyer. do you have the contract form for the seller as well.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Glad you are liking it Lyabode! Yes, one Assignment contract between you and your co wholesaler (make the provided Assignment contract Assignable) and one between you and your cash buyer investor.

      Here is a video on using Assignment contracts:

      Make it happen.


    We are dedicated to your program. We have invested in our education with others, but find you are actually continuing to teach us. We have had our Craigslist ads in place for our target areas for one week and have not received any interest. We copied the templates exactly. Any suggestions on how to tweak and start building our pipeline?

    Getting ready for Module !! now….

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      I am so digging your attitude and enthusiasm Connie! People can say what they want but at the core of it is YOUR ATTITUDE. It influences EVERYTHING. Good, bad, slow, chill…whatever…you need passion to keep that fire burning. Burning fire yield progress. ALWAYS 🙂

      Yes, Linkedin is your Magic (ninja sword) to cut through the clutter and get right to the serious Wholesalers in your target market. Period. You can get free leads on Facebook, but LinkedIn is much more direct to quality real players.

  125. Michelle Bey-Williams Reply

    Reloaded, and working now.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Ok great thanks for your patience with that Michelle.

  126. Melina Montelongo Reply

    Great info!!! This is the foundation that we have also used to make a boat load wholesaling!
    I’m ready for more…..

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Thanks Melina! So if anyone here wants to know the attitude, mindset, discipline, and PASSION of a successful person than THIS is a perfect example. Melina and her team do very well in their local market of SA. Maybe you have heard of them 🙂 ?

      Point is, she doesn’t have to learn the 10HW to be successful…she already is. Instead, it’s deep within her character to always be expanding, learning, growing and progressing. THIS is what it takes to be successful. Expanding and growing is a life long journey, so enjoy the the ride.

      Always be expanding and implementing guys!

      Thank you Melina for being here and contributing to the community. Would love to hear your feedback on Mod 2 and let me know if you guys need anything or want to schedule a conference call to help get someone on your team building these pipelines for you.

  127. Andrew Bishop Reply

    Hi Justin, awesome course! One question though.. with attorneys/title company, is it necessary to get one thats in the same city as where I am looking for wholesale deals or as long as its in the same state is ok, even if they are 2 hour drive from the property?.. at closing do they or only the realtor need to go to the property?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Thanks Andrew! Yes, as long as the attorney or title company is in the same target market state, its all good. Nobody needs to go to the property at closing. The seller (you) and your buyer go to the closers office.

      Let us know how we can help along the way and keep at it! Make it happen.

      • Andrew Bishop Reply

        Cool thanks! already cooking up some leads 😉
        Do i need an attorney AND title company for co-wholesaling or only when its traditional wholesaling A-B(me)-C?
        I’ve found an attorney that can do double closing etc. but what do i say to a title company, i only need once i got a deal on the table to set up escrow etc.? sorry for the ignorance i’m completly new to this and not from the US

        • Justin Wilmot Reply

          Awesome Andrew! Way to jump right in and take massive action.

          No, just one or the other and yes you should always have at least one of them on your team in each market you are in, so you can stay compliant with that states deal structure and contracts (some states MAY differ in contractual structure in order to stay principle in these 10HW deals) Your Assignment Contract should always be your go to contract.

          ALWAYS work with JUST the same title co or title attorney that ALREADY works with other wholesalers and investors in your market.

          Make it happen

  128. Glenn Briggs Reply

    Justin. Great news, I followed the craigslist marketing for co wholesalers, and cash buyers. 6 days straight posting 3 times per day. Today just got a wholesaler who has property. It works. And I like the new rich way of thinking.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      You are the man Glenn! Way to be a great example for the community.

      It all about taking massive action and you WILL Get results. Don’t just “try” or “give it a shot”. Go all in.

      You did!

      GREAT WORK BUDDY! Keep it up and let us know how we can help along the way. Talk soon 🙂

  129. Kimberly Baker Reply

    I’ve been running around for weeks trying to find a program specifically geared toward the wholesaling aspect of real estate. I went to a free seminar that results in charging 2K for a 3 day event to learn wholesaling and more but I only wanted to start with wholesaling. I took a hard money lender/real estate coach to dinner last week in an attempt to building a relationship and to get more info about his coaching. Initially he told me he charges $2500-3500. Once I told him I didn’t have any money like that he said he would charge $100 for 30 minutes a week! I learned more for less just in module 1! I’m so glad you have this program! Newbies like me are in dire need of it. I can avoid the high prices yet still get the training. I understand you pay for what you don’t know but goodness!

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      WOW thanks for that Kimberley! Glad you found a comfortable community to commit to in order to achieve your RE goals THIS year. Once you have gone through all of the modules (including the bonuses) please reach out with your top three most compelling questions and concerns that you need in order to move forward. We will help keep you on track so that you always know what to do in order to take the next step and move forward.

  130. Anthony Miller Reply

    Oh My Gosh. Hello Justin, Man I feel overwhelmed with all the information. My job is not keeping up with expenses and i’ve made costly credit mistakes and fighting a long battle of bad debt. I must do this because there is so much I want to do in this life and i’m so sick and so freaking tired of being sick and tired chasing a paycheck and trading hours for dollars. I am a total newbie to real estate investing here. I need the Barney level 10HW! But I will watch modules 1 and 2 again + bonuses. I ran into freedomsoft before I found you! So, I think it must be a sign! As I was watching your modules eating lunch I got two separate fortune cookies at my favorite Asian style restaurant recently. The first fortune cookie read, “Knowledge and not doing are equal to not knowing at all.”. The second cookie I cracked open and it had THE SAME.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      You got it right Anthony…Repeat, repeat, repeat until it becomes VERY clear. After at least 4 reviews of all the content, write down your top there most pressing question that you need to know in order to move forward and we will HOOK YOU UP! Talk soon buddy. Push hard and NEVR EVRER give up. Not giving up when things got tough is the number one thing all successful people TRULY have in common. No two ways about it. Make it happen Anthony.

  131. Christopher Islas Reply

    Great presentation and a great book…read it twice and it truly is about going the extra mile for someone because you will never know whom you just might impressed and in turn lead you to an opportunity.


    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      You got that right Christopher! Glad you are liking the material and let us know how we can help you along the way as you implant this in your market.

  132. Kristen Ernst Reply

    Great wholesaling reminders for me in mod 1 and looking forward to learning / implementing mod 2! Thank you!

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      My response to your earlier comment Kristen covers this. Thanks for being here and let us know how you are doing. Talk soon.

  133. Kerry Sims Reply

    I have posted the craigslist ads,don’t seem to be getting any responses,any suggestions? I live in gainesville,FL

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Sure Kerry. Create more email accounts so you can create more Craiglist accounts. At least 3. Post in multiple sections in your target market at least 3 times per week.

      Then, hire someone on to post your same ad for you in your market at least three more times per week. The leads will pour in. If you just post an ad once or twice and just sit around waiting, you won’t see very good, if any results. Get at it hard. Hope this helps.

      Make it happen.

  134. Mel Elliott Reply

    Great material !! I also like the pace and clear presentation of the details.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Thanks Mel! Let us know once you have consumed all of the material and have gone back to start implementing it stop by step.

  135. William R Barnett jr Reply

    Hi I’m really interested in buying and selling my first property.However, when I called to ask some questions .No One came to the phone..also no one has returned my calls..What’s going on? My number is; 510-435-7628 When can I speak with someone?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Hi William. Support is open 9-5 Mon through Friday and we offer EMAIL support. If you want personal coaching, you can apply for that here ( you truly have to qualify):

      You ALSO have this community here to ask questions. This way, everybody can benefit form the Q&A. Talk soon.

  136. Shawnvel Scales Reply

    Wow it was a lot to take in. I am pretty good at following instructions. So I did fight the feeling of just doing it now. I took notes and looking forward to module two. Then after I listen to all of the modules the first time. I will start it all over and jump right in. It would be a blessing to be more financially free. I feel Great about your program. So I you can say I have the Hope needed for success.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Glad to hear it Shawnvel! You are on the right track and remember, you don’t have to get it perfect, you just have to get started. Support and community is here for you while to implement. Make it happen 🙂

  137. Bridgette Bailey Reply

    So I used your craigslist ad for advertising my services. The one looking for investors and this person sent me this email saying DO NOT STEAL MY CRAIGSLIST AD AGAIN! You copied my ad word for word and I do not appreciate it. How would you respond to this, or would you, and what are the reprocussions for me continuing to post this ad..?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Sounds like another wholesaler in your market Bridgett. Who cares! You don’t give up because of someone else’s comment! You Post MORE! You are both wholesalers. They are closed minded. You need to be OPEN minded. Be open to creating synergy and relations with other wholesalers. EVERY industry has competitors promoting g VERY similar messages. Do they stop marketing? Heck no. The ramp it up! POST MORE 🙂

  138. Ernest Hall Reply

    What is the different between Assignment_Agreement & Purchase_Sale_Agreement
    Which one do I have the Wholesaler sign? and which one do I have the buyer sign?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      A Purchase & Sales contract is used to PURCHASE a subject property.

      An Assignment contract is used to ASSIGN your rights in a Purchase and sales contract to a another party. You use an Assignment contract with other wholesalers for a co wholesale “Double Assignment” method. 2 Assignment contract are used to 10HW . One form your wholesaler (for a lesser price than the ask) and one to you buyer for whatever HIGHER fee you have negotiated.

      Here is more on Assignment contracts:

      • Ernest Hall Reply

        how do I find the wholesaler? and how do I find a buyer?

        • Justin Wilmot Reply

          Hey Earnest. These question are covered in depth in Module 2. Please watch it and let me know if you have the same question afterwards. Thanks

      • Ernest Hall Reply

        can you talk about the Assignment contract some more a little confuse with it. so lets say I found a person that whats to sale his/her house which form do I use for him/her to sign first?

        • Justin Wilmot Reply

          Hey Earnest. They would sign the Purchase and Sale contract first. In order to sell your Purchase Agreement for a profit, you will need to use the assignment contract in order to assign you rights in the purchase contract to your buyer. Both contracts get signed and sent in to the title company/Attourney. They will take it from there and let you know if they need anything else in order to close 🙂

  139. Thomas Eck Reply

    Let’s get some details.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Sure. What more details are you looking for Mike? How much of this have you implemented? Where are you currently at in your RE biz?

    • Keith Macewicz Reply

      Justin, thank you for opening my eyes to this method! After going through the modules, I’ve already talked to someone about being the operations manager. Funny thing is, I don’t completely understand it myself, to fully show them what to do. Lol!!

      As there is a lot of information in the two modules, I completely agree with you, Thomas!!
      If there were literal step by every step details in the training, there wouldn’t be so many of the same questions here in the comments …especially about assigning the contracts. See the training video doesn’t say exactly what I’ve been reading here about getting the assignment price to be a certain price to us and then assigning that assignment contract, once again, to a buyer.

      Some people understand general info and their brain automatically can fill in the gaps. Other people need exactly what to do to understand the complete process.

      So, if we’re getting the contract assigned to us, and then we’re assigning that contract to the buyer for a fee, why do we need to set up/make connections with title companies? Wouldn’t the initial wholesaler do that?

      And…you said to do a double closing sometimes, right? Maybe those times are when we’d do a double closing.

      See those little details that are missing throughout the training are pieces that some people need to fully understand the process before they [think] they can get the ball rolling.

      • Justin Wilmot Reply

        Thank you for your comment Keith and glad the 10HW method has opened a new window of opportunity for you.

        With that said we purposefully broke this system down to deliver it as the best framework for you to build off as possible. Truth is it’s very easy to throw lots and lots of content at you, which will do nothing but confuse MOST people. Why? Because it in many cases will not pertain to them.

        Every market, every wholesaler, Every state, Every title attorney, every title company, every cash buyer and so on, have their own unique circumstances. It is physically impossible to fill-in every detail for every unique person across the country.

        You just have to put this framework to work in your market with your team.

        There is NO substitute For just taking massive action with the framework we have provided for here.

        When you do this it is inevitable you have questions. That’s where we can help further. Make it happen 🙂

  140. Gerry Medina Reply

    Justin how are you ? I have a question i have a buyer who is interested in a shortsale i know the agent with the listing . Everything is ready to go i just need to know how to get paid do i have to have an agreement with both or can i get paid by some kind of marketing fee agreement with either the buyer or realtor? I am in California thanks and hope you can help.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Good question Garry. You really should be in control of the deal as principle if your not a Realtor. In mod 2, we teach you to use the assignment contract to do so.

      You may be able to work something out with the agent. CA recently passed a law where an agent can pay referral fees for leads, so check in to that with your Realtor. I don’t have the name of the Act right now but you can email support and we will get to to you. If you started to build your team in CA, than you should already have good RE attorney that currently works with wholesalers. If so, then run this by them.

      Make it happen and good work on getting out there and putting what you learn to work.

      • Gerry Medina Reply

        ThanKs alot justin i need to find myself an attorney to work with. I am now in escrow on 2 deals one is a land deal and the other is REO i am trying to balance out wholesaling and building my Lead Generation pages and get my direct mail campaigns going as well . Anyways thanks for always ansering our questions .

        • Justin Wilmot Reply

          AWESOME Gerry!! Love to hear the massive action taking.

          For a good attorney, just start asking (via cold call or in person) all of the active investors and wholesalers in your market who they use. You can also find an investor friendly attorney at your local REIA. They will be a sponsor or vendor. Please, ONLY work with one of these referred attorneys.

  141. Anthony Owens Reply

    This info is top notch Justin!!! Almost done with the 1st module. Ready to put it to use! I’m between jobs and my wife and I have a daughter due around the end of March. So again, I’m definitely ready to take action and provide for my wife and daughter. Thanks for creating this training.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Thanks Anthony!Congratulations on the addition to your family! That is perfect motivation. Pick your first target market. Build your cash buyers list and start feeding them deals. Implement both modules with relentless and fearless action. Get your own deals under contract (Mod 1) and sell other wholesalers inventory (mod 2) to your buyers listLet us know if you need support along the way. Make it happen!

  142. Valaree Green Reply

    Hi Justin
    Great Review ! The Co- wholesaling Is exciting man !
    I have read the book you recommended twice ,years ago . I am reading Think and Grow Rich now. (4th time over many years) I will pick up How to Win Friends…… again . It is a great Book. Thanks

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Awesome Valaeree. Your ready to consume and implement Mod 2 asap then 🙂 Make it happen and use the principles you retain from How to Win friends in your daily communication with you JV wholesalers and your cash buyers.

  143. Brendan Murphy Reply

    Justin….Love the info.

    FYI…both the links for the POF’s are not working….might want to get new ones and update this.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Brendan, glad you’re loving the training. Thanks for the heads up on the links.

      – Patrick

  144. Sharon Mitchell Reply

    Some how I got connected to “Profits On Demand” Video. Do I need that program a long with 10-Hour Whole Salers? Is unexpected sellers part of 10-Hours Whole Salers?


    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      They are two different programs Sharon that work extremely well together. Not sure what you mean by “got connected” to the video here though? Where you re directed to that video rather than Mod 2 for the 10HW? If so, just log out and re start your computer and try again. Thanks for joining!

  145. Joseph Amerson Reply


    Wow! There is so much here. I have tried a number of systems, and failed.

    I am headed to Module #2. I can not wait to get this in operation.

    thank you and God bless, Joe

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Excellent Joseph!Consume the heck out of Mod 2 and put it to work buddy! Time to crush 2015.

  146. Debra Lacy Reply

    Hi Justin! I am very excited about being a smart wholesaler. Module 1 gave me some much needed insight on wholesaling. I am ready to start Module 2.


    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Glad to hear that Debra! A solid understanding of traditional wholesaling will help you greatly in the 10HW wholesale way (Mod 2)

      Make it happen 🙂

  147. David Hobbs Reply

    Hi Justin, These 2 links seem not to be working when i put them in my browser. Please send correct links. Thanks! Dave

  148. Linda Kohagura Reply

    Happy New Year!
    Just started my free trial for FreedomSoft today. Lots of information. The videos seemed to be rather slow, so I just restarted my computer and router…off to find some cash buyers. Also, checked out the findcashbuyersnow resource off the resource page, and saw a special up for 12 hours on some of their products.
    Thanks Justin

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Happy New Year Linda! Yes, the re start should do the trick. May want to try cleaning out unused content on your Hard drive as well.

      You got it. Its ALL about those cash buyers. I tell everyone to make sure you are doing something every day to be building your cash buyers list.

      Make it happen!

  149. Gunther O Ehrmann Reply

    Great explanation, thank you.
    Absentee owners you mean out of state owners?

    My understanding from your explanation is that we should focus 80% on finding Cash buyers, is that right? which is also called reverse wholesaling.
    Does it mean shopping for the cash buyers? not selling to them?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      No problem Gunther.

      Not necessarily. Absentee just means non owner occupied. The owner of a subject property could live across the street and still be defined as an absentee. (and still a possible motivated seller lead candidate)

      When wholesaling your OWN properties, Yes, focus 80% of your efforts on building your cash buyer pipeline and the other 20% being an absolute pro at your Niche way of getting deals under contract. Could be Direct mail, HUD’s, REO’s, Online lead generation via landing pages, etc..

      Hope this helps. Great questions!

  150. Ronald L. Ottman Reply

    Good Stuff, a lot of it I new all ready. But I need to put it to work for me. I want to do this stuff.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Awesome Ronald. Yeah, Mod 1 is an in depth tutorial on wholesaling the smart way, but Mod 2 is the 10HW way where the new stuff will come in to play for you. Let us know if you have any questions while implementing it in your target market.

      Make it happen.

  151. Yoel Garcia Reply


    How do i get on the hud1? I can’t seem to find that on the I submit the agreement to the closing agent right after it is signed by the wholesaler? Or close to the closing date?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Submit your signed agreements/contract to the title company. They will put you on, but its your job to make sure you are. Make it happen Yoel.

    • Yoel Garcia Reply


      Thank you for answering…so I just tell the wholesaler that I have to be in the hud1 and ask them who their title company/agent is…correct? Do I call the closing agent/title company up and tell them I’m a principal and have equitable interest in the property and submit the marketing agreement to them?


      • Justin Wilmot Reply

        Exactly Yoel! In regards to what you give them for marketable interest is an Assignment contract. We provided one in the resources section for you. You can also scan these threads as I went over this in depth recently.

        Glad to hear you taking massive action buddy. Get some deals done! Talk soon and happy holidays

  152. Joseph Hartel Reply

    Hi Justin,

    What do you think about Freedom Soft? Do you use it? I was thinking about using Real Estate Match Maker for the BUYERS.

    Joseph Hartel

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Yes Joseph and we recommend it throughout Mod 2. The cash buyer lead generation and the comparable sale option alone are worth the fee. We provide you a link in the resources section for a free trial. Check it out asap buddy.

    • Rod Dotson Reply


      • Justin Wilmot Reply

        Hi ….. ? 🙂 Let us know if you need any help Rod.

  153. John Piwoski Reply

    Great introduction, Justin. Talk soon!

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Glad you liked it john. Talk soon 🙂

  154. Dorothy Brown Reply

    Hello Justin, How do I find out if assigning contacts are legal in my state which is Kentucky? a foreclosed home inspector, should I concentrate on talking to the agents to help build my business once I learn how?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Great Question Dorthy. Ask THE attorney in your target market. It wont cost anything in most cases. How do you find THAT attorney? Just find a wholesaler and ask them who they use :-)The title co they use works just as well. They will answer you for free if you let them know your an investor in the area and plan on using them. They will even provide you the assignment contract they have most likely.

      As far as I know, the assignment is legal in every single state, but you still need to ask an attorney to make sure.

      Think of other wholesalers as your source for good deals to flip to your buyers rather than the MLS 🙂

  155. Anthony Greene Reply


    I live in Brooklyn, NY and in Brooklyn 99% of the properties are multi-family and apartment buildings. Can your system help me find cash buyers that are looking for these kind of properties and can it help me find wholesalers who have this kind of inventory?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Good question Anthony. Last month I would have told you to switch markets. Well, I have a Private Mastery member (Only been in the US 10 Years) and just 1 month into this, he has a apartment building pending. He locked up the deal with an assignment contract from the selling wholesaler and has a end buyer that he is assigning it to. Should close this month. Boom!

      So yes, it works in Brooklyn too buddy.

      Make it happen!

  156. Pennylynn Toro Reply

    ALOHA! Justin,

    Congratulation’s on this awesome program. I totally enjoyed Module #1. Very easy to understand, exciting, and your deliverance was clear, well-organized and most importantly, On-Target! . . .

    I strongly believe your program will take my “Staging” business to the next level, by offering my clients various REI services! I’m looking forward to learning about Module #2 and then taking ACTION! OMG, I’ll keep you updated.
    Thank you and have a wonderful day,

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Awesome Pennylynn! Thank you so much for the compliment on the course. I TRULY appreciate it 🙂 So thank you very much!

      Wow, that honestly is an angel I didn’t see, but now that I think of it, heck yeah it can! Let me know if you have any question along the way and I look forward to helping you add the wholesale biz to your existing biz 🙂 Talk soon.

  157. Marc Leone Reply

    Just finished mod 1..a lot of good info there.In regards to a double close (same day) with transactional funding I’m assuming the property will have to be under contract for x amount of days for the funding to go through,right?Also does the closing costs generally get split by all parties on both deals?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Great question Marc. Each state has their own rules, but in any state that you can do a double or Simultaneous close (most states) there is no seasoning as you are using liquid funds at closing. Its all done within the hour/ same day. In my experience, as long as your end buyer agrees to fund the deal via a Simultaneous closing disclosure that your title attorney/company provides, than its a same day close.

      Now, If your in a state where you HAVE to fund first, and you can not use your end buyers funds to fund your side of the deal FIRST, than you have to use transactional funding. Only your funder and title co/attorney will be able to answer your seasoning question correctly as it will be their own local governing rules. Just ask other wholesalers in your target market what title co they are using and send them a quick email introducing yourself.


    I am liking this–getting some confidence. I think I am close to committing . Maybe I go to check the resources and now will tread lightly onto Module 2.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Eva…if you have a “close to committing” mindset, its going to be very difficult to create the change you are searching for. Do you want finical freedom? If so, than it takes 100% commitment of fearless action taking of a recipe like this. Let me know your thoughts once you have review mod 2 and I can better help from there.

  159. Terrence Leyden Reply

    Good stuff, I just finished mod. 1 and it was a good,
    concise rehash of what I already learned.
    well delivered

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Thanks Terrance and yes, Mod 2 is the 10HW Way buddy. Hit it hard and ask any question along the way. Talk soon.

      • GARY GOODWIN Reply

        Good Day Team!! What about banks REO. I’ve contacted some banks for their REO listing. How may I used their list??

        • Justin Wilmot Reply

          Hey Gary. Great question. So not sure what banks are providing you lists, but I will assume its a local bank or credit union. If thats the case, make sure there is no seasoning regulations on them. If not, than start making offers buddy! Pull comps on Zillow or and determine a good offer price. Make offers on JUST the properties that match the criteria the cash buyers on your buyers are looking for. If they want 3/2 ‘s with 1,500sq ft plus, in X neighborhoods, then make offers on those types of properties. NOTHING else. Give your buyers what they want.

          Make sure you have your contingencies in the contract.

          Feel free to reach out for more help here:

    • Flossie Harison Reply

      Hi Justin do we get a list of cash buyers and wholesalers, or is it my understand we have to find these people myself?


      • Justin Wilmot Reply

        Yes Flossie, I show you in Mod 2 exactly how we build our cash buyer and JV Wholesaler pipelines. Reach out if you have any questions while doing it 🙂

        Also refer to the LinkedIn training bonus video.

        Make it happen!

  160. Luis Ayala Reply

    Hi justin I’ve been trying to get some a hold of some type of customer service for over a month. I’ve tried leaving emails, I tried calling the customer service number, and left numerous messages I have still to get an answer back from anyone please have someone reach out to me. Thank you

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Hey Luis. Thanks for letting me know. Not sure whats going on buddy, but we have full time support for our members (regular business hours) and nobody is ever skipped. If yours was there, it would be answered. It may be possible your support tickets are not being submitted or coming through for some reason. Please email Charity directly at and we will get you taken care of.

  161. Beverley Vance Reply

    Module one was good thanks I needed that when you think that you know something and you find out that you have the wrong information so thanks again have a great day now I can get started with being more successful in my business,

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Awesome Beverley! Go out and make it happen! Lets us know if you need anything while you are implementing this.

  162. Peter Berry Reply

    Justin: I understand the purpose of the bulk of Module 1 is to educate us on “standard” wholesaling, an investment route I was considering. One element you left out that I think is significant, is Earnest Money Deposits (EMD).

    I don’t have funds available, so EMD has been an impediment to my wholesaling efforts. Any suggestions on how to deal with EMD requirements? Co-wholesaling, right?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Good question Peter and the answer is simple. Work your OWN motivated seller leads. NOT listed leads with Realtors.

      Now I should tell you, that the more escrow you put up, the more “legit” your offer is depending on the sales price. The higher the sales price, the more $ you should put up. Fact still remains, that by law $10-$100 in most states still solidifies a binding contract. There is no “minimum” escrow law (that I am aware of) 🙂 Wholesalers all of the country are locking up deals for $10-$100 EVERY SINGLE DAY>

      Get out there and make it happen my man!

  163. Gary O'Connor Reply

    Now I’ve seen all this video… So far, so good !!

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Cool Gary. Let me know if you have any question while digging in 🙂

  164. Annette Steele Reply

    Hi justin, I’m not sure what happened but I tried posting a question about what you suggested we do in getting started and it shows up on my end but says it is awaiting moderation. It was last week. Also, I tried emailing you at an email that showed up on one of these pages. I asked you about an email someone else sent me and I asked what your suggestion was on it. I’m awaiting your response so I can move on in the right direction. Thanks!

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      OK I will look in to it Annette as I dont see it here. It may have got moved to another file. If you dont get a response from me soon just re post here and send the question to Charity over at support. Talk soon!

    • John V Peters Reply


      Do you have examples of successful landing pages for Cash Buyers and/ or Co-wholesalers? I would like to add these to my webpage.

      • Justin Wilmot Reply

        Yes john. Those are offered for purchase. Please email Charity over at support for details. Thanks

  165. Robinson Vega Reply

    I have to say Justin, module 1 is a very good training resource and lots of information.

    I’ve decided to do Smart Wholesaling a 100% but I could use all the help and I’m glad I came across your training.

    I would like to say a little about myself.
    I’m investor now for about a little over a year but I haven’t made any deals yet and it’s frustrating at times. I did get a property in another state (buy and hold) its rented now. But by this time I should have been way a head in investing and I’m not. But I will continue no stopping this guy.

    I do have a question, can we do this out of state? I’m not sure but I believe my area is difficult for an a investor. When I go to our members club (NYREl) most the members all agree, its better to invest out state. I live NY tri-state area.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      There are opportunities in the Tri State area abound while some region are harder than others such as NY NY. There are pockets in Jersey that are excellent to focus on such as the “C” class type of neighborhoods where lots of landlords are still buying and building their portfolios.

      Just send out a few Yellow letter campaigns to the inheritance list in one of those neighborhoods, go on some appointments, get a few deals under contract and sell them off to landlords who are already buying deals like crazy in the neighborhood. BOOM!

      Hope this helps 🙂

  166. Terry Brown Reply


    I’m getting DNS errors when I try to access the resources links that go to your 10 hour wholesaling page. Can you check on this? I was able to access these documents the other day, now they are giving DNS errors.


    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Not sure but we will look in to it today. Let us know if you still have a problem downloading resources by tomorrow. Please email Charity over at support for more tech issues.

  167. Ana Garcia Reply

    I gotta be honest, when you said you would walk me through EACH and EVERY step, I was worried it’d still be too vague for me to understand exactly what to do but MAN you really got it right! I’m already realizing how quickly this course is gonna pay itself off!

    One quick question on the closing process:
    when you say we sign a contract with the seller/wholesaler and then assign the contract to the buyer, how many papers will be sent to the title company? In other words, how many TOTAL separate papers will we be sending to the title company? And when/which do these papers get sent to the title company?

    I’m thinking it goes like this:
    1. wholesaler A signs contract with seller (paper #1)
    2. wholesaler A “assigns” contract to wholesaler B in the form of another separate contract (paper #2 aka marketing paper) *then sends paper #1 or both papers to the title company?*
    3. wholesaler B “assigns” contract to the end buyer (paper #3) *then sends paper #3 to title company?*

    Im clearly a little confused as to when exactly are papers sent to the title company and how many papers are involved. Any help would be SUPER appreciated. Thanks so much! Love your stuff! You’re a GENIUS man!

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      GREAT question and glad you see what you are capable of here Ana. When doing whats called a “Double Assignment”, you just need two of the same “assignment Contract’s” provided. The wholesaler who has the property under contract with seller, Assigns HIS interest in the property/contract to you, YOU then use a separate assignment contract to Assign the Contract YOUR buyer for a assignment fee. Turn both contracts into the tile company. They will guide you from there as most of the work is now in their hands.

      If you dont have a “wholesale friendly” Title co/attorney, just ask the original wholesaler they use and he will gladly tell you. Thats it 🙂

      I also recommend asking the local closing co or attorney that other wholesalers in your target/subject market use. They will gladly provide it to you. Ask and you shall receive 🙂

      Good work and let me know if you need more clarification or anything else.

  168. Rich Henderson Reply

    Justin: As I really want to get going into real estate
    investing; module 1 was a great refresher for me in
    the wholesaling business which is where I want to
    concentrate. I can’t wait to learn how to co-wholesale
    anywhere in North America. I am re-reading “How to
    Win Friends and Influence People”; what an amazing
    Cheers, Rich

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Awesome Rich! Even if you apply just a single principle in that book on a daily bases your income WILL greatly increase.


      Because you will be adding value by delivering a relationship to some who WANTS to work with you. Pretty novel idea but its truly rare these days 🙂

      Glad you are here buddy.

  169. Annette Steele Reply

    Ok, I got thru both modules and am trying to start doing what you said “recommend taking our way of SMART wholesaling out of Mod 1 and blending it with the Outsourcing section of Mod 2. This way, you can still build a traditional wholesale business with systems in place similar to what we do strictly “co wholesaling”.
    I’m struggling a little with still knowing where to start… I’ve called a couple fire departments and mold remediation places and still no real leads. Am I going about it correctly or should I be doing something else??
    I know we have the phone call with you whenever we want but I don’t know if we want to do that just yet…

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Good question Anette. I have simple and extremely effective answer for you.

      Buy the Inheritance list from and send that list the yellow letter!

      Put a Google voice number on the letter OR if you outsource the motivated seller leads to a VA, out the number that provides you.

      Thats it. Simple process, but steps need to be done in order to accomplish it. Feel free to reach out while you are implementing and we will help.

      Have you consider joining the Private coaching so you can have direct and priority access with me and my team to help you along the way?

  170. Alvin Clark Reply

    What’s up Justin, Alvin here. My question is in regards to closing. Can the closing of wholesale deals nationwide be handled through my local closing attorney or will I have to obtain a title closing company / Attorney in the state the property resides. This question is for the non co-wholesale deals.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Good question Alvin and yes, you will need to work with a local closing company/attorney in each state/local market when wholesaling your own deals. Its a pretty simple task actually. Just ask a local Wholesaler in that market who they use and go with them 🙂

    • Wayne Christie Reply


      • Justin Wilmot Reply

        Should be fine. Let support know if you still have an issue. Try clearing your cashe and downloading again.

    • John Black Reply

      I am interested in the absentee landlord aspect of this business and want to learn a little more about it. And how much cost is involved with dealing with US leads.

      • Justin Wilmot Reply

        Each market is different John because of it size and the leads that are avaible for the quarter in a particular market. Just email them for a quote and you can give them any budget you are comfortable with. The more you send the better results you’ll get.

  171. Randy Bortle Reply

    Hi Justin what do you think about getting an LLC in a different state than the one you live in, pros and cons?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Good question Randy. Some states offer better benefits for LLC structuring and Managing Members protection such as Delaware. It really depends on your personal goals, but to Just get started, I would recommend setting one up in your state for now. You can always create a new one down the road.

  172. Reggie Greene Reply

    Great review information for me covering Module 1. I already have a Lead source for Cash buyers so I will definitely fit right in with the 10Hour Wholesale way. I am looking for ways to market to those buyers effectively and consistently and show them I can bring VALUE to the table as you mentioned. I will begin reading the book you recommend while moving on to Module 2. I am looking forward to staying action-driven and consistent in my marketing efforts. From reading other comments, it seems that you (Justin) truly add value to your services especially in this training platform! I appreciate it. And will keep you posted.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Thanks for the Kind words Reggie! Glad to hear you already have a great source for Buyer leads. Definitely already a few steps ahead and ready to unload on this! Good work. Let us know when you have any question when going through Mod 2. Talk soon buddy.

  173. Barbara Competiello Reply

    Mario Medina asked a great question but you didn’t answer it. Where do you find a good and reputable skip trace service?


    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Don’t see the comment Barbara and not sure what you mean by a “Skip trace” service .

      If you are referring to a people search for identifying phone numbers for cash buyers and co wholesalers pipeline building, we recommended

  174. Mario Medina Reply

    hi justin . great stuff . this is amazing stuff i have used this exact strategy when talking to buyers.
    thank you kent lol.

    my question is if when consulting an attorney what is it that we need to ask them ? is there certain terms that we need to know when speaking to them? and how do you go about finding one . i have heard even attorneys can give your their thoughts instead of what the law says because they just dont like that investors make so much money crazy .

    one more question what is a good skip tracing system i have 3 vacant homes that i cant find the owner anywhere even payed for a membership to been verified for a month but no luck. what do you recomend and even better if i can outsource this .
    i heard something like lexusnexus or some odd name like that do the search for you.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      GREAT question! Glad you are enjoying the content and resonating with the system Mario.

      You are actually very correct about the “bad advice” from some attorneys , but the cause is typically more just out of a lack of understanding for creative real estate investing method’s. Bets way to get in touch and work with the correct attorney is to simply ASK other wholesalers in your market who they are using. Most will tell you.

      Make sure you ask “Do they do simultaneous or double closings and currently work with other wholesalers? If yes on all three that’s your guy/gal. Email them to introduce yourself and that you will be doing some deals with them soon. If you need any consulting from them before you get started, than ask them about your local real estate laws and what contracts you should be using for wholesaling and co wholesaling properties. Also, investor friendly attorneys that practice creative real estate methods will most likely be a part of your local REIA, so use a Google search to find them.

      Hope this helps 🙂

    • John Mize Reply

      Ur looking for info on ‘skip tracing’ out of Orlando Fla there is company called Smithgroup marquette Smith. He and his people can any one anywhere and ownership on homes. Or try smithgroup investigation. If not grt back witj me and I’ll get u in touch. John. Tell him I sent you

  175. Mario Medina Reply

    hi justin wilmot. . great stuff . this is amazing stuff i have used this exact strategy when talking to buyers.
    thank you kent lol.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Glad you like it Mario. Make it happen buddy 🙂

  176. Yvonne Kemp Reply

    Hi Justin I am a realtor in GA. I love this concept but I believe all of my transactions are supposed to go through my broker. Do I need to give up my license to do this wholesaling. Can I find buyers for wholesalers and get paid and still keep it legal? I don’t want to break the law and loose my license.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      GREAT question Yvonne. You can still most defiantly add this to your business, but by being a Realtor, you need to keep withing your board regulations. I strongly suggest the following:\

      1) Speak with the TOP attorney in your market that all of the other Wholesalers and Investors are currently working with. Do NOT waste your time speaking with anyone else besides that 1 or two firms. This is a niche business and only THEY will be able to guide you, because only they understand the business. Just let them Know you are a realtor who wants to add wholesaling to your current business. Get his/her written recommendation on how to get paid then give that to your broker.

      2) They will tell you know problem (Realtors can wholesale and Co wholesale in any state), but Disclose always and everywhere that you are a licensed realtor currently representing only yourself in each deal as a private investor.

      3) Create an LLC doing business as a “real estate wholesalers & consultant “.

      4) Your always in the clear as long as you are working with (receiving marketing fee’s) from fellow licensed wholesalers. So you just may need to make it a habit to always ask fellow wholesalers if they are Licensed Realtors as well and work with just them.

      Check with your attorney on the above recommendations Just as ALL members should. Each state has their own licensing regulations to be aware of so that you are crushing it in this biz, but withing the regulations 🙂

  177. Ganapathi Venkatagiriyappa Reply

    Thanks, You have laid out the steps very clearly. I am looking to listen to module 2. I need a concrete plan to start with and looking for a mentor to guide, to make that first deal.

  178. Michael Pennick Reply

    great lesson, i think i like Freedom Soft will definitly give it a try.
    Now on to module 2

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Awesome Michael. Yes, it is a very useful tool for pulling cash buyers, direct mail campaigns, pulling comps and more. Cant hurt giving it a free test run for 30 days 🙂

  179. Neil Ellington Reply

    Off to interview buyers!

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Awesome Neil!Stay focused and keep it clean, brief and simple. Always keep in mind that your goal is to add VALUE to your buyers. When a buyer can sense that with your tonality and communication, your business will take off Keep us updated buddy.

  180. David Hobbs Reply

    You say in Module -1 that you prefer simultaneous closings, do you still prefer them over LLC closings?

    Is there any situation you can think of that you would do a simultaneous over a LLC closing?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Hey David. Not sure exactly what you mean by “LLC closings” but I am going to assume you mean contracting under an LLC and transferring ownership of that LLC at closing to your buyer. Either way, I highly recommend a simultaneous close nearly 90% of the time. We assign just the smaller deals (less than 5K profit spread).

      Hope this helps.

  181. Amos Goodman Reply

    Module 1 was awesome! I can hardly wait to get to Module 2.

  182. Lucesita543-3240 Rivera Reply

    WOW! I love the way you explained the entire Module 1. I have invested in so many programs, books and webinars. And I always felt like a grey area was keeping me from moving forward. The motivational introduction and ending was phenomenal! I am so excited! Can’t wait for tomorrow after work for Module 2 and beyond! Well done! I am really excited!
    My deepest appreciation! I can taste freedom!
    Lucy Rivera

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Thank you for the kind words and good vibes. Reach out while you are in Mod 2 if you have any questions. Talk soon 🙂

  183. Lou Andreana Reply

    Its a great morning in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    Lets see how the perfect 10 can create a once in a lifetime event.

    Looking forward to working with your team and system.


    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Love the good vibes Lou 🙂

  184. Luis Ayala Reply


  185. Carol Johnson Reply

    Thanks Justin, this is everything I need. I am ready to get moving.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Awesome Carol! lets us know if we can help.

  186. Jimmy Baker Reply

    Wow! Module 1 has so much information. It was a great review plus some new information and resources. I have moved into the action mode. Whatever action need to be taken during/after each module, that’s what I do! My motto: ALWAYS MOVING FORWARD!!

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Awesome Motto Jimmy! I have a good friend in the real estate space doing well over $10Mill a year who has the SAME motto :-). So your on the right path buddy.

      Please make sure you review Mod 2 before taking any action on Mod 1 as Mod 2 is the meat for Co wholesaling the 10HW way and Mod 1 is a review of wholesaling houses.

      Please feel free to post when you have any questions at all while in Mod 2.

      Talk soon and make it happen!

  187. Aubrey S. Warren Reply

    Module 1 is the bomb! It was very thorough and I am ready to start Module 2. I have tried some other coaching that is not on the same level as yours;
    Yes, I am a newbie and I am sure this is the way to go.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      AWESOME Aubrey! Mod 2 is the “meat” of co wholesaling the 10HW way, so definitely review it as many times as you can stand 🙂 Its been said by many that Repetition is the key to success and I couldn’t agree more.

      Reach out whenever you need us while implementing the steps in Mod 2 as we are here for you.

      Feel free to schedule a free 30min call with me here:

  188. Folly Ekoue Reply

    Hi Justin! I got into to the 10Hour Wholesaler System and I found the first module to be very thorough and all key elements well addressed.Bravo! I’m highly excited.Thank you.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Excellent Folly! Mod 2 is the Meat and Potatoes so reach out as you start to implement if you need support. Thanks for being here 🙂

  189. Al Mallette Reply

    There is more too it, than I thought. I don’t have any questions right now, maybe after I go through the material again. Thanks

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      No problem. Feel free to reach out when you have any questions Al. Mod 1 may seem heavy to you right now, but just watch it 2 more times then Mod 2 a few more times and you will see it all ties together nice and clearly. Again reach out if you have any questions once you review Mod 2 ( co Wholesaling the 10HW way)


    Great refresher course, but just reminded me of ALL the work that is involved in doing it the “Old School” way…I prefer to do the 10HW way. Can’t wait to see what I can learn in module #2. Thanks again for all your help and expertise!

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      EXACTLY Gary 🙂 ! Let us know any questions you have while in Mod 2. Talk soon buddy.

  191. Ponzi Pennington Reply

    First module was great. Really cleared up a lot for a new investor like me. Excited about the next module. As a senior I am looking for a good way to make cash.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Glad to hear Ponzi! Thanks 🙂

      Focus on Mod 2 and reach out when implementing the steps for support. Talk soon

  192. Les Wood Reply

    Great tutorial Justin. I have a question. I know a group that has quite a few properties for sale. I believe they are wholesalers. I also know of a cash buyer with about 10 million to spend that is looking for properties. Is this a deal that I could do and if so what would my first steps be?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Hi Les. In theory, it could be a potential deal, but I would need to know more details. I would recommend you review Mod 2 a few times and get clear if you want to Wholesale your own deals OR Co Wholesale. The 10 HW way.

      I also have a private Mastery Coaching program that you may be interested in. Feel free to fill out the application and schedule a free 30 Min strategy session regardless if you join or not.

  193. Mark Everitt Reply

    Justin: I appreciate your thoroughness in your presentation. Thank you so much for suggesting we read “How To Win Friends…”. I needed this so much! After reading it and highlighting, I was compelled to read ” How To Stop Worrying…”. Both of these books have changed my life. I am now ready to totally immerse myself in Smart Wholesaling. I know now that I have cheated myself by avoiding relationships in the past. It is so liberating to have the tools to develop beneficial longterm associations.
    Happy to say my business details are in place as well. I’m now jumping into Module 2?
    It’s great to have your support.

    Mark Everitt, Property Deal Maker, LLC

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      I applaud you Mark for going at this just as I recommended and investing time into further developing yourself. Thank for the additional book recommendation buddy. Everyone in the community can definitely benefit from that one as well! Thank you for playing full out and approaching this system exactly to the “T”.

      Reach out when you have any questions. Talk soon 🙂

  194. Chantal Allan Reply

    Hey Justin, lots of information to take on at once but I have decided to go with Co-wholesaling because I need to make one deal this month… this will be my affirmation!

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Awesome Chantal! On to Module 2 then for you 🙂

  195. Donald Montgomery Reply

    Great intro into wholesaling, I love landlord buyers, but never thought about the cash retail buyer aspect of wholesaling and this module opens up the periphery to other viable sellers…

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Awesome Donald! Yeah landlords are GREAT. A few members have niche this model down even more by just applying this system to rentals and landlord buyers.

      The “retail cash” guys are golden nuggets!

  196. Romeo Salvador Reply

    Justin, you explained the basics of wholesaling which I believe every newbie gets so confused. This is a very educational module that I think no one else had the time to explain it thoroughly. There are information that others never shared. I like to do the co-wholesaling. Thank you for doing this.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Awesome Romeo!Yep,you hit the nail on the head. I would not be doing a justice if I did not explain the REAL ins and outs of wholesaling prior to sending members out to work with fellow wholesalers. Having a good grasp of the entire wholesaling process is important when co wholesaling. Focus on Mod 2 For the 10HW co wholesaling method. Talk soon buddy

  197. Loralie Tidwell Reply

    Hi Justin. My wife Loralie and I are dedicated to raising out children and being able to give back to help many other families that have adopted kids. This is what we live for and you have given us a path, now we have to walk it.

    Gary Tidwell

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      That is an extremely noble cause and powerful “Why” Loralie. Glad you are here and reach out when you need support while applying this system 🙂

  198. Tien Duong Reply


    Thank you so much for sharing this course . I think this will bring us to the new world of doing real estate, especially to new investors , it definitely a short cut. I love the way you had the course lay out, clear and to the point.

    You are an awesome teacher !

    Thank you so so much

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Wow Tien! thank you very much for the compliment. Anything I can do to help, just let me know.

      Make it happen buddy!

  199. Valerie Johnson Reply

    Hello Justin, Just wanna let you know you’re appreciated, taking the time out of your schedule to email me and give me your FREE time. I want you to know a cash buyer out of N.Y. is looking at the deal I got from a wholesaler out of Texas. This long distance deals are complicated,esp, when you don’t know the value of the properties in out of state markets. Is there a website I can go that has current market values for properties in the U.S.A.? I have to follow your blueprint, select 2 markets and find cash buyers first. I have 3 strong cash buyers here in L.A. county but wholesalers are passing deals with $20,000-$30,000 off market value and there’s no profit worth pursuing for my buyers. what can i do about this situation? Thank you again Justin

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Well thank you for that Valerie.

      First things first. forget ALL of that. Its all already done for you. Just match buyers in a target market such as L.A with OTHER wholesalers deals. Your just introducing their inventory to buyers new buyers who are not aware of those deals and collecting a fee if/when they buy. Thats it. Its up to your buyer to decide weather its a good deal or not. Not you. Make sense?

  200. June Cross Reply

    I am new to real estate investing, I need all the help I can get,so i am looking forward to learning this system about wholesaling

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Glad your here June. I would recommend that you focus on module 2 which is Co wholesaling the 10 HW way. Easiest fastest way to profit in real estate and the FIRST step for a newbie.

      Make it happen!

  201. Sherrick Duncan Reply

    If Anybody Here Has Access To Properties In Oklahoma City Oklahoma Contact Me I Have All Cash Quick Closing Buyers Ready To Take Us To The Bank Cashin Checks Then We Can Take A Mini Retirement Together To Celibrate The Closings Plural.. Or 24 Hr Recorded Message Line You Can Leave A Message I’ll Call You Back (405) 367-9776 Names Sherrick Duncan. Justin I Believe I’ll Be Takin You Up On The Family Surf Lessons Soon Enough 😉

  202. David Indermill Reply

    If anyone in our group has access to wholesale properties in Southern California please email me.

    I have a large cash network of buyers that I have closed 7 deals with in the last 90 days or so from one of my wholesalers I co-wholesale properties with.

    My email is

    Thank You,

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Davie is making it happen guys. Get in contact with him and start doing some deals!

  203. Thomas Jaeger Reply

    Wow, I thought I knew a little but had to learn I only scratched the surface. This is exciting and cool stuff.

  204. Richard Shulman Reply

    Justin, I just reviewed the FreedomSoft package and it seems, and I stress seems, like it does most of the work for us. Am I missing something here? I would like to really better understand the software and the 10HW relationship. It appears that a lot of the wonderful information you are giving is automated in the software. Your opinion here would be so helpful. Thanks, and I love all the stuff I have learned and will be implementing!

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Your correct Richard…it seems that way…but there is NO such thing as a push button anything that will just print money for you. Freedomsoft has AWESOME tools when actually put to use , that’s why I use it daily in my business and promote it to others. It DOSE make life easier, but you still need to review Mod 2 at least three times and implement each step. Freedomsoft will just make life easier for you. Which is cool!

      Very glad this is resonating with you Richard. MAKE IT HAPPEN! Get laser focused on this system and show us your results. I want your testimonial buddy!

      • Sha'Niece Gibson Reply

        Justin are you still offering the one on one coaching?

        • Justin Wilmot Reply

          Yes Sha’ Neice. Good timing actually. Two members just completed the program, so I will be choosing a few more applicants this week. Feel free to go check out the PDF I put together outlining the program and apply to enroll working with me one on one where we will actually build your co wholesale business together if you qualify.

          FYI. Nearly EVERYONE who has enrolled into the program has either flipped their first deal already or currently working one to closing 🙂

  205. Hastin Joseph Reply

    Thanks Justin, this is super exciting!

    I can appreciate wholesaling, but co-wholesaling, is the path I want to follow. I like the work being done for me.

    I just want to duplicate the process that has already been invented.

    I’m going on to module 2, and will be in touch….

    See you at the top!

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Thats what its all about Hastin. WORKING SMARTER…NOT HARDER! This is the ONLY way to profit in real estate with Truly NO risk AND the ability to Truly scale, that ANYBODY can do with no overhead or financial resources. It is SO very powerful 🙂 Keep up the good work buddy and I will see you at the top.

      Feel free to check this link out below as well if you want to jump on the phone;

      • Nathan Kenny Reply

        Justin, your private 10 hour coaching program. what does it add to this course? Is this course not stand alone and complete with everything we need to succeed?

        • Justin Wilmot Reply

          Yes Nathan, this system has everything you need to succeed. Many now have.

          But think of it like this. You HAVE the recipe in front of you, but when working with me one on one, you have the creator and chef to guide you along the cooking process so dinner is served faster…and to perfection 😉 Make sense? I just came up with that…so it may not lol. Anyway, it requires a lot of my time so I am taking on just a few more qualified clients.

  206. Carolyn Jackson Reply

    This was awesome Ive tried to get into real estate for a while but no one has ever gone into detail like you do. I never did a wholesale deal before; but I have an investor that will provide me with all the houses that cash buyers need so would it be easy for right now to go for the cowholesalers? untill I get my feet wet

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Awesome Carolyn! Yes and YES> Sounds like you have a co-wholesaler/ source of inventory. Great. Now just start marketing for cash buyers and build that list ASAP. Do it now and go hard. You are in a great position. go through Mod at least 2 more times and start sending his inventory to your cash buyer list (edited with your contact info of course).

      Make it happen!

  207. Mauricio Jimenez Reply

    Thanks. great info now is time to take action I spit what will happen

  208. Maria I. Carrera Reply

    Hi, great stuff. I’m planning to go to my local REIA in April 16th, I want to order business cards but I am a little stumped on what to put on them. Also, what do think about a website?..somthing to catch internet surfers? I am in Orlando and I am trying to arm myself with everything I can think off, I am foreseeing competition but I am good with that. In fact I luv it as long as its on common grounds. I would like to get some guidence,,,,


    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Glad you are enjoying it Maria and congrats on joining the community. You have EVERYTHING you need to start making money within a few weeks right now at your fingertips.

      Yes, biz cards are a necessity for networking at your REIA> Please, make sure you go and engage as best as your ability when you go. Things HAPPEN when you do.

      A website is great for creditability and will make a lot of things easier on you IF you create and use the right ones the correct way. With that said, its not necessary to just get started. You Just need your email to get the 10HW system moving forward.

      Orlando is an EXCELLENT market to Co-wholesale in. Just make sure you are getting fresh NEW buyers in the market and start building a relationship with fellow wholesalers. There are many in Orange county.

      Look, there is no real competition in this. Its an abundance mentality. You either have a buyer for a property or you dont. New cash buyers hit the market every week, so there is always new opportunity. My real estate business has done LOTS of deals in Central Fl, and we still do today. There are deals to be made everywhere. You just have to create the value.

      Make it happen!

  209. Vic Suarez Reply

    My commitment is to study this program with passion and leave a legacy for my family to be financially independent. To be able to travel with my family and still show them how you can work and play while having the opportunity to see the world.

  210. William Wood Reply

    this is the introductory to holsaleing, what’s next? I thought this was all we needed to wholesale.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Hey William. Your about to learn a much smarter way to “wholesale” in Module 2. Keep going.

  211. David Doyle Reply

    I am a contrator /investor in Los Angeles trying to mak it work
    Its very competitive in L.A.
    Great training,,and Im now implementing youre agenda,,,

    Dave Doyle
    PS Please check out Sothern El Salvador ,,,,specifically “Independencia” for waves,,,,

    Dave Doyle
    Los Angeles

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Right on David! thank you for being apart of the community buddy! Will do my man, my cousin just spent a few weeks in El Salvador. Surf war firing, but so where guns….so probably not bringing my fam anytime soon 😉

      Make it happen !

    • David Indermill Reply

      Hi David Doyle,
      I just joined the 10HW this week and it is very resourceful, and I’m stoked to get it. I have been selling real estate for 16 years and for the last year or so I have been co-wholesaling properties in San Diego and LA County from $300K to $3M plus.

      With one of my wholesalers that feeds me the deals I have closed 7 deals in the last 90 days or so. Send me an email with your acquisition criteria and appetite and I will send you the deals that match.

  212. Brian Cox Reply

    Justin, thanks for the reply. I know you have many things to do and I do appreciate you taking the time to answer my question.

    I realize there is difference between wholesaling and the 10HW. I plan on using both methods. I appreciate your focus on working for the buyer. I know the money will come when I have the buyers in place. Thanks for this information.

  213. Robert Wilkes Reply

    Justin I’ve gone through the first module and plan to re-listen to it again. I’ve taken plenty of notes and will go from their. You were quite informative and easy to follow. A question i have, do you need to have the buyer sign something to ensure he will remain committed to a 7 day closing or hold him so you don’t lose money if he backs out after you put the work in? Do you get what I’m asking?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Awesome Robert and thank you for the compliment. No, always have them put up at least 2,000 Non refundable escrow. Your co-wholesaler will tell you just how much escrow he is requiring for your buyer to put down. We just always make sure its at least 2K. Its harder to walk away from 🙂

  214. Brian Cox Reply

    I have a question about my cost. How much money do I need? According to the video I need to purchase a list from and I will be sending yellow letters. What are my cost?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Glad you asked Brian. Lets clarify. Module 1 teaches you WHAT, and HOW-TO wholesale estate. You need to know this information so you can successfully implement Module 2 (Identify, Build and Outsource) which is the 10 Hour wholesaler way (Co-Wholesaling)

      With that said, you need to choose FIRST, if you will be trying to do your OWN wholesale deals (which is what you are implying in your message) or if you will be Co-wholesaling the 10 Hour Wholesaler Way.

      In either case, we outline both paid source for leads and Free sources for leads (both Buyer and seller) so please review you Modules for more details.

  215. Brice Burkhardt Reply

    Very informative! I enjoyed the step by step process. Especially being new to real estate with limited free time due my current occupation. I’ll be putting this information to use! Nice Job!

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Awesome Brice! looking for to seeing your success. Keep us posted with your progress.

  216. Antonio Chasten Reply

    This is a super great course and definitely makes wholesaling so much sexier.

    I have a question. If we’re going to use the co wholesaler’s title company to close and their attorney, why do I need to have my attorney’s name on the HUD?


    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Awesome Anontio! I am stoked you are feeling it and seeing the power in this!

      We personally have the majority of our transactions or marketing fee’s get wired to our local attorneys office. Even if they are not closing the deal. We do this for a few reasons and we recommend others do the same. With that said. Its NOT necessary by any means at all! If you have your marketing agreement signed with your co-wholesaler and confirm your name or entity on the HUD for the agreed Payout amount…then by all means roll with it. You dont need you RE attorney’s name or services at all.

      You should still create a relationship with THE one guy/gal that all of the other wholesalers are using in your county. 98 out of 100 attorneys will have NO idea whats going on here, as its not what they specialize in. There are many many “Real estate attorneys” but this is far from your everyday first home buyer standard type transactions. Wholesaling real estate law is a very specialized niche, so talk to the people already doing it.

      Hope this helps!

      • Antonio Chasten Reply

        Yes, it does help Justin. Thanks for the reply and value you provide.

      • Antonio Chasten Reply

        I forgot to ask Justin…can you share those few reasons why I’d want to have my marketing fee wired to the attorney’s office?


        • Justin Wilmot Reply

          Sure Antonio.

          1) I dont want to deal with any state laws or docs that I may not be aware of. having a you closing attorney take care of all the B.S is a smart move of Leverage. Let them do what they do. You focus on the money producing activities. Its worth the fee.
          2) It greatly helps your creditability with your co wholesalers. Probably why we Always get paid.
          3) We prefer to always have representation in case we have to deal with any Crap in any part of our business…so we, keep our attorney involved and PAID.

          There are many other times this Team member comes in great use when doing many deals besides the above.

          hope this helps

  217. Vicki Early Reply

    I’m new to this so I’m just going to follow the action steps for now. I joined a small local REIA and offered to be a bird dog. So far I’m just driving my neighborhood looking for distressed properties. But co-wholesaling is what I want to be doing. I’ll be going to the library to pickup the book you recommended. Thanks for the information.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Cool Vickie. Yeah concentrate on Mod 2. Listen to each step, pause the video and implement that step. When done, hit play and proceed.

  218. Zane Graser Reply

    I’m eager to go through this course in it’s entirety. I have flipped a few wholesale deals in the last few months since starting and have already quit my job (though it’s been tough financially). I believe in the value of establishing a strong system to make operations easier but my question is, how do I train my VA properly? I’ve read through the VA training guide sheets but if I want things done right, I need to make sure I understand the process. Is there any way I can have some hand holding in getting this established from beginning to end so I’m clear?

    Also, I’m working to do my first rehab deal and I have 100% funding in place. However, due to low funds regardless of my experience in the rehab industry and the fact that I have a team in place already, I’m looking for someone to JV with on short notice to help cover the monthly debt service at least. Any recommendations/referrals? This deal alone would really propel my business and this is me cherry picking my deals along with 7 rental wholesale deals going on in the pipes. I’ve been partnering with another wholesaler who has major buyer connections and the last 2 months, I have been flipping more deals through them which I find to be much easier until I have my own buyers in place.