Bonus – Push Your Limits!

Pushing Your Limits — A Must Watch!

no excusesNot sure about you… but I’m a huge Tony Robbins fan and eat up everything he puts out. 

But whether you’re a fan or not, I guarantee this video from Tony will seriously challenge you on breaking through some of the limitations you find yourself shackled with right now.

Seriously, you’ve got to watch it. And don’t be surprised when suddenly it all just “clicks” in your mind. So darn simple… but it’s gonna make a huge difference in the way you approach things, especially in terms of reaching your elusive goals.

Oh, and I should say that it’s not about real estate at all. But I couldn’t not (like that double negative) share it with you here, because frankly I believe this is the single, biggest underlying reason why most people don’t make it in real estate. And hey, it’s actually a pretty easy fix, which you’ll hear first hand from Tony just a few minutes into the video.

And let me just say, he’s spot on when he talks about the difference between two people, when they both get the very same course, learn the exact same stuff, and yet, one makes it big and the other falls by the wayside. It’s not about potential, or resources — you’ll see it plain as day in the diagram he scribbles out.

Here’s to being the guy or gal who breaks through those barriers and makes it big!

Watch and Enjoy…

Thoughts? Questions? Let’s hear ’em in the comment area…

174 Responses to “Bonus – Push Your Limits!”

  1. Rachel Polasek Reply

    is the video gone? i don’t see any video on the page.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Rachel, try reloading the page. The video should show up for you. If not, try using a different browser.

      – Patrick

  2. Patrick Henry Reply

    Wow, that’s one powerful lesson! I saw this a couple of years ago and guess I wasn’t ready to pay attention to it. I had struggled with wholesaling and other real estate strategies for several years, got discouraged by the drop in the market and a bunch of other things, and just quit all of it. But this visualization/repetition idea that Tony talks about puts such a great spin on everything that I can see how it might apply to anything I could set out to do. Thanks for making it available as an initial part of this 10HW program! I’m getting that certainty going already!

  3. R Dean Amos Reply

    Tony’s four step process cleared up how to do it. Just keep doing the process, the routine, and one of these times it will click and there yoou are. In bright, living, neat as a pin, color.

  4. Charles Kelly Reply

    super video going over module 1 again thanks much Charles Texas

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      No problen, you da man Charles. Put this to work in your market asap and start closing some deals!

  5. Valerie CAMPBELL Reply

    Great video with Tony Robbins.
    A story about myself one year ago.
    I changed my life when I had to pull myself out of bed one morning after being out until 2am having fun with the girls. I was scheduled to go to a real estate seminar that I really didn’t want to go to. I forced myself up, got in the shower to wake up, got there and was amazed at what I was hearing. I would have never thought this type of learning would ever change me but it has. I haven’t looked back since going to this and many other seminars to learn as much as I can about being an investor. Long story short, I’ve done many other trainings and have read the EMyth by Michael Gerber who I met at Fortune Builders seminar in Vegas last October. He’s a true inspiration to anything we learn.
    I purchased this course to help my skills of wholesaling and the skill of having someone else do it for me so I could learn the SMART way of being an entrepreneur. Although I still have a j.o.b., that will soon change as I dole into my new, improved sense of learning from Justin because I know “it works”. Don’t ever think you “can’t” do something that your passions stear you to do, follow your mindset path and don’t give up !!! Read a book every month (which is what I need to condition myself to do more of) Make goals and follow your passions in life.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      AWESOME Valerie, thanks for sharing. Your motivated and self determination is going to help you make big things happen in this business. Glad to have you in the community.

  6. Louis Gianelos Reply

    Excellent video. Fear is the newbies biggest problem and it takes dedication to overcome it.

  7. Michael Thyfault Reply

    I am taking massive action right now with more certainty than I have ever known. My girlfriend thinks I am crazy. When I said you are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with, she said then she needs to leave me. I countered by telling her the great hings she does do and that this is just another great thing to do. Very soon, as soon as now, my results will more than prove you points in this great video.

    I have recently befriended a former NFL player who has been immortalized by being the receiver of one of the most amazing catches in NFL History, not for the technique, yards are for it being a touchdown, he didn’t do anything more amazing than not dropping the ball and in the moment, meant everything to his life then and now..

    I asked him if anything has yet duplicated that moment and he said no. I challenged to to work with me to find more of those moments and he accepted my childhood hero is more of a hero now because we are on the same train to success together. That is too cool to lose.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Thats a cool story Michael…

  8. Veronica Stegall Reply

    Hi Justin,
    I’m working your system and I know it is going to work out amazingly for me. I work FT, and I already have results as far as jv partners and cash buyers.

    I’m waiting to receive properties and I’m so excited.

    Thank you,

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Awesome Veronica !! Keep taking massive action and you will keep getting results 10X. Make it happen.

  9. Tyrone Townsend Reply

    Wow!! Just put me in the mirror front and center! I have listened to Jim Rohn, Bob Proctor, C.S. Hughes ect.. But it’s all Me and my limited belief in myself. Definitely I gut check time! Thanks for the share and as of today it is apart of my own ritual!!

    • Charity Akers-Greathouse Reply

      That’s awesome, Ty! You’re so welcome!

  10. Dawn Galiza Reply

    Thank you so much for this video inspiration! It was just what I needed…..I love when Tony Robbins gave you the map to making things happen…..Potential to Action to Results to Belief……”Visualize your Potential” is so true…..LOVE IT!

    Thank you….Thank you…..Thank you!!!!

    • Charity Akers-Greathouse Reply

      You are so welcome, Dawn!

  11. 10HW Member Reply

    Alexander here and believe me this is not Rocket Science. Simple put: “Change your thinking, live the life you envision”. The Greatest book ever written whose Author is still alive puts it this way in Proverbs 23:7 “For as a man thinks in his heart, so is he”
    This video is so profound and eye opening. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Claude Perron Reply

    if this video did not boost your sub confidence nothing will. bravo!!!

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Ha you got it Claude!

  13. Phyllis (for) SRBCInc. Reply

    That was awesome!! I am going to go over that video again and again. These 4 years I’ve been beaten down with a situation that it seemingly nearly made me lose much of my belief. I remember when I got mostly every thing I prayed about, believed, and expected. I REMEM BER. I have some work to do on me – the exercises in the video. Just being straight up.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Glad it resonated with you Phyllis. Time to take massive action 🙂

  14. Donna Eckhard Reply

    This was in my opinion, life altering. Thank you so much for Tony Robbins. The whole aspec
    t of visualize can make it happen.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Life altering… LOVE IT Donna! Check out some of Tony’s other videos on Youtube. Also I highly recommend his book Unlimited Power.

      – Patrick

  15. Derek Arcila Reply

    Just what i needed !! To start my day!!

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Awesome Derek! Keep that fire burning and focus daily.

      Make it happen

  16. Sharon Verrette Reply

    well i am a big fan of anthony robbins. he literally saved my life 20 years ago and now he just gave me a new financial lease!!!

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Awesome Sharon! Glad it was great timing again 🙂

  17. Larry Johnson Reply

    Wow, how many time have I talked myself out of success. This video was an eye opener. Thanks Justin for the wake up call.

    It’s time to sh_t or get off the toilet. It’ time right now, today, to make a decision about my financial future.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      You can make this life YOURS Larry. You see it here in this video that you are in control buddy. Make it happen.

  18. Paul Gogan Reply

    That was awesome! Just what I needed to hear! Thanks for sharing!

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Glad you like it Paul!

  19. Ana Aguirre Aguirre Reply

    Great advise from the best! To follow your dreams with the right mind set and do it step by step, no way around it!

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      You got it Ana

  20. William Wardle Reply

    So spot on. It seemed as if he was talking about me. I finally got fed up with the struggles I was facing financially on a daily basis. I am more determined to succeed after this video and will put all the tips I received into motion. Thanks

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Glad it resonated with William. it really is a game changeling message 🙂

  21. Andrew Elsdon Reply

    After this VISUAL video from Tony, I’m CERTAIN and very clear in my mind that my RESULTS will happen.
    Thanks for making this video available…

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Awesome Andrew!

  22. Alex Al-'Adil Reply

    Hey guys the video sure did spark my brain cells.
    he sure was on point. Insisting people owe it themselves to be serious when it comes to taking ACTION, and simply get the job done.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Glad you liked it Alex

  23. Michele Brown Reply

    How do you create certainty? Great question!

  24. Tanya Lee Reply

    Oh, geez. There are so many things to do, I’m overwhelmed and feel like I’m flailing around trying to stay afloat instead of swimming forward. What’s a first step for the first day?

  25. Michael Perry Reply

    I don’t want to be on this thank you roller coaster, but I must thank you for this presentation. there are a number of reasons why most people don’t take action, right away and it might have something to do with their belief system. I just know that it is now time for me to take action to make these changes in my life or it won’t ever happen. You either get busy living, or you get busy dying. I choose the former. Thank you.

  26. Amal Onasanya Reply

    I cannot believe I watched this video this morning! The timing was powerful for me. Although I’ve spent the last few months working on changing my mindset and putting it in a different gear, every once in a while I’ll get a naysayer here and there. Yesterday though within hours of each other, from two different sources, and totally unsolicited, I received advice regarding this “real estate” endeavor that I am trying to do that just doesn’t fit my ‘personality’. The first recommended that I quit dreaming and get a ‘job which would produce a paycheck’ so I can pay my expenses and the other said I should focus on learning how to cook because that would benefit me and my family and I could eventually get onto the Food Network channel and compete for money instead of this road to nowhere that I am on!

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Life changing video Amal and so glad it was the right timing for you. Watch daily my friend as repletion is the key to success.

  27. Joshua Fridley Reply

    that couldnt been put any better. sitting here and puting it all together in my life its so true. untill i satart changing how i look at life it wouldnt change when i believed it would change well thats why im on this website typing

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      So glad it resonated with you Joshua. Its really a life changing message . Make it happen

  28. Kenny Castillo Reply

    This video is AMAZING!!! For 2 years I’ve been having poor results because of a poor vision and poor inconsistency. Even closing my first wholesale assignment deal that made me $5000 was not enough to push my fears, doubts and complacent comfort level aside. I’ve slowly been taking tiny, consistent, steps over the last 3 weeks to get going again. I’ve finally, for the first time, put a financial plan and marketing plan in writing so that I can have a measurable path to my goals. I still want it and Tony Robbins has made it click for me. The best part is that I’m going to share this video with my wife and 2 kids tonight so that they can apply it to their goals and dreams. Thanks Justin! Thanks Patrick!

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      So glad this resonated with you so much Kenny. Its so awesome to see this message from Tony completely rock peoples world and wake them up to what they have been doing…and what we are all truly capable of.

      The time is right NOW.

  29. Gwen Jordan Reply

    watched the video , what they talked about really hit the nail on the head ! if you dont believe in yourself you will never go anywhere or have anything , they would always be in there own little world doing the same thing every day and acomplishing very little or nothing at all . and being affaide is more or less not believeing in your self ,the fear will allways be there , like the old saying without fear their would be no courage and without courage their would be no fear ……….

  30. Susan L Warner Reply

    I was in tears thru out the viedo Im 59 and been thru a lot of rough stuff and on sort of rock bottom not dreaming wanting better things etc . im definitely needinf a different midset thanks so much for this viedo im working on my new mindset today. One step at a time one footf forward. Sue

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Susan, love to hear you’re working on your new mindset. Just take one step at a time… and keep your mind focused on what you want (not what you don’t want).

      You can do, be, and have anything you want in life… with the right attitude and action plan.

      You have our support as you move forward. Let us know how we can help.

      – Patrick

    • Karen O'Neill Reply

      This was AWESOME! I have never listened to Tony before, but he is wonderful. The experiment really does say it all. Excuses & fear are so easy to keep us from our potential. Thanks for the video. I am going to listen to this every other day.

      Thanks Karen

      • Justin Wilmot Reply

        Glad it resonated with you Karen and that we where able to introduce you to a life changing mentor 🙂

        LOVE your goal of listening ever other day. THAT is what it takes!

  31. Zuleika Pernia Reply

    Powerful! I will continue on my path of focused, step by step action to move my business in the right direction! Results are around the corner!

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Glad you liked it Zuleika! Massive action will get you those results.

  32. Donna Timberlake Reply

    This video is awesome, it is what I needed to take massive action. Thank you for your honesty and integrity for truly wanting to see people succeed. Justin, thank you !

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Glad you enjoyed and resonated with it Donna! We want you to WIN!!!

  33. Alex Mezzo Reply

    Justin / Patrick:
    Thank you for this video clip with Tony.
    This provided clarify for me.
    I wrote down the Holy Grail formula and will place it in my car, house, at work wherever to reinforce the certain vision of “already success”!
    Alex in NJ

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Glad it resonated with you Alex. This single message has the power to completely change the paradigm for someone ready for it. Sounds like you are! Keep it up buddy!

  34. Carl Jones Reply

    Tony Robbins always excites me, don’t really care what the subject is…indeed a great break through video…thanks Patrick!

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Glad you liked it carl!

  35. Claude Perron Reply

    that was very good pep talk, i think I have found my kick down passing gear awsome

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Glad you liked it Claude! Make it happen buddy!

  36. Susan Bridges Reply

    Awesome video! I’ve listened to it many times and it is so true.

    Take action every day. Do 1 thing that propels your business forward.

    What is the saying…Success is not a sprint it’s a journey. Something like that.

    I know Tony doesn’t like being called a motivator but he is very motivational. 😉

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      You got it Susan. It a journey and massive action is always part of the equation. Always.

      Haha I agree 🙂

  37. Lacy Goldman Reply

    that was so uplifting. it shows me that I’m on the right track.

    • Awesome, Lacy! So glad it hit home with you. Stay the course! 🙂

  38. Jesse Stiff Reply

    Awesome video truly needed that!!!!

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      That’s great to hear! If you enjoyed this, check out more of his videos on youtube and his books.

      – Patrick

  39. Melanie Blythe Reply

    I was truly motivated by this video thank you. thanks for caring enough to see us succeed. I realize that I’ve been making excuses forever and I need to make a change get into this program and make it happen

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Melanie, looking forward to hearing your success story one day 🙂

      Let’s do this!

      – Patrick

  40. Olivia Smithson Reply

    That video was awesome. I have followed Tony Robbins for years. I be revisiting that video many more times.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Olivia, I agree. Gotta love Tony! If you haven’t read his book yet, Unlimited Power, I highly recommend it.

      – Patrick

  41. Daniel Monk Reply

    Great stuff from Tony Robbins once again. This guy changed my life five years ago. I know now an even better change is on the horizon. Thanks for posting this video, it’s an essential element for making your system work. Personally I’ll watch it 10x in the next 30 days.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Love all his stuff… but his book Unlimited Power is definitely worth checking out if you haven’t read it before. Awaken the Giant Within is solid too.

      – Patrick

  42. Krutel Mack Reply

    I just watched that last week but I did look at it again Thanks.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      As Jim Rohn says, “Repetition is the mother of skill.”

      – Patrick

  43. Robert Hartsock Reply

    Thanks for the Bonus. I enjoyed it. Reminded me to Believe first and JUST keep moving forward and Good results will come and build momentum to do it again.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      You got it Robert! Glad you liked it.

  44. Kevin Lynch Reply

    reading through tonys new book “money:master the game”, been reading all weekend, cant put it down! fantastic, so excited about this book. had to come back and get this video in again, always inspires me.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Nice! I haven’t read it yet but it’s on my list. Gotta love Tony!

      – Patrick

  45. Mary Carter Reply

    You know what? I saw that a couple of years ago and it didn’t rock me. But today it rocked me! I get it finally! Thank you so much for really caring about us! I can’t tell you how much that means to me. I’d love to be able to listen from my ipod too.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Awesome Mary. I have always said the message resonates when the listener is ready to hear it. 🙂

  46. Flossie Harison Reply

    Hi Justin, Robbins made a lot a sense. Everyone need to get on board and think about their future and stop playing around the time is now.


    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      You got it Flossie!

  47. Judy Lee Reply

    wow what a perfect timing~!

    The very last and the final momentum before reaching out to my goal was about to be shaken by my own family all of a sudden after listening to your 10 hr wholesaling program numerous times. I did not know what to do; I was losing all that energy to take massive actions. Luckily I happened to watch his video without a big of expectation. It is so true that I was really getting tired of my unreasonable-not doing anything consequences. I was going crazy for not having any progression. Now it is so clear that it is a matter of fact whether I envision it or not.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Awesome Judy. its a liberating experience when we finally and TRULY realize WE are in control of our results. What we do has consequences. Always. “Good” or “Bad”. You have the power to make change. Nobody can or will make you anything. Only you can do that. Take this process and run with it Judy. We are here for your support while you implement this and use it to change your life. Talk soon 🙂

  48. Elijah Swinton Reply

    Tony is right that was a kick ass video and a must see. Got me motivated to go hard at making it work. Even if I stand on a pile of failures to be successful.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Glad it resonated and you like it Elijah. The time is now 🙂

  49. Ismael Delgado Reply

    Wow… now I know what I’ve been feeling all along. Fear – fear of failure and maybe fear of success. What a great video. I had never listened to Tony before as I have always been skeptical but now I understand him and what he’s saying. Take action!! Thanks!

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Tony’s stuff is awesome. Love his book Unlimited Power. He has some great videos on youtube too if you search his name.

      – Patrick

  50. Liness Mwale Reply

    Thanx very much for the video,Fear of failure and not taking action,thats why we are not moving forward and get the results we want.I want to thank you Justin and Patrick for the GREAT Work you are doing on 10Hour Wholesaling and Strategic investor inside..i now know that im the NEXT Millionaire..Stay blessed guys.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Awesome Liness! Glad to hear it resonated with you so well. Make it happen buddy and waiting to see you at the top. Take fearless and relentless action.

  51. Aaron Isadore Reply

    I must change and do and do and believe and with action and not give up.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Keep at it Aaron. We are here for your support.

  52. Arneard Wilks Reply

    As I watched this video a quote flash into my head by Napoleon Hill “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” Tony really knows how to point you in the right direction to really get things flowing.He reminded me. All you have to do is Think and Grow Rich!

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Love that quote Arneard as its always been one of my favorites as well. So glad this video got you pumped. Thank you for sharing!

  53. Arnie Mazon Reply

    Very good points! The main point I got from this video is to re-train my brain to be Absolutely Certain, (without a doubt), that I can build an extremely successful real estate wholesaling business!!! or any business for that matter. Thank you Justin for this bonus video. You guys are truly different and true to your words. You all provides value to all your students who are willing to learn from your programs! Thanks again…

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Thank you for the kind words Arnie and I am glad this deeply resonated with you. The message here can be a real game changer when applied and used so please MAKE IT HAPPEN. I want to hear of your updates and progress in this business 🙂

  54. Nancy Lawler Reply

    I have not listened to much Tony Robbins, but you may have converted me. I plan to keep this video as part of my ‘new ritual’ to watch at least once a week. It will challenge me to make sure my belief is pushing me toward success vs failure.
    thanks for sharing this Justin. I look forward to seeing more!

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Glad you liked it Nancy!

      Keep that fire burning and make it happen! 🙂

  55. Anthony Moya Reply

    Being in this house flipping business has tested my beliefs in myself. To keep going inspite of the naysayers including my own family. I knew I would make the business work and continued forward of something I already knew I could accomplish. After I completed my project and made a substantial profit, the family’s attitude changed. What Tony Robbins is talking about is what I experienced. Now my focus is to scale up to a higher production level with systems to assist me to do more. Anthony G Moya, Vista, CA

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Huge props and respect to you Anthony for continuing your real estate education and personal development. True achievers NEVER stop learning and growing. Ever. Good work 🙂

  56. Christina Phillips Reply

    This was exactly what I needed to see. After trying so many things in this business, after a while you realize its not the system that isn’t working, its your drive. Motivating yourself with what you want to your end state to be can be hard work. Using this easy system, and finding your why and doing your rituals to get there can be as simple as you want it, as long as you have that fire behind you. Thank you for the share!

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      PERFECTLY SAID Christina! Thank you for sharing here with the community. THIS is what it takes. The steps are just the steps. People just need to allow themselves to put one foot in front of the other and KEEP going.

  57. David McBurnett Reply

    Hi Justin,
    Thank you for this very informative video. One of the points that clicked with me was when Tony said “It is NOT Practice makes perfect …but.. Perfect Practice makes for Perfect Results” and then followed up with the examples of the three groups shooting free throws.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Pretty awesome right Dave! Tony has an amazing ability to deliver his message of truth that we can all understand. Glad you liked it.

  58. Mary Munkelt Reply

    Thanks so much guys. A GREAT reminder to picture my expected results every day! That was the first I had heard Tony Robbins speak. And it won’t be the last! Thanks again for the great bonus!

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Glad you liked it Mary and keep on following Tony, he has some phenomenal capabilities to help you find the best within you.

      • Frank Baker Reply

        This video is exactly what I needed. It pointed out my fear and why I have it. This video was just what the Doctor ordered. I have no more excuses for not following through. Thank you Justin for sharing this information. Tony Robbins is the best.

        • Justin Wilmot Reply

          AWESOME frank! So glad it resonated and you feel it.

  59. Marsha Yearian Reply

    Thank you! Understanding this is a game changer.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Glad it resonated and you “got it” Marsha. Thanks

  60. Miguel Castaneda Reply

    I take ownership of this video as a foundation of my new endeavor. I have DONE what I should not DONE for the past 25 years. Enough is Enoug!! NOW IS THE TIME TO CHANGE, AND I DECLARE MORE SUCCESS IN MY FUTURE LIFE. Thanks Justin for sharing this amassing Tony’s message.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Sounds like this resonated with you and helped a shift happen Miguel. Thats awesome. Use this new paradigm shift to empower you to go out and get what has been available to you all along. Create value and become financially free. Thats it 🙂

  61. William Baca Reply

    a great video- helps with why- inspirational-insight into one’s self

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Awesome William. Glad you liked it. Thanks.

  62. Kevin Lynch Reply

    this is probably the 5th or 6th time i have watched this video, whenever doubt creeps in, i watch this video. its like a medicine.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Love it Kevin! It’s good medicine for sure.

      – Patrick

  63. Anthony McCrae Reply


    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Glad you loved the video Anthony.

      – Patrick

  64. Jimmy Baker Reply

    AAAAWESOME!!! That’s TRUTH, not motivation in the sense of getting you going, but giving you science behind the difference between success and doing nothing. I have been doing this for years….IT’S MY TIME TO SUCCEED!!! Thanks for sharing the video!

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      That’s right Jimmy! It’s YOUR time to succeed.

      Let’s do this!

      – Patrick

  65. Vil Levy Reply

    Thanks Justin,

    I needed this reminder!

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Glad you liked it Vil 🙂

      “Motivation is like bathing, that why it’s recommended daily” -Jim Rohn 🙂

  66. Shawn Smith Reply

    Hey Justin, Thanks for sharing that. Having an understanding about the vicious cycle really helps me to see WHY i have stumbled so much in the past. You were right, seeing it on paper is a wow factor. Thanks again. – Shawn

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Awesome Shawn! Glad it helped and thanks for being here.

    • Kate Cech Reply

      Great jumpstart!

    • Anthony Warwick Reply

      Awesome video. It helped me understand how important my mindset is to success.

  67. Joel St Pierre Reply

    I never read or listened to anything Tony Robbins before. This was phenomenal! Very motivating! Definitely a Tony Robbins fan now. Thanks for sharing!

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Glad you liked it and thanks for being here Joel!

  68. Linda Stewart Reply

    Wow, Very true. I will start this process in my life.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Good stuff Linda 🙂

  69. Jaton Hopkins Reply

    I can tell Tony Robbins is a genuine guy. The substance definitely resonated with me. Thanks for posting this video, it was a definite eye opener!

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Glad you enjoyed it Jaton 🙂

    • Laurie Faherty Reply

      Nice video! Made me think ! I really need MORE action NOW

  70. Shelia Smith Reply

    Great video, felt as if he was talking to me. I have fell in the same trap of purchasing something and then being afraid to take the next step. I read all the information and then don’t implement. The video gave me ideas on taking the next step even if baby steps. Thanks Justin.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      AWESOME Shelia! I am so glad the message here resonated with you.

      “To build a brick wall, you must place each brick once at a time as best as you can, eventually, you will have a wall”

      _Will Smith 😉

  71. James Moore Reply

    This changes everything about what I want to do and how I’m going to do it. Thanks Justin

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Glad to hear it James! Keep that fire burning bright and go out and get what is waiting for you.

  72. Paula Henderson Reply

    Patrick, thank you for sending me this wonderful video.

    As James Allen said, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so shall he be. A man is literally what he thinks. The outer conditions of a person’s life will always be found to reflect inner beliefs.”


    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      You’re welcome Paula. So true.

      – Patrick

  73. Valdez Ketchum Reply

    That’s real talk. That was a very open and honest video.Thank you Justin for putting that in the bonus package.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Glad you liked it Valdez. Thank you for being here.

    • June Cross Reply

      Great video it a eye opening for me ,I will be a great real estate investor.I can do this with the help of people like you.

      • Patrick Riddle Reply

        Glad you enjoyed it June. Yes, you can do this!

        – Patrick

  74. Linda Porter Reply

    Great! Thanks for sharing this video. I am going to get my head in this, hunker down, and get this done! MY LIFE AND MY FAMILY’S LIVES DEPEND ON MY SUCCESS WITH THIS BUSINESS. I MUST SUCCEED! I SEE MYSELF TEARING THIS BUSINESS UP AND LIVING THE LIFE OF MY DREAMS.

  75. Tarrie Taylor Reply

    Thanks Patrick/Justin for a great bonus video with Tony Robbins. The chart and visualization was helpful to me.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Glad you liked it Tarrie.

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  77. Richard Shulman Reply

    This is a powerful 35 minutes! Well worth watching several times, and even using as part of your daily routine! The sketch pad – 4 square diagram is so eye-opening, as it perfectly describes what had been blocking me – for years! This is such a great addition to the courseware, and I always thought that the Tony Robbins of the world were full of bs – I was wrong! A real must see, and thanks for including it.

  78. Shepherd Raphael Reply

    Hi Tony,
    I don’t have much to say, just keep on educating those who need to stop unbelieving in what they
    can accomplish if they follow the advise you just released.

    I’ve been reading your information on different subjects for quite some time and I’ve always
    knew you have given out good advise in
    whatever subject matter you have undertaken
    to speak on to the public. I really enjoyed this
    piece of information.

  79. Alex Mompoint Reply

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  80. Patricia Remin-Still Reply

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  81. Kevin Lynch Reply

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  83. Darryl Wilson Reply


    You gave us the HOLY GRAIL! I’m on my way!

    Thanks again.

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    That was Awesome!! I needed that

  87. Mark Karlsen Reply

    The BELIEF (or lack there of) is what has been keeping me from being successful for so long, and I think I just felt like it was so ingrained in me that I could not succeed no matter what I did. But – I’ve never had a DAILY ritual of visualization and creating a peak state (at least not for an extended period) – I feel like it’s going to click soon – I just have to keep at the mental conditioning, and act from a place of certainty..

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Keep at it Mark. Your on the right track, just stay determined and dont loose the fire to further progress. Stay hungry and push your way to the top while providing real value. Remind yourself that all of those “none deserving” thoughts , as if you dont deserve or are not ready or capable… are ALL COMPLETE B.S! Squash them then challenge them. Make it a game. Who’s going to win?

      • David Hobbs Reply

        Very well said Justin! Thanks for putting your heart and soul into your comments. I like the part in the video when Tony says to find someone who is successful in the field you want to succeed in and Mirror them. Glad to be learning this business from you. Thanks! Dave Hobbs

        • Justin Wilmot Reply

          Thank you for that David and glad the video resonated with you. Its such a powerful message that can truly change your paradigm when you really get it. Thanks for being an active member in the community buddy.

  88. Ira Linton sr Reply

    what tony says make complete since i dont have a set time that i can devote to this but i will do a little every day.i know what i want and i can invision it now i need to take action

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