Craigslist Secrets To Getting Tons of Cash Buyer & Wholesaler Leads Video Training

Craigslist Secrets to Getting Tons of Cash Buyer & Wholesaler Leads

Alrighty, we just cooked up a new bonus training for ya… can you dig it? 🙂

In the video training below, you’re about to discover tips and tricks to using Craigslist to build your pipeline (aka your cash buyer and wholesaler lists).

Here’s just a few of the things you’re about to learn:

  • How to properly “localize” your ads
  • How (and why) you should set up multiple accounts
  • The place(s) to post your ads
  • The best time of day to post for maximum exposure
  • How to use “ghost” ads to get even more buyer leads
  • Plus, how to build your pipeline through Google by using certain “search phrases”

Watch And Enjoy…

Thoughts? Questions? Let’s hear ’em in the comment area…

50 Responses to “Craigslist Secrets To Getting Tons of Cash Buyer & Wholesaler Leads Video Training”

  1. John Kim Reply

    hi Justin
    John here at first I wanted to say thank you for all your great information, tools and motivation for me to success in this business. I am going through your module and video little by little due to my job require crazy amounts of hours week . with your help and tips. I could get out of this rat race life styles turn in to freedom
    I appreciate what you do
    thank you and best regards John

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Awesome John! Love hearing that this program aspires you to start living more. This is the reason I created this program to get out of the rat race and enjoy life. We are here for your support. Make it happen

  2. Yusuf Maxwell Reply

    Crazy question: how do I export this video to my VA for her to watch?

  3. Erica Thomas Reply

    Awesome real examples and resources!!!

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Glad you liked it Erica!

  4. Jason Hebert Reply

    Sideline app gives you a 2nd number on your cell phone for free. does voice mail also Thanks Justin great stuff.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Thanks for the recommendation Jason! Appreciate your feedback buddy.

  5. Mitch Hell Reply

    Where is the video?

  6. Tony Beal Reply

    Hey Justin

    I read through the comments I have listen to the video several times but is there a voicemail script that you put on your Google voice voicemail or your fumbler voicemail. Thank you so much I’m enjoying the videos you posted.

    thank you

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Glad to hear how committed you are Tony…that a lot of comments LOL 🙂

      There is no template, the more “homegrown” the better. Ideally you want the phone answerd by a live person as much as possible.

  7. Cherice Carlos Reply

    Hi Justin,

    Please confirm that we do, in fact, have to set up (pay for) 3 different phone numbers in Google Voice to link to the 3 different gmail accounts to post to CL. When I went to set up a 2nd GV number, it told me my cell phone number could only be associated with one GV number.

    If there isn’t a FREE workaround solution, which phone service have you found to be the least expensive?


    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Hi Cherice. Yes you need different numbers and yes GV is free. Set up 3 different email accounts. Make it happen!

  8. Carlene Blair Reply

    Hi Justin!
    Great info! What should I do when I get a wholesaler who contact me, puts one of my properties under contract and then not close the deal?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Thank Carlene. Nothing, just move on and find buyer yourself. Extend your contract if you need more time.

  9. Derrelle Craft Reply

    I am trying to set up my 3 google voice numbers but I can’t use my cell phone for all three numbers. Do i have to purchase 3 phones to be able to set up 3 google voice accounts? I already have a google voice number attached to my current cell phone, for personal reasons.

    • Nick Sandt Reply

      If my memory serves . . . I think Craigslist proofed themselves against Google Voice numbers. I tried it before.

      • Justin Wilmot Reply

        Use and we still use GV buddy here in FL.

    • Derek Arcila Reply

      vumber is way better and they even have a phone app as well.

      • Patrick Riddle Reply

        Thanks for the suggestion Derek!

        – Patrick

  10. Marco Walker Reply

    aloha justin!! wow! great action steps and info – great to the point simplicity and you left me feeling like i can do this 🙂 thank you
    if i live in hawaii, can i still post as laid out on the main land (out of state markets) ???
    thanks for the help!!!!!

  11. JOANN TAYLOR Reply

    Just posted myy buyer and wholesaler CL ads – had a wholesaler called yesterday with a property to sell so I won’t be fooling anyone if I use it in a ghost ad! Taking action is exciting and empowering!

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      You rock my Joann! Keep up that massive action. Always! Thanks for your feedback.

  12. JOANN TAYLOR Reply

    posted first set of Craigslist ads – had a wholesaler contact me with a property he wants to sell so I can use that as a “ghost” ad as well – taking action is exciting!

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Gotta love what happens when you take fearless action Joann!! Keep it up. Always.

  13. Susan Bridges Reply

    Okay…I have posted my Wholesaler, Cash Buyer and Ghost Ads in my 1st account.

    But I’m confused about the Ghost Ad picture…

    In mod 2 you talk about either getting pics of houses from wholesalers that have sold or find on Google Maps.

    My 3 pictures I found on Zillow of properties that had already sold in the area. I then created a disclaimer badge stating 3BR/2 BA under $125K Minimal Repairs Needed. Property is very similar to what is available

    It doesn’t make sense to me I would want to place 1 of these pics on the Ghost ad “”3/2 [area] Handyman I Must Sell Quick. $43,000”.

    What am I missing?


    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      There you are taking action and asking question! Good work!

      So the pics don’t matter as long as you are putting a disclaimer at the bottom. The pic should be of another similar wholesale deal that either currently IS or was available in that target market.

      Also, the price needs to fit the market median range…so whatever a “deal” is in that market that will get people to respond is what you put in the ad.

      Keep it simple. Just get the phone to ring or the reply coming in so you can help these buyers get what they need.

      Keep taking action Susan.

  14. Kevin Stutts Reply

    Justin, about to start posting ads for myself and building wholesaler pipeline. Is it safer to have wholesalers willing to JV with you first before finding cash buyers or vice versa or it does matter? I just dont want to have a ancy buyer with no proerties to offer them. Also, are their any legal ramifications to posting a ghost ad since its sort of like false advertisement? I want to have answer ready in case im asked that by an investor. Thanks.


    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Build bot simultaneously Kevin! There is no delay…just take massive action and start making a impact. Legal ramifications for posting a lead ad?? No, your good buddy 🙂 Start doing….

  15. Bill Graves Reply

    Justin, I listened to the recording a few times but it was still unclear to me when I have to change the price, Sq Ft, etc: (1) for each different Craigslist email account? (2) on renewals? (3) or both?

    Also, I have noticed on Craigslist that a RENEWAL of a posting shows the original posting date, not a “posted 10 minutes ago”. Does this affect response rates?


    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Hey Bill. Great question, but That will take some experimenting on your end. The rules change per market (especially paid markets that cost $ to post) and often. Thats just a trick we use to help get ads approved. The more you post, the more you will find what works best for you.

      Don’t forget to use someone on to post ads for you on a weekly bases so you can leverage their knowledge.

  16. Glenn Briggs Reply

    After listening to cash flow quadrant I understand there are more benefits in being a business owner and a investor. There is a big difference than being an employee. Systems and processes are important. Started placing CL ads. You know what people going through when starting out, I can tell when you said in your video coming out of the comfort zone when starting.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      You got it Glenn! KEEP posting. Its never stops as long as you need leads…and you ALWAYS need buyer leads. One pice of advise that changed my life was “If you ever feel comfortable, you are NOT growing Justin and your business decline is right behind that” This means to ALWAYS be stepping out of your comfort zone so we can assure we are always growing. Its not easy, but necessary. Make it happen 🙂

  17. Lesly Jean Baptiste Reply

    Hi Justin I have post the add on craigslist like you teach and the next day I am looking for it I didn’t find it is it something I did wrong I also put on back page

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Keep posting Lesly and follow the instructions exactly. You are getting flagged by a competitor or realtor.

  18. Jordan Solomon Reply

    Hi. Wondering if I could get just a little clarification here. Is the idea to use the three different accounts to post an ad three times a day with those accounts? Or, is it better to use the same account for all three posts on any given day and then use a different account the next day? And if targeting both co-wholesalers and buyers, can one place both ads at the same time (so, let’s say, the two ads at 8:30, 12:00 and 6:00) or is it better to rotate?

    Just trying to figure out the “safest” way to coordinate this. Thank you.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Good question Jordan. The goal is to post the same ad in your target market at least 3 times a week so you can stay relevant in the search results. You need the multiple accounts in order to achieve this.

      You can also hire a “Craigslist ad” gig on Some of them have software that allows them to post the same ad multiple times in the same market and it streamlines this lead generation.

  19. Hannah York Reply

    Oh, wholesalers/buyers respond to me by telephone or the email I use to create my email account. Is this right. Using 3 emails for responses, how will a wholesaler know he isn’t contacting 3 different persons, but one person.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Hey Hannah. Wholesalers are not the cash buyers you are marketing for. Wholesalers are you JV partners on the “sell” side. Your cash buyer Craigs ad’s are to target actual cash buyer investors who do fix & flips or buy rentals. Two different (equally important) leads for two different funnels.

  20. Hannah York Reply

    Setting up 3 email accounts to be used with 3 craigslist accounts, is it a good idea to have some form of my name as username ?

    Hannah York

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      It really does not matter what you use for a username.

      Also, consider using a “Craigslist posters” on These individuals use software to post your ad for you multiple times per week.

  21. Lloyer Yap Reply

    Thank you Justin. The information you’ve shared was really insightful! I



    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Glad to hear you found it so useful Lloyer! . Remember to use Fiverr to find a dependable VA that can post these ads on a regular bases for you.

      Make it happen!

      Thanks for your feedback

  22. Corel McCullough Reply

    Hey Justin,

    Thanks for this great info. I have a question about the process of when you have connected with a wholesaler who has a property that you want you to help them sell. I have been building my buyers list for a while and I have a pretty solid list. How does the process work when you are matching the wholesaler with your buyer. What type of agreements are used to connect the wholesaler and buyer and how do I ensure the wholesaler does not go around me and cut me out of the deal?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Hey Corel. Good work on building your pipelines. Now it’s time get some deals closed and $ in the bank. Use the Assignment contract in your resources section. For details, review mod 2. If you still have question just let us know.

      Make it happen!

  23. Dwanell Warren Reply

    About the craigslist ad..

    So you saying post with one 1 gmail account at 8:30 and then from another gmail account post another ad at 12:30 and then from another gmail account post the same ad at 6:30?

    Repost day 2…? or wait 24 hours…? To REPEAT the process?


    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Post as much as Craigslist will allow you Dwanell. You want know for sure until you have set up your own accounts and start posting.

  24. Ahmad Williams Reply

    Ill say this was awesome info, just implemented as I watched the video. I also love the quotes. I can’t wait on a video about your team Operations Manager and VA

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Awesome Ahmad. Super glad to hear you implemented while watching the training! Next step is for you to outsource this to a VA on so this is done at least twice a week on a constant bases for you. Thanks for being an active member of the community.

  25. Tony Miano Reply

    Hi Justin,
    Thank you for this video, that’s what I was looking for, it will save me a lot of time.
    I wish the best for you and your business.

    Tony Miano

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Very glad to hear that Tony and the same to you. Lets us know how we can help when you need it.

      Make it happen

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