10 HW Bonus Trainings

Would You Like Some Bonuses? 🙂

Hey, [i4w_user_first_name]! One of the things we absolutely love to do is over-deliver… so we have a couple unannounced bonuses for you.

Basically it’s all awesome stuff you’ll love, but that we just didn’t want to cram into the already-robust core training modules.

As always, feel free to ask us any questions that come to mind. We love being here 100% for your support.

Alrighty, let’s do this, here are your 10 Hour Wholesaler bonus trainings…

The New Rich Mindset

In this audio training, you’ll discover how the “New Rich” think and act for real freedom.

The “New Rich” revolution is a movement and a way of life, in which we focus on crafting lifestyle by demand, and not just making money. We aim to take multiple “mini retirements” throughout the year, and leverage new the resources and systems to bring immense value to the table, with as little time, effort, risk or cost involved as possible.

We live and enjoy life daily…

Not to work our asses off our entire life to “someday” retire. Enjoy…

Learning Curve Crusher: Real Life Lessons Learned From the REI Trenches

Learning Curve Crusher - Lessons LearnedThis is an open confession of the biggest, most painful mistakes Patrick has made in his real estate investing biz over the years up to now — and boy, has he made some doozies.

Why spill it all out in the open like this for you?  It’s simple: So you can learn from them. To help you avoid experiencing the same scrapes, bruises and gut-punches he got.

Now keep in mind… everyone makes mistakes, period. Whether you’re brand new to the real estate game or a seasoned veteran, no one’s perfect and no one’s immune to your fair share of mistakes. It will happen.

But it’s how you choose to respond, how you react, and what you learn along the way… that makes the difference. Oh, and not making the exact same mistakes others have already made before you, and are willing to openly share! Enjoy…

Pushing Your Limits – MUST WATCH!

no excusesI guarantee this session will seriously challenge you on breaking through some of the limitations you find yourself shackled with right now.

Don’t be surprised when suddenly it all just “clicks” in your mind. So darn simple… but it’s gonna make a huge difference in the way you approach things, especially in terms of reaching your elusive goals.

Oh, and I should say that it’s not about real estate at all. But frankly I believe this is the single, biggest underlying reason why most people don’t make it in real estate. And hey, it’s actually a pretty easy fix, which you’ll hear first hand just a few minutes into the video.

Ever wonder how in the world two people can both get the very same real estate course, learn the exact same stuff, and yet, one makes it big and the other falls by the wayside?  It’s not a coincidence — and you’ll see it plain as day in this bonus training. Enjoy…

LinkedIn Leads: How to Instantly Get Cash Buyer and Wholesaler Leads Through LinkedIn

LinkedIn_Leads Cash buyer and wholesaler leads are the life blood of this business, and you’re about to learn a newer strategy that I recently implemented that’s one of the most effective ways to get quality buyer and wholesaler leads using LinkedIn.com.

Simply go to LinkedIn and create a free account if you don’t already have one.

Follow the simple instruction laid out for you in this video and start reaching out to wholesalers and cash buyers in your target market in just minutes. Gotta love technology! Enjoy…

Craigslist Secrets to Getting Tons of Buyer and Wholesaler Leads

craigslist_iconYou’re about to discover tips and tricks to using Craigslist to build your pipeline (aka your cash buyer and wholesaler lists).

You’re going to learn how to properly “localize” your ads, how (and why) you should set up multiple accounts, the best place(s) to post your ads, the best time of day to post for maximum exposure, how to use “ghost” ads to get even more buyer leads…

PLUS, how to build your pipeline through Google by using certain “search phrases.” Enjoy…