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Hey [i4w_user_first_name], you’re going to absolutely LOVE this awesome tool. It’s so quick and easy to use, you’ll be blown away. Plus, there are no technical skills needed.

As an investor, you understand the importance of getting leads for your business…

… and now, with our brand new software, you can get multiple types of leads in ANY city in the country in less than 1 measly minute.

Watch This Video To See How It Works…


Examples of Good Keywords to Find Cash Buyers: 

  • We buy houses
  • Sell house fast
  • Home buyers

Examples of Good Keywords to Find Wholesalers: 

  • Wholesale real estate
  • Wholesale houses
  • VIP buyers list

Examples of Good Keywords for “Emergency” Funding:

  • Hard money loan
  • Hard money real estate
  • Transactional funding

3 Simple Steps To Get 1-Minute Leads

Here’s how easy it is to use this software to get leads…

Step 1) Enter your keyword(s)

Start by using the suggested keywords above and then experiment with your own.

Step 2) Enter city state

You can use the abbreviation for state if you want.

Step 3) Click “Get Leads!”

Now sit back and watch your leads pile onto the page below in less than 1 minute 🙂

There’s even a handy “exporting” feature so you can download your leads into a csv file and save to your computer.


— Patrick

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IMPORTANT: Before using the software, you should get legal advice to ensure compliance with all rules and regulations pertaining to contacting leads. You must treat your business like a real business and get advice from a legal professional who can advise you on the ever changing and updating laws. By using this software, you understand that we disclaim any liability for any and all User usage that does not comply with the law.