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Recent Deals, Finding Your Niche, and What 28+ Yrs of Real Estate Investing Has Taught Us…

Usually we focus these unscripted, live training calls on candid conversations with industry colleagues, friends, and fellow insiders for you — people who have success stories to share, and some really cool stuff that they’ve uncovered, that we’re learning from ourselves…

jp and patrick

But this time we (Patrick and JP) are teaming up and inviting you into something a little different.

First off, we want to share our stories with you, and some of the specific, real-world lessons we’ve each learned from the school of hard knocks and others who have mentored us over the years.

Together we have a combined 28+ years of real world real estate investing experiences to draw from. The fact of the matter is, we’ve both done a LOT of different types of deals, enjoyed a lot of nice wins and honestly, also made a lot of mistakes — some of them outright painful at times. These “lessons learned” should shave a lot off your learning curve, and save you from making some of the same painful mistakes we’ve made.

On the table for discussion:

  • From our 28+ yrs of investing experience, what does it REALLY mean to be a “Strategic Investor”?
  • First deals: What went right, and what we would do differently
  • Recent deals: the latest and greatest!
  • The ONE simple thing I did early on, that’s improved every single deal I’ve done since then.
  • The WRONG type of business model to start out with — don’t make this mistake!
  • Secrets to finding a local mentor: How to do it right (and how NOT to do it)
  • How to move past feeling like you just don’t know enough yet
  • The Life Cycle of a Real Estate Investor — this is HUGE, and no one else is teaching it (WHY?!?)
  • How to find YOUR ideal niche in REI (one size does NOT fit all)
  • Education vs. Shiny Objects: How to know when it’s the right time to invest in more education (vs. putting blinders on and focusing)
  • Afraid of making mistakes? Looking bad? Exactly what to do…
  • Busting through the actual limiting beliefs that are severely stunting your investing business
  • The 3 most critical areas you should be focusing on improving, hands down
  • The single biggest reason investors commonly sabotage themselves (not what you think)

Honestly, we don’t pretend to know everything, but these are our real-life lessons, and we’re happy to help others out like this — anyone who can learn from our journey so far.

We’re going to go practical, tangible and tactical… we’ll delve into some business-buildinglessons and of course some inner game nuggets for you.

Oh, and in case you forgot 🙂 this is one of your prime membership benefits — these live training calls happen for you each and every month…entirely unscripted, nothing held back, and designed to be extremely practical for you.

All juicy, vitamin-packed content, and fortified with 100% of your daily dose of awesome!

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