7 Deadly Sins of Wholesaling

Okay, so wholesaling…

For REIs like us, we’re talking about the process of matchmaking, right?  Locking up a solid property  under contract, then quickly flipping it to a cashbuyer for a fast nickel (versus a slower dime, if you go rehab/retail).

And if you’re like most us, wholesaling is probably at least a cog in your real estate investing wheel — or maybe even your primary focus.

And yes, hands down, it’s the fastest, most direct way to make it happen quickly, and keep your biz profitable with chunks of fresh revenue. Nothing else like it.

But I gotta tell ya…

I (JP) have wholesaled somewhere north of a couple hundred houses now over my 15+ years in REI, and while wholesaling may not be a complicated process, you can still make a whole heap of expensive, sometimes agonizing mistakes.

The good news is…you don’t have to.

I mean sure, everyone has their own learning curve.

But honestly, why needlessly blunder around like that, when you can learn from those who’ve already been through the school of wholesaling hard knocks ahead of you? 🙂

Steph Davis is one such person…and frankly, so is Patrick and so am I.

Which is our exact reason planning this next training call.

On the table for discussion:

  • The seven biggest mistakes most every wholesaler makes (and how to avoid them)
  • How to know for sure if you’re getting advice from the right or wrong people
  • Right vs. Wrong: What you should be focusing most of your time on, above all else
  • Struck with “Shiny Object Syndrome”? What to do about it
  • Nickels vs. Dimes vs. Dollars in wholesaling
  • How to become a true market expert in only a few days
  • Choosing the right vs. wrong opportunity market
  • And much more…

All juicy, vitamin-packed content, and fortified with 100% of your daily dose of awesome!

Listen In Here:

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