Case Study: How I Make 6 Figures from “Rare” Motivated Seller Lists


caseEvery time we put together another training call for our SIIC members, we feel it just can’t be topped. Then we come upon an investor like our upcoming guest – Erik Torrente – and realize that things are still ramping up and getting better and better.

First of all, don’t miss this power-packed call with Erik. And secondly. make sure you have no interruptions or distractions during the call. And last of all – have pen and paper in hand because you will be taking notes all through the call. It’s that good!

Let Us Introduce You…

Erik started his investing endeavors while living in New York City but has since transplanted to the Tampa area. His story is filled with accounts of how he overcame early failures, challenges and disappointments. He is definitely a go-getter who doesn’t know the meaning of the word “quit.”

Due to his tenacity, he has perfected an amazing list system that will WOW you! Not only that, but he uses those lists to create massive mailings. Hence his 6-figure income. You gotta hear this!

On the Table for Discussion:

  • Insights on working with a mentor (your mentor is never the end all)
  • What to glean from your mentor relationship; what to discard
  • How to move from small thinking to expanding vision exponentially
  • Determine what factors create motivated sellers – then how to combine those factors
  • Where to find and how to create lists
  • Create and utilize powerful mail campaigns
  • How to make a real estate business totally virtual (you can live anywhere)
  • Tough lessons in working with a JV partner (do it the right way and save heartache)
  • And much, much more

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  1. Benjamin Scott Reply

    Erik, thanks so much for all the advice. Especially with your past experiences and shorting my learning curve. Tomorrow I plan or looking up vacant properties, tax default, and probate props in my area. Awesome interview and thanks from all the people you are going to help in the future!

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