The Art of Crafting Strong Offers


When it comes to “gun slinging” deals with other investors, the only cowboy left standing is the one who knew precisely when to fire, where to focus their aim and how to skillfully handle their weapons. So, as an investor, when it’s time to duel with deals – are you a member of the quick or of the DEAD?

WHA-WHA… (harmonica plays and tumbleweeds roll)

Well, if you aren’t so sure if you are quickest to the draw in an REI shootout, today’s training call is right up your ally! This time, you’re blessed by the presence of yours truly, JP Moses (the Director of Awesomeness here) and my biz partner James Alston (can I get a Yee-haw!?).

This here, sure-fire training call is something ya’ll definitely don’t want to miss. We’re rearin’ to get you all fired up about quick-to the-draw investing and we have tons of ammo to share. We’re gonna let you in on some of our tips and secrets that will help you make speedy and solid offers.

On the Table for Discussion:

  • How do different types of investors handle making their offers?
  • Deconstructing a truly “strong” offer.
  • Simple formulas for making “fast draw” offers on the fly.
  • Biggest mistakes that kill investors on their offers.
  • Does your offer always have to be in writing?
  • How important is earnest money really?
  • What clauses do/don’t you really need to protect you?
  • When (and why) you actually DON’T want your offer accepted.
  • How much does the contract you use really matter?
  • And much, much more!


Listen In Here:


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