High Profit Partnerships: How to Amp Up Your Business with a Partner (Or Fix It If You Totally Screwed It Up)

Ever hear any horror stories about real estate business partnerships that went sour? If you’ve been in the industry for any time at all, the answer is probably a resounding ‘Yes.’ (Perhaps accompanied by rolling your eyes.) It’s enough to make you want to write off the idea forever.

But wait a minute…

While you’ve heard all the bad news, it’s time you heard the good news about partnerships. And we have just the guy to tell you all about it on this week’s awesome training call.

I’ve cornered my good friend, Jay Adkins, who maintains not one, but two business partnerships. That’s right. He’s learned what to do and what not to do in a business partnership – to the point where he successfully operates two separate business models with two separate partners.

The pointed questions that I’m going to be asking Jay will reveal some of the things he did wrong. Then we’re going to learn how he rehabbed the problem and turned things around. (Sound like something you need to know?)

On the Table for Discussion:

  • Understanding the right ingredients for a winning (or losing) business partnership
  • How to rehab a broken partnership (when you can and when you can’t)
  • The 6 essential traits of strong, high-profit business partnerships that last
  • Partnering with your spouse: How to know when it’s an epic (or awful) idea
  • The 3 best personality tests you and your partner should BOTH take (and compare notes)
  • Yin and Yang of partners: Understanding complimentary vs. contrasting vs. conflicting skill sets and strengths
  • The types of people you should NEVER partner with (and why)
  • The art of respecting each other’s domain (and not “control freaking” on each other)
  • When should you let your partner fail and make mistakes, and when should you grab the reins?
  • The art of high-rapport, effective communication flow
  • How to work out conflicts and disagreements (without destroying the business)
  • And much more…


Listen In Here:



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