‘Jedi Mind Tricks’ That Close More Deals and Make More Money


Does the thought of negotiating with a seller translate into sweaty palms for you? Wish you could step into the negotiating arena armed with the Jedi Mind?

While our guest for this training call might not be a Jedi Master – I can guarantee he could pass as a Jedi when it comes to handling all types of negotiating situations. Since he’s been in the game for almost 30 years, I think you’ll agree he’s got experience to prove his point.

The ‘80s are calling…
Brian Gibbons, who hails from Sherman Oaks, California, started investing in real estate in 1986. (That’s the previous century for those youngens in the crowd.) He likes to do rehabs and flips, using private lenders and avoiding banks as much as possible. (Sounds like our kind of investor, right?)

On the table for discussion:

  • The art of negotiating “win-wins” with motivated sellers
  • The ethics of negotiating for more money with desperate sellers in dire straights
  • How to negotiate with sellers WITHOUT even ‘negotiating’ (they can’t even tell you’re doing it)
  • What does “win-win” really mean? (and look like?)
  • The “What If” tactic (floats your offer without any real risk of rejection)
  • The “Columbo” method of disarming negotiating
  • The “Upfront Agreement” approach (that keeps sellers from “thinking it over”)
  • 5 specific steps to negotiating with “Aikido”
  • A little-known way you can instantly extract more money out of a deal (with 2 simple questions)
  • The art of “Negative Phrasing” and playing the “Reluctant Role”
  • And much, more more…

Listen In Here:


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