$2,900/mo Passive in 9 Months (No Tenants)

doug van buskirkOn this month’s training, we chatted with Doug Van Buskirk. Doug is 27 years-old and has only been investing for only 2 years in Charleston, SC. Today he only spends about 45 minutes to an hour PER MONTH on his REI business, and the cash flow ($2,900/month) still rolls in every month like clockwork.

Doug uses one of the lowest risk, highest ROI investment models out there today, and while he may not be a millionaire (yet), he enjoys a lifestyle of freedom and choices that few 27 year olds ever even imagine possible.

On the table for discussion:

  • How a 25 year old kid went from his cube job to $2,900/ month passive REI income in only 9 little months
  • Why this model work so well, and why there’s hardly any competition in most areas.
  • How you can build an impressive, passive real estate income, with no tenants, no debt and no big pile of capital to start with (truly impressive!)
  • What it looks like building an impressive real estate investing business while simultaneously working a full-time J.O.B.
  • The one thing Doug considers to be the TRUE secret to his success (this’ll surprise you)
  • How Doug gets away with working only 45 minutes to 1-hour per month on his real estate business (with no staff, and extremely low overhead)
  • Deadly cash flow constraints that can sneak up and drain you dry (if you let them)

All juicy, vitamin-packed content, and fortified with 100% your daily dose of awesome — don’t miss it!

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2 Responses to “$2,900/mo Passive in 9 Months (No Tenants)”

  1. Myrtolyn English Reply

    I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation on mobile home investing I live in West Virginia. I would like to receive the data that was mentioned at the end of the presentation.

    Thanks for the reference to the reading material (Lonnie Scruggs). I’m off to the library to find more current references.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Myrtolyn, glad you enjoyed it! What specifically was mentioned at the end? what kind of data?


      – Patrick

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