Creative Deal Structuring Training (old TC re-used)

This is an off-the-cuff, unscripted conversation with Josh
and Audrey, a unique married couple who really GET how to win with creative offers and deals, and these guys truly walk the talk together every day in their REI biz.

You’ll learn how they’ve used creative offers to amass 44 UNITS thus far, and frequently uncover “hidden” deals that  most of us flat out miss altogether.

Over the years I’ve known these two, this “dynamic married duo” has become REALLY adept at WINNING by learning how to craft creative (but simple) offers and deals.

Which has helped them:

1) Amass 44 units so far, netting them $7,500/mo positive
2) Frequently uncover “hidden” deals (or deals within deals) that most of us flat out miss


What You’ll Learn:

  • The precise cashflow analysis they  use on every single property
  • The how and why behind their specific cashflow model (vs flipping)
  • Invaluable lessons learned from a past partnership gone bad
  • Seller financing, land contracts and making multiple offers…oh my!
  • Why creative deals vs. “regular” ones?
  • How to make it work awesomely as a husband/wife team (without murdering each other)
  • Exactly why the short-term funding piece is no problem for them
  • Details on a recent postcard campaign that got them HUGE results.
  • And more…

Listen In Here:


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