Two Time-Tested “Yellow Letter” Templates

We’ve got not one, but two really great resources for you to Swipe & Deploy this month: A couple of solid, proven “yellow letters” you can start using in your motivated seller marketing right away.

Yellow Letter 1Download Letter #1 Here

Download Letter #2 Here

The Quick Backstory
You may recall our recent, unscripted conversation with fellow Insider Justin Wilmot about “How to Make a Killing as the ‘Go-To’ Investor in Your Town”. Pop your Insider Gold Monthly Audio CD (inside this newsletter) into your CD player if you want to eavesdrop in on the whole shebang…it was really good!

Well in another conversation afterward (offline) Justin shared that he’d been having some really great results with his yellow letters lately. Not so much in the quantity of leads, but in the quality of them.

At first I thought he was probably just talking about the standard, boiler plate templates most real estate investors use for their yellow letters.

But no, Justin explained that he’d actually tried those and wasn’t entirely happy with the results. So he re-wrote them entirely, taking a little different approach. And since then, the quality of his leads has taken a notable uptick. In other words, he’s getting more qualified people responding than ever before.

So of course, we called in a favor and  got Justin to pony up and share his letters with us…and you!

Letter #1: The “Anyone” Letter
The first letter (inserted here) is deceptively simple. In fact, after reading it’s almost 5th grader-like style, you may even be tempted to disregard it entirely. But hang on! Turns out, that’s actually a big part of why it works so well!

First off, it’s called the “anyone” letter because it’s Justin’s general letter he sends out to absentee owners, random houses he wants to target, etc. It’s his entirely non-specific, catch-all letter that works well for him across the board.

Some reasons why this letter’s so strong:

  • It looks like an authentically hand-written letter (obviously)
  • It’s simple, straightforward and extremely short
  • It’s personalized (seller’s first name)
  • The two website mentioned (each serving a very different purpose)
  • The word “Buying” dramatically underlined, center of page
  • The actual address embedded on the page (specificity = credibility)
  • Short, direct call to action (“Please Call”)

Truth be told, there’s actually a number of little nuances to why this letter works so well for Justin. Keep reading…

Letter #2: The Probate Specific Letter
We’ve done our fair share of marketing to the probate arena – very effectively, I might add. But I’ve never thought of doing yellow letters to probate. Never.

Justin’s figured out the right way to do it. In some ways it’s akin to the “anybody” letter, and in other ways he takes the  opposite approach – and for some very specific reasons.

Bottom line, his results are undeniable. This letter flat-out works for him in the probate arena. Very impressive. Want to see it? Keep reading…

“Coolness Factor” Bonus (Cause We Love Ya!)
We really want you to get the most out of using these letters in your own business. So rather than just post a bunch of bullets here for you and hope you get it right, we decided to record a separate, stand-alone chat with Justin about both of them.

Altogether we invested about 14-ish minutes together revealing his experiences with them, why he rewrote them and his detailed thought process behind each little piece of both letters – including why they work so well.

As an Insider with us, we’ve posted all this online for you privately. Please don’t pass it around. I’m certain much of what you’ll learn from Justin in our short little chat will not only surprise you, but will really sharpen your own marketing hatchet as well.

Download Letter #1 Here
Download Letter #2 Here

… And listen to our entire 14-min brain dump, just click here:





5 Responses to “Two Time-Tested “Yellow Letter” Templates”


    Great yellow letters and wonderful 14 minute interview explaining Justin’s mindset behind the letters. Thanks a bundle.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Darwin, glad you enjoyed the interview. I’ve gotten some killer results from mailing yellow letters. Highly recommend using ’em.

      – Patrick

  2. Sherrie Withrow Reply

    I was looking for a link and guess I don’t know what to look for being new here. about this: “Pop your Insider Gold Monthly Audio CD (inside this newsletter) into your CD player if you want to eavesdrop in on the whole shebang…it was really good!”
    Help is great!

  3. Gerald Moreno Reply

    Thank you for the info on ylw ltr,s and the couching today. I have learned a lot so far…..Thanks. GM.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Glad to hear it Gerald. Follow the process and make it happen no matter what buddy! You have everything you need at your fingertips and we are here for your support. We are behind you, so proceed fearlessly.
      1)Identify that first 10HW market.
      2) Reach out to all fellow wholesalers, get permission to market and build that list of co-wholesalers
      3) send out your buyer letters & Post criags ads in that market
      4) Start sending out all of that inventory to your list of cash buyers
      5) Connect the dots and Get paid

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